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Friday, May 18, 2012

This is a follow up to a post made a few days ago (Found Here) about a strange object in the sky.
The original report was made by TCC Team Member Jason Morse.
In the post I ask for anyone who seen the object  to contact me...well I was contacted by Katy Byrnes. She seen a strange object around the same time as the report. Only she had seen it for several hours and got to take several pictures.
Here is the photos along with some blow ups of the picture she sent me.
original photo
  Here is a zoom

You will also notice that this object seem to change shape several times adding to the mystery.


Here is several more zoomed photos

So it does appear that there was something going on in the sky. I hope to have more details from Katy in the coming days. 
If anyone else seen this or has any info on what it might have been please contact me via email at
Please feel free to share this post and pictures, all I ask is that you link back to us and give TCC credit for the story/post.

UPDATE -  Ok i was able to get back in contact with Katy and she gave me more details about her sighting and here is what she told me.
"I was sitting on my porch with a friend of mine, Al, and I saw this bright light in the sky.
There was no sound that we heard, just all of a sudden there was this bright light. At first I thought it was a plane, but it did not move.
So we watched it for a bit and then I went and got my binoculars. When I looked at this through the binoculars, the middle of this object was fire engine red. With out the binoculars, we couldn't see the red. I went in to get my camera and started taking pictures. As we were taking turns watching this, the object started to change shapes which shows up in the pictures. Al and I watched this for about 5 hours. It never moved, but there was a very small white object that kept moving towards the bigger object. When the little object got very close to the big object, the big object looked like it was shining a beam of light from the bottom and the little object disappeared. Within a minute the big one also just disappeared. We first started watching this around 4:30 p.m."

Photo by Katy Byrnes
Photo Enhancements by Thomas Marcum

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