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UFO Over Mexico City

This unidentified flying object was reportedly filmed over Mexico City in 2019. The pinkish round looking object can be seen high above a large building and moving away to the left. You can hear the people filming talking but I do not know what they are saying.

Mexico city has long been a UFO hot spot with many jaw dropping clips coming from the area. The city itself is the capital city and largest city of Mexico. Mexico City is also seen as one of the most important cultural and financial centers in the world. 

The oldest signs of human occupation in the area of Mexico City are those of the "PeƱon woman" and others found in San Bartolo Atepehuacan . They were believed to correspond to the lower Cenolithic period (9500-7000 BC). However, recent studies place the age of the Penon woman at 12,700 years old, making her one of the Americas' oldest human remains. Another interesting fact is that the city was the place of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. Could all of this history be the link to all the UFO reports from the area? I don't know but maybe it has something to do with it.

Here is the video of this pinkish ball.

Alien Abduction In The Sky?
What Happened To Australian Pilot,  Frederick Valentich?

By Dorraine Fisher

Frederick Valentich wasn’t a military man. He was no one special or significant. But in October, 1978, this Australian pilot  boarded a Cessna single-engine 182L plane for a routine cargo flight of 235 kilometers (about 146 miles) over Bass Strait, Australia. It was a day that started out like any other day, but as it turned out, he would never make it back.

According to the flight service officer at the time, Steve Robey,  Valentich gave a rather routine position report and was flying under 5000 feet. But after that, things got very strange.  Less than an hour into the flight, he started reporting that his engine was running rough and a strange aircraft was hovering about 300 meters above him. The following is the actual transcript of the exchange between Robey and Valentich:

Not an actual image, used only for reference only.
Shots Fired In Possible Bigfoot Abduction Attempt

I recently got another report from right here in my home area of Bell County Kentucky. The person this comes from is a well respected person and for her protection we will only call her Patty. While I do know the location of the following events, I will not give the exact location. The reason for this is for the privacy of the family, some of which still live in the general area where this happened.

This report, to my knowledge, has never been officially reported until now. This report contains more than one event, as the family experienced possible Bigfoot on several occasions on or near their property.

Also, some of the events described may be slightly disturbing, so read at your own risk.
From the documentary " Missing: The Dennis Martin Case" Artwork by Greg Champy.
By now most people know about or at least have heard of, the Dennis Martin Case. If you don't know about this strange case I would recommend that you research it. The Martin case is one in which a young boy, Dennis Martin, went missing in the Smoky Mountains. There are many people who think there is a possibility that Martin was abducted by a Bigfoot.

While many know about the Martin case, there are probably a lot that don't know there was another attempted abduction, that took place in Tennessee, several years later, of a 4 year old boy. So, today I want to tell you what we know about that incident.

Stanley "Stan" Romanek is an author and UFO enthusiast who appears in the media and has spoken at the International UFO Congress. Romanek claims to have been abducted by aliens, to have been implanted with an alien artifact, sustained mysterious injuries inflicted by aliens, experienced telepathic communications with aliens, and dressed in women's clothing by aliens.

Romanek was arrested on February 13, 2014,  and charged  with possessing and distributing child porn. The police seized a laptop computer that had  over 300 images of child pornography and videos on it.

But is there more to the story?

In my recent research for a project, I ran across an interesting tale and I thought I would share it here. I know there is sometimes a lot of talk about bigfoot abducting people and this is one such tale. This may be the oldest story on record of a bigfoot abduction. I would think that this has happened many times before this but the stories have been lost over time and were probably never written down.

Okay here is the old story.

Assessing Odd Moments of Lost Time
The Most Unreported Paranormal Incidents?
By Dorraine Fisher

After hearing hundreds of paranormal and cryptid reports over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that, of the reports I receive, they are probably only a small fraction of the paranormal incidents that happen around the world. And that may be, in part, because things often happen to people that they are to embarrassed to report. But the remaining incidents may be incidents that happened to people leaving them unsure that anything really happened at all. It’s as if they imagined the whole thing.
But maybe they didn’t.
A good example of this that happens more often than we imagine is the phenomenon of lost time.  Witnesses often find themselves in situations where they seem to “wake up” and realize they’ve lost a significant enough amount of time, by the clock, to be noticeable.

The following accounts are of two women who had such an experience, and were actually moved from one location to another unknowingly. They wish to remain anonymous, but they are friends and were together and had the same experience at the same time, which lends more validity to the event. And they each give their thoughts about the incident in their own words about their incident in rural Kansas back in January of this year.

An enhanced still frame from the video.
This is a fairly recent report of a UFO sighting that took place in Kentucky. The initial ground work was done by Crypto Crew Team member Greg Champy and then I got involved and have talked to the witness. Greg and I was able to ask the witness several questions about his sighting and his videos. This is a very intriguing case.

First let me start with the sighting date and how it all came about. The witness, Harmon, was out very early on September 3rd on some of his family land. He was out getting ready to do some deer hunting, it was about 5:30 in the morning. He noticed a strange light in the sky, just above the trees. He is able to film the object. The sighting last for about 1 minute. Later that day, he goes to the area of the field where he saw the object and discovers what appears to be a circular pattern in the soybeans. That night the odd object returned and Harmon filmed the object again from the back of his house.

When talking to Harmon, I was able to ask him about the object.

TM:  Any sounds from the lights? how long did you see it ?
H: No, there was no sound and the video is as long as when I seen it...but it just like disappeared.

In the second video, the one filmed from Harmon's house, you can hear engine sounds, but it is clear it is coming from the near by road. His dogs are also barking and seem alarmed.  

Here is the videos, combined into one video, alone with some enhancements. 

Harmon also send me the following picture which seems to have a ball shaped object in it. This was just a from a few days ago. It appears the activity may be ongoing. Here is the picture with an enlargement of the target object.

We hope to have an update on this case in the future and the event is still being looked at and studied.

Greg & Tom

This post by Team Member Greg Champy. Greg displays an amazing artistic ability and a special knack for background research. He is an accomplished writer and does voice over narrations.

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Calvin Parker Jr
Calvin Parker Jr

[This is a repost from Sky News, I just corrected some spelling errors.]

Forty years ago, the Pascagoula incident, in which two men said they encountered an unidentified flying object and its occupants, made headlines across America and sparked a new wave of reports of UFO sightings.

Now, the sole survivor of the case says he is still grappling with an encounter that turned his life upside down.

Stan Romanek - Alien contactee. You may remember him from being on CNN's Larry King show a few years back, Stan was the man who, among many other alien encounters, filmed the alien peaking in a window. Many say that Stan is the real deal while others say he is nothing more than a hoaxer but his UFO photos look pretty good to me. According to what I have read there have been well over 100 individually unique experiences that Stan, his family and friends have encountered since December of 2000 many with photos and videos.

Stan on Larry King

The video below is worth watching because of the many UFO photos and videos.


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Billy Meier's was born in 1937, Meier's claims to have been having alien contact since the age of 5 years old. For years Meier's has presented incredible UFO photos, but the ones in this video were reportedly taken by Meier's while aboard a UFO. There are tons of information about Billy Meier, if you don't know much about him I would suggest searching the Internet.
Here is what is commonly called the Banned Photos 

(I know I spelled his last name wrong in the video but I didn't want to take the time to redo it)

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Looking up at the UFO it looked a lot like this photo but it was brighter.

This is my personal sighting of a very low flying UFO, I have never published this anywhere until now and have only told very few people. This happened around 15 years ago or more, way before there was even a chance for U.S. Drones flying in American skies.

As some of you may know, for many years my wife and I ran a family business, we worked from around 10 am until 11-12 pm everyday, 7 days a week and all holidays. Over the years we had many strange things happen and we seen many weird things, at some point I may tell more of our stories.

One night after a long day at work, We got home about mid nite and parked the car. We got out of the car and walked around to the back door. We always used the back door to enter the house. As I was coming around the corner of the house I looked up and seen the UFO, I said to my wife "look at that", or something to that effect. The object was almost directly over my head when I first saw it. We both seen the object, it was very low, I'd guess somewhere around  150-200 feet high maybe a little higher, it was moving really slow but at a steady pace, there was absolutely no sound. The object was a perfect circle and was white, I was looking at the bottom of it, it reminded me of the glow of a fluorescent light only brighter.

To Believe Or Not
By Dorraine Fisher
            I get a kick out of people when they say they don’t believe in Bigfoot, ghosts, or UFO’s. To me it’s just plain silly to say such things. The universe and nature are a mystery. None of us can say for sure what exists. Just because we can’t see something or we don’t have sufficient evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
            But I guess if I think about it really hard, I can see why some individuals would choose not to believe such things. After all, it’s pretty scary to imagine an eight-foot-tall hairy monster lurking in the shadows of the forests, or that any of our other deepest fears about the world might actually have a place in reality instead of just our imaginations. Or maybe you just need to see something with your own two eyes to know it’s true. And that’s okay.
            I’ve just never felt that way.
            There’s is a small group of us that knows strange things exist in this world because we’ve witnessed them first hand. We believe because we know it to be true. And even if we haven’t seen something, we know it’s possible because we believe possibilities.
            And of course there are many out there who resist believing in much of anything.
            But isn’t it ultimately more fun to believe?  Even if we’ve never seen anything strange, isn’t it more enriching to to our lives to feel sure there are things in this world we may never know so intimately?
            As humans, we sometimes have a tendency to think we should be privy to all truth.  But the real truth is we’re not, and we really need to get used to that and maybe learn some acceptance of all those things we may never know.
            And then maybe we need to stop being so hard on those who believe differently than we do. We often think we’re the possessors of the real truth, if only others would listen. But truth like so many things is subjective and open to interpretation. We see “the truth” from our own perspective. So it’s very real to us, where it might not be so real to someone else with a different perspective.
            So I choose to believe just about everything, simply because it’s more fun. So what if people think I’m crazy. There’s always someone who will.  And that’s okay too.
            So yes, I believe in Bigfoot, ghosts, and UFO’s. But I also believe in God, true love, and infinite possibilities.
            You got a problem with that? 
[TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast.She is also a TCC Team Member]
©The Crypto Crew
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
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