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Pinckney Michigan UFO? 

This video was taken in Pinckney, MI on 5/6/2020. The video quality is not the best as there are focus issues. I have attempted to do some enhancements but details are hard to pull out due to the poor quality of the video.

The witness described the event and object as follows:
"Unknown object suddenly appeared flying west, Disc or pill shaped. Dark on its top and bottom, white/light colored center with dominant dark part in center."

Here is the original video along with some enhancements.

A few days ago I got an interesting submission in my email. While I have many questions about what happened, I still find the report intriguing. I emailed back and forth with the person to get a little more information. I know many of you will probably find the story unbelievable but I wanted to share it to see if anyone else has had something similar happen.

Here is the report as told to me via email.

Hairy creature scares three people in Shiawassee County, Michigan. The towns folks hear about the sightings of this unknown creature and take steps to protect themselves. Many of the residents say they will start packing some type of gun in case they have a run in with this hairy creature.

A few other people actually saw this hairy creature as it ran into the shallow south branch of the Shiawassee River. Several of them called the local police and two deputies were dispatched. Once on the scene the two deputies gave chase to the creature but never saw it. They reported hearing sloshing in the river.

Now, if I stopped right there you would probably assume this was a typical bigfoot sighting, but there is more to the story.

General area of the sightings.

Over the last few days I received two separate reports of a possible thunderbird sighting in Oakland county Michigan. The two people submitting the reports could be connected or know one another, but at this time I do not know. The two sightings describe a very similar creature. I'm fairly familiar with the area as this is where my wife grew up. I have been in this area many times over the years.

Before I get to the actual reports, I want to offer some general information about Thunderbirds and Oakland county.

Thunderbirds are described as large, bird-like creatures. Sighting of Thunderbirds go back for centuries and there are some fossil records that show a bird with a 12 to 18 foot wingspan did exist. But sadly Thunderbirds are mostly thought of as myths nowadays even though there are a growing number of sightings.

Oakland county is a rather large area with lots of water. In fact, there are 387 lakes in Oakland county. Cass lake, which I have been to several times, is the largest and deepest lake in Oakland county. Oakland county is located in the northwest of the Detroit metropolitan area. Even thought the area is flat and heavily populated, there are still areas with good sized forests. West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve is a 162 acre preserve that is frequented by over 100 bird species as well as white-tail deer, ref fox, coyote, weasel, mink and salamanders.So, this area is a viable habitat for possible Thunderbirds.

Now that we got some general information about the area, lets look at the report.

Okay, sometimes being in the cryptozoology field presents us with bizarre photographs and stories, like this next one.

The above picture is said to be from 1961 and it is said to be of a real werewolf standing under a street lamp. It also has a decent back story but I'm not sold on the picture being authentic.

First the story.

This man from Michigan who worked in a near by factory on the second shift, had returned home after work and was enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on the porch. It was around 3am in the early morning. Reportedly the man saw something move near a near by gate. He goes into his house, gets his gun and goes out to see what it was. As he was standing there looking around he saw a strange hairy creature that would stand on 2 legs and then sometimes go down on all fours. The witness then returns to his house, somewhat frightened, and manages to get his camera and go back outside. This is reportedly when he was able to take the above photo of the creature.

That is the story in a nutshell. Some have speculated it was a dogman, others called it a werewolf.
But what about the picture, lets take a look at it and some enhancements.

Over the years, I have taken in many reports of deer hunters encountering Bigfoot. This could probably stem from the fact that both hunters, and bigfoot, are stalking the same prey. This encounter occurred in Lenawee County, Michigan. Lenawee County is in the southeaster part of Michigan.

Here is a report I recently got in from Craig.

- Start Report-

Name: Craig *****

Email Address:
On file

State: MI


Date of Sighting:

Time of Day:  before dark

Nearest Town: Tecumseh (Tom - Tecumseh is a small city in Lenawee County. It is about 60 miles from Detroit and a 40 miles from Toledo, Ohio.)

Length of Sighting: Unsure

How many Witnesses: 1

Any Photos/Videos:

Describe sighting in detail:
I was watching 3 deer at about 200 Yds away, while bow hunting. When I began to hear a knocking sound coming from the woods very close to the deer.  The knocking came closer and it was an unmistakable wood on wood sound that was loud. At about 80 Yds away a branch was broken that immediately had me very nervous as it was very loud.
The knocking kept coming closer with no other sounds and it was calm and quiet that day.  It came all the way to within 35 yds or so and the knocking was all I heard. If it came any closer it would have to show itself but never did.

After a few knocks at close range my mind was racing as I had never heard of this behavior by anything and absolutely did not believe in Bigfoot, until that day. I heard a slight rustling of the leaves as apparently it headed back into the woods deeper but not without letting out a crazy scream/growl/yell that was terrifying.
That was all I could take and jumped from my tree stand (about 10 ft) and hustled to my truck without running, because I was thinking it might attack as I've heard that you don't run from a predator.  It took 2 hands to start my truck since my hands were shaking so bad. This happened 3 miles from my house and I do hear things occasionally but nothing like that day. I've never gone to that spot again, and never will.

- End Report -

Thanks goes to Craig for sharing his encounter with all of us. Even though this might have been a scary experience, it was also an eye opening one for Craig. Most of us have been told, that Bigfoot is not real, but for those of us who have seen and/or heard it, we have no doubts about bigfoot being real. Just be careful when jumping out of a tree stand.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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I know this will not be anything new for most of you but Dogman is an interesting topic and this could be useful for others. I have often wondered if what we now are calling "dogman" is really just what some call "werewolf" or are they a totally different species. Could they be related to bigfoot? Lots of questions.

The Michigan Dogman is a cryptozoological creature first reported in 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan. The creature is described as a seven-foot tall, blue-eyed, bipedal canine with the torso of a man and a fearsome howl that sounds like a human scream. According to legends, the Michigan Dogman appears in a ten-year cycle. Sightings have been reported in several locations throughout Michigan, primarily in the northwestern quadrant of the Lower Peninsula. In 1987, the legend of the Michigan Dogman gained popularity when a disc jockey at WTCM-FM recorded a song about the creature and its reported sightings.

This creature was unknown to most of the modern world until very late in the twentieth century. It is said to have been stalking the area around the Manistee River since the days when the Odawa tribes lived there.
In 1987 (100 years after the first reported sighting of the creature), disc jockey Steve Cook at WTCM-FM in Traverse City, Michigan recorded a song titled "The Legend", which he initially played as an April Fool's Day joke. He based the songs on actual reports of the creature.
I made it up completely from my own imagination as an April Fools' prank for the radio and stumbled my way to a legend that goes back all the way to Native American times.
— Steve Cook, Skeptoid.com, Wag the Dogman 
Cook maintains his skepticism about the possibility of a real dogman, he had this to say about the matter:
I'm tremendously skeptical, because I've sort of seen the way folklore becomes built from the creation of this song to what it's turned into ... but I do believe people who think they saw something really did see something. I also think the Dogman provides them with an avenue to explain what they couldn't explain for themselves.
— Steve Cook, Skeptoid.com, Wag the Dogman
Cook recorded the song with a keyboard backing and credited it to Bob Farley. After he played the song, Cook received calls from listeners who said that they had encountered a similar creature. In the next weeks after Cook first played the song, it was the most-requested song on the station. He also sold cassettes of the songs for four dollars, and donated proceeds from the single to an animal shelter. Over the years, Cook has received more than 100 reports of the creature's existence. In March 2010, the creature was featured in an episode of MonsterQuest.
Cook later added verses to the song in 1997 after hearing a report of an animal break-in by an unknown canine at a cabin in Luther, Michigan. He re-recorded it again in 2007, with a mandolin backing.

The first known encounter of the Michigan Dogman occurred in 1887 in Wexford County, when two lumberjacks saw a creature which they described as having a man's body and a dog's head. It has also been spotted many times in the Upper Peninsula by locals. Horses that had died of fright were found nearby, surrounded by dog tracks.
In 1938 in Paris, Michigan, Robert Fortney was attacked by five wild dogs and said that one of the five walked on two legs. Reports of similar creatures also came from Allegan County in the 1950s, and in Manistee and Cross Village in 1967.
Linda S. Godfrey, in her book The Beast of Bray Road, compares the Manistee sightings to a similar creature sighted in Wisconsin known as the Beast of Bray Road.

In 2007, a digital copy of an 8mm film surfaced on the internet. Dubbed "The Gable Film" because of a small paper tag attached to the box containing the film reel, it quickly attained viral status among cryptozoological enthusiasts. Many people believed it was the long-awaited conclusive evidence of the existence of the Michigan dogman. The entire film is 3.5 minutes long, and appears to have been shot in the mid to late 1960s, due to the clothing and hair styles by the persons in the film, which were most prominent during that time. Early scenes are typical home movie fare: children riding snowmobiles, a German shepherd, a person chopping wood, etc. Toward the end of the film, the photographer is shooting from inside a moving vehicle traveling along a dirt road, when he spots what appears to be a gorilla-like animal moving in a field on the passenger side of the vehicle. The photographer exits the vehicle and seems to pursue the creature for several seconds. Then it appears again, facing the photographer from a ridge about 150 feet away. After a few seconds the creature charges. Rapid movement of the camera suggests the photographer is fleeing the attack. In the last five seconds of the film, the camera drops to the ground, lying on its left side.

Here is part one of The Gable Film

A second film titled "The Gable Film Part 2" surfaced later on which seemingly shows a police investigation of the incident recorded in the first reel during which the officers investigating the scene examine a bifurcated corpse (presumably the body of the person recording the previous reel).
Here is part 2 of The Gable Film

After years of analysis and debate, the film was finally revealed as a hoax in the finale episode of MonsterQuest on March 24, 2010. The Gable Film had been shot using vintage cameras, film, and period props by Mike Agrusa, a fan of "The Legend," song. The second video was likewise hoaxed. MonsterQuest claimed their investigative team uncovered irregularities in the film, and then forced the hoaxers to confess to werewolf expert Linda Godfrey. However the Hoaxers say that they told MonsterQuest from the beginning that the film was a fake and they fabricated the "investigation" to make a more interesting episode.

While I know the general consensus is that the Gable films where nothing but a hoax, that still does not explain the history or legend of Dogman or the more recent sightings. I know of some credible people who have reported seeing Dogman.

Just for some fun, here is an enhancement of the "creature" in the Gable film.

The Gable Creature - Enhancement by CryptoTV

If you have actually seen a Dogman, then please file the report with us using the link at the top of the page.

(Source: wikipedia)

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Van Buren County, MI

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I just got a report in late last night of a possible Thunderbird sighting in Van Buren County, MI
This is a pretty recent sighting. Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Matt
Email Address: withheld
State: Michigan
County: Van Buren
Date of Sighting: 6/14/14  
Time of Day: 12:00 PM
Nearest Town: Breedsville, Michigan
Length of Sighting: 1 Minute
How many Witnesses: 3
Any Photos/Videos: No
Describe sighting in detail:
We were working on the lawn on Jeptha Lake in Grand Junction, Michigan Van Buren County SW Michigan) when the high noon sun became obscured by a very large bird. I was looking at the ground when the huge outline of a giant bird covered the ground I was looking at.

I looked up and about 300-500 feet up (too high to notice any features except it being all black and 10-16 foot wingspan, I'm guessing around 12-14 feet specifically) was a giant "hawk-like" bird. It was circling the lake and was checking out there area.

It is a very high populated deer area, so maybe looking for deer?

I alerted my gf and brother who were with me and we all watch as it continued its circle until we lost it behind a giant tree. We waited to see if it would circle around but it must have continued the opposite way.

We watched it for around a full minute.

It's tough to estimate size as it was so far up, but there is no way it was smaller than a 10 foot wingspan, which makes it too large to be any known species in the area. The DNR suggested a Turkey Vulture of Bald Eagle (if definitely was not a Bald Eagle).

If it was a turkey vulture, it was larger than the largest known size by a matter of a couple feet.

I have been since then been watching hawks and other large birds carefully. Ive sized up 4 foot wingspan
hawks and seen what they look like even a hundred feet in the air. No comparison, and they are 200+ feet lower than the bird I saw.

From what I have read, it may be a Thunderbird, or some giant hawk. Anyone have any ideas what I saw?

- End Report -

This sure sounds like a Thunderbird  when compared to what has been described by other witnesses.
If anyone from that are also seen this large bird, please contact us.
A thanks goes to Matt for submitting the report.


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Possible big cat on game cam
Big Cat in MI
The above photo comes to us from Tom Thomas, after noticing something was getting into his bird feeder and bending over a metal pole, Tom set up a game cam. There had also been some odd noises around his house.

Tom's game cam captured the photo above of what appears to be a big cat, while this may not be what was getting into the bird feeder, it is an odd catch. This was taken in St. Clair county, MI.
Michigan is no stranger to big cat reports, just this past August there was reports from the Northeast side of Detroit.

In St. Clair county there has been 10 reported big cat sightings according to Michigancougar.com with a couple of the reports saying it was a black cougar. In total, according to the website, there has been over 1,800 reports of cougar incidents reported in the state of Michigan.

Here is an enhancement of Tom's photo

is this a black cougar in MI
Black Cougar?
Mr. Thomas guess the height from the ground to the top of the head to be about 16 inches.  
What do you think? could this be a black cougar in Michigan?
A special thanks to Tom Thomas for letting us share the photo.

©The Crypto Crew


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Here is what the youtube uploader posted about the video.

Proof that they're out there. This is a large scout ship that I caught on my Yukon Night Vision 5x42 digital (Infrared) camera. I believe this is just one of the many scout watcher crafts that are part of the ET's that exist on the dark side of the moon. The 10 mile long mothership is situated there.

On, Oct. 9, 2009, (NASA / LCROSS) made a failed attempt to destroy the 10 mile long mothership with their classified "Moon Bombing Mission". They attempted to call it, "Moon Bombing - discovery for water". I hope you didn't buy that!

So, why would NASA choose to name the mission "LCROSS"? Because symbolically speaking, NASA named the mission, "LCROSS" which means "Lunar Cross". Which represents a mission to destroy one of the divine intergalactic motherships on the dark side of the Moon.

I was told that disclosure will happen very soon in 2012. Our leaders will have no choice but to disclose because they'll arrive in great numbers.

If you would like to capture them, please visit my front page. I have all the details and equipment that I use listed there. I would highly recommend a good stand to avoid the shaky jitters when holding the camera with your hands.

I captured this video in Southeast Michigan, and I own all the rights to this video.

TCC-  Kind of Interesting video.

12:07 PM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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