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Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Believe Or Not
By Dorraine Fisher
            I get a kick out of people when they say they don’t believe in Bigfoot, ghosts, or UFO’s. To me it’s just plain silly to say such things. The universe and nature are a mystery. None of us can say for sure what exists. Just because we can’t see something or we don’t have sufficient evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
            But I guess if I think about it really hard, I can see why some individuals would choose not to believe such things. After all, it’s pretty scary to imagine an eight-foot-tall hairy monster lurking in the shadows of the forests, or that any of our other deepest fears about the world might actually have a place in reality instead of just our imaginations. Or maybe you just need to see something with your own two eyes to know it’s true. And that’s okay.
            I’ve just never felt that way.
            There’s is a small group of us that knows strange things exist in this world because we’ve witnessed them first hand. We believe because we know it to be true. And even if we haven’t seen something, we know it’s possible because we believe possibilities.
            And of course there are many out there who resist believing in much of anything.
            But isn’t it ultimately more fun to believe?  Even if we’ve never seen anything strange, isn’t it more enriching to to our lives to feel sure there are things in this world we may never know so intimately?
            As humans, we sometimes have a tendency to think we should be privy to all truth.  But the real truth is we’re not, and we really need to get used to that and maybe learn some acceptance of all those things we may never know.
            And then maybe we need to stop being so hard on those who believe differently than we do. We often think we’re the possessors of the real truth, if only others would listen. But truth like so many things is subjective and open to interpretation. We see “the truth” from our own perspective. So it’s very real to us, where it might not be so real to someone else with a different perspective.
            So I choose to believe just about everything, simply because it’s more fun. So what if people think I’m crazy. There’s always someone who will.  And that’s okay too.
            So yes, I believe in Bigfoot, ghosts, and UFO’s. But I also believe in God, true love, and infinite possibilities.
            You got a problem with that? 
[TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast.She is also a TCC Team Member]
©The Crypto Crew

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