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Well, I guess first let me say that overall I really liked the 2 hours special last night- finding bigfoot birth of a legend, but with that said there were some things that I also didn't like.
I was under the impression that the FB team was going to study and analyze the famous Patterson film,but instead we got an lazy attempt at a recreation and a lazy analysis, but at least they did point out the fact you can see muscle mass and movement in the creature and it was good to here Gimlin tell the story.

My next problem with the show was with the Marble mountain footage. Yes it was great to get someone who was there during the filming and to here them speak about what really happen, but in yet another lazy attempt at investigating and research the FB crew elected NOT to go to the actual mountain where the creature was filmed to do their recreation. This is totally unacceptable, they could have sent Cliff, he is by far in the best shape of the whole lot of them. If they had went to where the creature actually came down the mountain then we would know a lot more about it , like how tall it really was. With the way the FB team handled the Marble mountain footage one has to assume that it was only a person walking down the mountain side as we have no idea how big the creature was or how rough the terrain really is,thanks to a lazy crew.

Next the FB team spent a few days and nights looking for bigfoot, it was a pretty good hunt and they had some things happen. The problem is that a couple of times they heard what they said was a whistle, well that is great, but why not replay the whistle and give the people watching the show a chance to hear it? They said they heard some yells but again no replay of the yell...but in the end it was a pretty good show.

Matt Moneymaker came off as a lot less of a Jerk last night and that is a big improvement to say the least. He kind of hates me but that's ok, I can still respect him,the show and his efforts.

Ranae Holland - did her first bigfoot scream last night and it was a good highlight of the show,Nice Job Ranae!

Cliff Barackman - spent time alone,sleeping on a mat, in the mountains and searching for bigfoot. It was very dangerous.

as for Bobo he came off as lovable as ever and he always get to play bigfoot during the recreations.
So if i was using a rating scale of 1-10 I would rate the show at about a 7 . I still have high hopes for the upcoming season and can't wait to watch. Good Luck FB team.

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TCH -  A new Youtube video has been posted up and it was the first video these people posted and they claim they are about to capture a live bigfoot. We will admit the footage looks pretty good,the thing looks big and makes a big jump but we really have our doubts about the whole video and the posters.

Here is what the descriptions in the video says:
" If you don't believe in Bigfoot yet then get ready. We have secretly been stalking this particular Bigfoot for weeks. We can guarantee we will have him trapped by Christmas. We are giving full permission to use this video anyway you want. However, this video wont be as impressive when we have this guy caged at the local zoo. We don't really care if you believe or not. By Christmas the first Sasquatch will be in captivity. For obvious reasons we can not disclose any information right now as far as location. Doubt this video all you want. We know what we have seen, we know where he is, we know his patterns, he will be caught. We almost had him on Oct. 4th but some of our trapping equipment malfunctioned. Plus this guy is extremely strong. He is slightly wounded and is walking with a limp and we will do our best not to harm him any further. Here is the deal- We are business men that have hunted exotic animals all over the world. We would like to make sure this and other videos we possess are viewed by as many people as possible. The more views, the more videos we post."

TCH -  So what do you think?

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 2nd edition copy (1975) of the Atlas, in the Clark College, Vancouver, WA, library.

There has been many questions about bigfoot, is it real? is it all a hoax?
It seems that back in the 70's the u.s. government kind of confirmed that bigfoot was indeed a real creature. While some will always reject any info I could post or just say it's all a hoax, this infomation should be consider and looked at. This is a big post so please take the time to read it and comment.

In July 1975, The Washington Star-News report:
Though conceding that his existence is "hotly disputed," the Army Corps of Engineers has officially recognized Sasquatch, the elusive and supposed legendary creature of the Pacific Northwest mountains. Also known as Big Foot, Sasquatch is described in the just-published "Washington Environmental Atlas" as standing as tall as 12 feet and weighing as much as half a ton, covered with long hair except for face and hands, and having "a distinctive human-like form." The atlas, which cost $200,000 to put out, offers a map pin pointing all known reports of Sasquatch sightings, and notes that a sample of reputed Sasquatch hair was analyzed by the FBI and found to belong to no known animal.

With Halloween just around the corner, one Indiana family is starting to feel like they're living in a haunted house after discovering bones, embalming tools and gruesome photos of the dead in their attic.
"I won't stay by myself," Patricia Booher told The Huffington Post. "I have an uneasy feeling. I don't know what it is. I've tried to stay here but I can't."
Booher and her husband, Richard, recently moved into their home in Knightstown, a small town about 40 miles east of Indianapolis. On Monday, they were looking in the attic of for a place to store their air conditioner when they made the first of a series of bizarre discoveries.
"There were boxes of stuff in there. We thought it was knickknacks or some old dishes someone had left," Booher said. "When [Richard] started pulling the stuff out, we found a box of empty disinfectant bottles and a wooden crate full of bottles of embalming fluid. Then he pulled out a suitcase that was full of embalming equipment -- hoses and stuff."
The more the family looked through the boxes, the creepier their finds became.
"There were knives in a case that folded out, scalpels, scissors and things they work on people with," Booher continued. "Then we found pictures of dead people -- before and after pictures of them being worked on, a projector with similar films and a skeleton."
The skeleton and the collection of morbid items concerned the family enough that they contacted the Knightstown Police Department. Officers took photos of the items and examined the bones.
"The skeleton was determined to be a model -- like you would see on display in a doctor's office or a school classroom," Knightstown Police officer Anthony Lorton told The Huffington Post.
While police examined the other items, Booher and her family got curious and began digging around in their basement and backyard.
"My daughter, son and niece found a few bones in the basement. Then we found four more pieces: a hip joint, vertebra, index finger bone and a rib bone," Booher said.
So far, the findings have been frightening -- but they haven't aroused suspicions of foul play, according to police.
"The bones found in the cellar have been ruled out as animal bones," Lorton said. "We took the others to [the anthropology department at] Ball State University to be tested to see what they are. That will be done Friday."
Booher said family members are continuing to dig in the backyard today.
"I'm not saying the person who put this stuff here was a bad man. I just want to know why it was left here. Why are there bones here? You have to honor the dead," Booher said.
Whether the most recent bones are human is yet to be seen, but Lorton said he thinks he may have some explanation for the scary discoveries.
"The story we are getting is that there was a gentleman who was renting to own the property and up and left it, along with a lot of his stuff at the house," he said. "So that is probably where all that stuff came from."
The photos of dead people appear to be from the 1970s and 1980s, the officer said, and were likely taken by the person who performed their embalming.
"Look at them from the standpoint of an individual who is keeping a portfolio of his work," Lorton said. "To the everyday person, they are going to be disturbing to look at, but for a person trying to get a job at a funeral home, they are examples of his work."
Lorton added, "Is it creepy? Yes. Criminal? No."
As for the skeleton, the officer said he may have his own plans for it if the Boohers do not want it back.
"I am half tempted to put a hat on it and have it running radar," Lorton joked.

TCH - Here is what really gets me...the Police are acting like it's a normal thing for someone to work at a funeral home and bury people in their basement and tuck them away in an attic. At the very least it is abuse of a corpse and would be totally unethical. And then to joke about it. If them are real bones then they are someones loved one. This story is sad,spooky and unreal all at once.

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The Zombie Road Story

(Shadow People standing along a tree line near what is deemed the most haunted road in America.)

The city of St. Louis is unlike many other major American cities. It is a large sprawling region of suburbs and interconnected towns that make up the metropolitan city as a whole, making it an impossible place to live if you do not own an automobile. With the Mississippi River as the eastern border of St. Louis, the settlers who came here originally had nowhere to go but to the west and the city expanded in that direction.
After all of these years, though, and despite the amount of construction and development that has occurred, once you leave the western suburbs of St. Louis, you enter a rugged, wild region that is marked with rivers, forests and caves. Traveling west on Interstate 44, and especially along the smaller highways, you soon leave the buildings and houses behind. It is here, you will discover, that mysteries lie…
There are many tales of strange events in the area, from mysterious creatures to vanished towns, but few of them contain any supernatural elements. The same cannot be said for another area that is located nearby. If the stories that are told about this forgotten stretch of roadway are even partially true, then a place called “Zombie Road” just may be one of the weirdest spots in the region.
The old roadway that has been dubbed “Zombie Road” (a name by which it was known at least as far back as the 1950s) was once listed on maps as Lawler Ford Road and was constructed at some point in the late 1860s. The road, which was once merely gravel and dirt, was paved at some point years ago, but it is now largely impassable by automobile. It was originally built to provide access to the Meramec and the railroad tracks located along the river.

In 1868, the Glencoe Marble Company was formed to work the limestone deposits in what is now the Rockwoods Reservation, located nearby. A sidetrack was laid from the deposits to the town of Glencoe and on to the road, crossing the property of James E. Yeatman. The side track from the Pacific Railroad switched off the main line at Yeatman Junction and at this same location, the Lawler Ford Road ended at the river. There is no record as to where the Lawler name came from, but a ford did cross the river at this point into the land belonging to the Lewis family. At times, a boat was used to ferry people across the river here, which is undoubtedly why the road was placed at this location.
As time passed, the narrow road began to be used by trucks that hauled quarry stone from railcars and then later fell into disuse. Those who recall the road when it was more widely in use have told me that the narrow, winding lane, which runs through roughly two miles of dense woods, was always enveloped in a strange silence and a half-light. Shadows were always long here, even on the brightest day, and it was always impossible to see past the trees and brush to what was coming around the next curve. I was told that if you were driving and met another car, one of you would have to back up to one of the few wide places, or even the beginning of the road, in order for the other one to pass.
Strangely, even those that I talked to with no interest in ghosts or the unusual all mentioned that Zombie Road was a spooky place. I was told that one of the strangest things about it was that it never looked the same or seemed the same length twice, even on the return trip from the dead end point where the stone company’s property started. “At times”, one person told me, “we had the claustrophobic feeling that it would never end and that we would drive on forever into deeper darkness and silence.”
Thanks to its secluded location, and the fact that it fell into disrepair and was abandoned, the Lawler Ford Road gained a reputation in the 1950s as a local hangout for area teenagers to have parties, drink beer and as a lover’s lane, as well. Located in Wildwood, which was formerly Ellisville, and Glencoe, the road can be reached by taking Manchester Road out west of the city to Old State Road South. By turning down Ridge Road to the Ridge Meadows Elementary School, curiosity seekers could find the road just to the left of the school. For years, it was marked with a sign but it has since disappeared. Only a chained gate marks the entrance today.
The road saw quite a lot of traffic in the early years of its popularity and occasionally still sees a traveler or two today. Most who come here now though are not looking for a party. Instead, they come looking for the unexplained. As so many locations of this type do, Lawler Ford Road gained a reputation for being haunted. Numerous legends and stories sprang up about the place, from the typical tales of murdered boyfriends and killers with hooks for hands to more specific tales of a local killer who was dubbed the “Zombie”. He was said to live in an old dilapidated shack by the river and would attack young lovers who came here looking for someplace quiet and out of the way. As time passed, the stories of this madman were told and re-told and eventually, the name of Lawler Ford Road was largely forgotten and it was replaced with “Zombie Road”, by which it is still known today.
There are many other stories too, from ghostly apparitions in the woods to visitors who have vanished without a trace. There are also stories about a man who was killed here by a train in the 1970s and who now haunts the road and that of a mysterious old woman who yells at passersby from a house at the end of the road. There is another about a boy who fell from the bluffs along the river and died but his body was never found. His ghost is also believed to haunt the area. There are also enough tales of Native American spirits and modern-day devil worshippers here to fill another book entirely.
But is there any truth to these tales and any history that might explain how the ghost stories got started? Believe it or not, there may just be a kernel of truth to the legends of Zombie Road – and real-life paranormal experiences taking place there too.
The region around Zombie Road was once known as Glencoe. Today, it is a small village on the banks of the Meramec River and most of its residents live in houses that were once summer resort cottages. Most of the other houses are from the era when Glencoe was a bustling railroad and quarrying community. Days of prosperity have long since passed it by, though, and years ago, the village was absorbed by the larger town of Wildwood.

(Old House on Zombie Road)

There is no record of the first inhabitants here but they were likely the Native Americans who built the mounds that existed for centuries at the site of present-day St. Louis. The mound city that once existed here was one of the largest in North America and at its peak boasted more than 40,000 occupants. It is believed that the Meramec River and its surrounding forests was an area heavily relied upon for food and mounds have been found at Fenton and petroglyphs have been discovered along the Meramec and Big Rivers. It is also believed that the area around Glencoe, because of the game and fresh water, was a stopping point for the Indians as they made their way to the flint quarries in Jefferson Counties.
After the Mound Builders vanished from the area, the Osage, Missouri and Shawnee Indians came to the region and also used the flint quarries and hunted and fished along the Meramec River. The Shawnee had been invited into what was then the Louisiana region by the Spanish governor. Many of them settled west of St. Louis and were, for a time, major suppliers of game to the settlement. A family that lived at what later became Times Beach reported frequent visits from the Shawnee but the majority of the tribe moved further west around 1812.
Many other tribes passed through the region as they were moved out of their original lands in the east but no records exist of any of them ever staying near Glencoe. The reason for this is because the area was a pivotal point for travelers, Indian and settlers alike. The history of the region may explain why sightings and encounters of Native American ghosts have taken place along Lawler Ford Road. As we know that a ford once existed here (a shallow point in the river that was more easily navigated), it’s likely that the road leading down to the river was once an Indian trail. The early settlers had a tendency to turn the already existing trails into roads and this may have been the case with the Lawler Ford Road. If the Native Americans left an impression behind here, in their travels, hunts or quests for flint, it could be the reason why Indian spirits are still encountered here today.
The first white settler in the area was Ninian Hamilton from Kentucky. He arrived near Glencoe around 1800 and obtained a settler’s land grant. He built a house and trading post and became one of the wealthiest and most influential men of the period. It was mentioned that the area around Glencoe was a pivotal point in western movement. In those days, the Meramec River bottoms were heavily forested and made up of steep hills and sharp bluffs. The river flooded frequently and the fords that existed were only usable during times of low water. There were no bridges or ferries that crossed the river, except for one that was operated far to the southeast. The trappers and traders that traveled west of St. Louis, like the Indians before them, came on horseback along the ridge route that later became Manchester Road. It skirted the Meramec and was high enough so that it was not subject to flooding. Because of this, it passed directly by Hamilton’s homestead and the trading post that he established here. With the well-used trail just outside of his backdoor, as well as nearby fish, game and spring water, Hamilton’s post prospered.
Hamilton later built some grist mills near his trading post, which was a badly needed resource for settlers in those days. There are also legends that say that annual gatherings of fur trappers and Indian traders occurred at Hamilton’s place. These rendezvous have been the subject of great debate over the years but no one knows for sure if they occurred. It is known that his post was the last one leaving St. Louis and the first the trappers would see when returning, so it’s likely they did take place.
One of the mills that Hamilton started was later replaced by a water mill for tanning by Henry McCullough, who had a tannery and shoemaking business that not only supplied the surrounding area, but also allowed him to ship large quantities of leather to his brother in the south. McCullough was also a Kentuckian and purchased his land from Hamilton. He later served as the Justice of the Peace for about 30 years and as a judge for the County Court from 1849 to 1852. He was married three times before he died in 1853 and one of his wives was a sister of Ninian Hamilton. The wife, Della Hamilton McCullough, was killed in 1876 after being struck down by a railroad car on the spur line from the Rockwoods Reservation.
It has been suggested that perhaps the death of Della Hamilton McCullough was responsible for the legend that has grown up around Zombie Road about the ghost of the person who was run over by a train. The story of the this phantom has been told for at least three decades now but there is no record of anyone being killed in modern times. In fact, the only railroad death around Glencoe is that of Henry McCullough’s unfortunate wife. Could it be her ghost that has been linked to Zombie Road?
The railroads would be another vital connection to Glencoe and to the stories of Lawler Ford Road. The first lines reached the area in 1853 when a group of passengers on flat cars arrived behind the steam locomotive called the “St. Louis”. A rail line had been constructed along the Meramec River, using two tunnels, and connected St. Louis to Franklin, which was later re-named Pacific, Missouri. The tiny station house at Franklin was little more than a building in the wilderness at that time but bands played and people cheered as the train pulled into the station.
Around this same time, tracks had been extended along the river, passing through what would be Glencoe. The site was likely given its name by Scottish railroad engineer James P. Kirkwood, who laid out the route. The name has its origins in Old English as “glen” meaning “a narrow valley” and “coe” meaning “grass.Only a few remnants of the original railroad can be found today. The old lines can still be seen at the end of Zombie Road and it is along these tracks where the railroad ghost is believed to walk. There have been numerous accounts over the years of a translucent figure in white that walks up the abandoned line and then disappears. Those who claim to have seen it say that the phantom glows with bluish-white light but always disappears if anyone tries to approach it. As mentioned, the identity of this ghost remains a mystery but despite the stories of a mysterious death in the 1970s, the presence is more likely the lingering spirit of Della McCullough.

One of the passengers who made the first trip west on the rail line from St. Louis was probably James E. Yeatman. He was one of the leading citizens of St. Louis and was the founder of the Mercantile Library, president of Merchants Bank and an early proponent of extending the railroads west of the Mississippi. He was active in both business and charitable affairs in St. Louis. He was a major force behind the Western Sanitary Commission during the Civil War. This large volunteer group provided hospital boats, medical services and looked to other needs of the wounded on both sides of the conflict. The world’s first hospital railroad car is attributed to this group.
After the death of Ninian Hamilton in 1856, his heirs sold his land to A.S. Mitchell, who in turn sold out to James Yeatman. He built a large frame home on the property and dubbed it “Glencoe Park”. The mansion burned to the ground in 1920, while owned by Alfred Carr and Angelica Yeatman Carr, the daughter of James Yeatman. They moved into the stone guest house on the property, which also burned in 1954. It was later rebuilt and then restored and still remains in the Carr family today.
The village of Glencoe was laid out in 1854 by Woods, Christy & Co. and in 1883, it contained “a few houses and a small store, but for about a year has had no post office.” At the time the town was created, Woods, Christy & Co. also erected a grist and saw mill at Glencoe that operated until about 1868. Woods, Christy & Co. had been a large dry goods company in St. Louis. There is a family tradition in the Christy family that land was traded for goods and materials by early settlers. This firm ceased operation as a dry goods company about 1856. While it is possible that some lands near Glencoe were the result of trading for supplies, the firm actually started a large lumbering operation around the village.
One of the many prominent St. Louis citizens who traveled through Glencoe during the middle and late 1800s was Winston Churchill, the American author who wrote a number of bestselling romantic novels in the early 1900s. One of his most popular, The Crisis, was partially set in St. Louis and partially at Glencoe. The novel, which Churchill acknowledged was based on the activities of James E. Yeatman, depicts the struggles and conflicts in St. Louis during the critical years of the Civil War. It is believed that Angelica Yeatman Carr was his model for the heroine, Miss Virginia Carvel. The first edition of the book was released in 1901 and was followed by subsequent editions. It can still be found on dusty shelves in used and antiquarian bookstores today.
In 1868, the Glencoe Marble Company was formed and the previously mentioned side track was added to the railroad to run alongside the river. The tracks ran past where the Lawler Ford Road ended and it’s likely that wagons were used to haul quarry stone up the road. Before this, the road was likely nothing more than an Indian trail, although it did see other traffic in the 1860s – and perhaps even death.
During the Civil War, the city of St. Louis found itself in the predicament of being loyal to the Union in a state that was predominately dedicated to the Confederate cause. For this reason, men who were part of what was called the Home Guard were picketed along the roads and trails leading into the city with instructions to turn back Southern sympathizers by any means necessary. As a result, Confederate spies, saboteurs and agents often had to find less trafficked paths to get in and out of the St. Louis area. One of the lesser known trails was leading to and away from the ford across the Meramec River near Glencoe. This trail would later be known as Lawler Ford Road.
As this information reached the leaders of the militia forces, troops from the Home Guard began to be stationed at the ford. The trail here led across the river and to the small town of Crescent, which was later dubbed “Rebel Bend” because of the number of Confederates who passed through it and who found sanctuary here.
After the militia forces set up lines here, the river became very dangerous to cross. However, since there were so few fords across the Meramec, many attempted to cross here anyway, often with dire results. According to the stories, a number of men died here in short battles with the Home Guard. Could this violence explain some of the hauntings that now occur along Zombie Road?
Many of the people that I have talked with about the strange happenings here speak of unsettling feelings and the sensation of being watched. While we could certainly dismiss this as nothing more than a case of the “creeps”, that overwhelming near panic that I described in an earlier chapter, it becomes harder to dismiss when combined with the eerie sounds, inexplicable noises and even the disembodied footsteps that no one seems able to trace to their source. Many have spoken of being “followed” as they walk along the trail, as though someone is keeping pace with them just in the edge of the woods. Strangely though, no one is ever seen. In addition, it is not uncommon for visitors to also report the shapes and shadows of presences in the woods too. On many occasions, these shapes have been mistaken for actual people – until the hiker goes to confront them and finds that there is no one there. It’s possible that the violence and bloodshed that occurred here during the Civil War has left its mark behind on this site, as it has on so many other locations across the country.
Visitors to Lawler Ford Road today will often end their journey at the Meramec River and the area here has also played a part in the legends and tales of Zombie Road. It was here at Yeatman Junction that one of the first large scale gravel operations on the Meramec River began. Gravel was taken from the banks of the Meramec and moved on rail cars into St. Louis. The first record of this operation is in the mid-1850′s. Later, steam dredges were used, to be supplanted by diesel or gasoline dredges in extracting gravel from the channel and from artificial lakes dug into the south bank. This continued, apparently without interruption, until the 1970s.
The gravel quarries were used the until the demise of the gravel operation in the 1970′s. The last railroad tracks were removed from around Glencoe when the spur line to the gravel pit was taken out. Some have cited the railroads as the source for some of the hauntings along Zombie Road. In addition to the wandering spirit that is believed to be Della McCullough, it is possible that some of the other restless ghosts may be those of accident victims along the rail lines. Sharp bends in the tracks at Glencoe were the site of frequent derailments and were later recalled by local residents. The Carr family had a number of photographs in their collection of these deadly accidents. It finally got so bad that service was discontinued on around the bend in the river. It has been speculated that perhaps the victims of the train accidents may still be lingering here and might explain how the area got such a reputation for tragedy and ghostly haunts.
Many visitors also claim to have had strange experiences near the old shacks and ramshackle homes located along the beach area at the end of the trail. One of the long-standing legends of the place mentions the ghost of an old woman who screams at people from the doorways of one of the old houses. However, upon investigation, the old woman is never there. The houses here date back to about 1900, when the area around Glencoe served as a resort community. The Meramec River’s “clubhouse era” lasted until about 1945. Many of the cottages were then converted to year-round residences but others were simply left to decay and deteriorate in the woods. This is the origin of the old houses that are located off Zombie Road but it does not explain the ghostly old woman and the other apparitions that have been encountered here. Could they be former residents of days gone by? Perhaps this haunting on the old roadway has nothing to do with the violence and death of the past but rather with the happiness of it instead. Perhaps some of these former residents returned to their cottages after death because the resort homes were places where they knew peace and contentment in life.
When I first began researching the history and hauntings of Lawler Ford Road, I have to confess that I started with the idea that “Zombie Road” was little more than an urban legend, created from the vivid imaginations of several generations of teenagers. I never expected to discover the dark history of violence and death in the region or anything that might substantiate the tales of ghosts and supernatural occurrences along this wooded road. It was easy to find people who “believed” in the legends of Zombie Road but I never expected to be one of those who came to be convinced.
As time has passed, I have learned that there is more to this spooky place than first meets the eye and that it goes beyond mere legends linked to old lover’s lane. For those who doubt that ghosts can be found along Zombie Road, I encourage them to spend just one evening there, along the dark paths and under the looming trees, and you just might find that your mind has been changed. As the famous quote from The Haunting states: “The supernatural isn’t supposed to happen, but it does happen.” And I believe that it happens along “Zombie Road”.
Written by Scott McMan
my sources as follows:
Encounters With The Unexplained
Prairie Ghosts
Troy Taylor Books
Paranormal Task Force (more pics here)

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(not a photo from the event,for reference only)

SIX passenger planes reported seeing a UFO near a town named after Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.
The pilot of a London to Moscow flight reported spotting a "burning object" followed by a smoke trail travelling at high speed over Gagarin, in western Russia.
An hour later six mysterious red dots were seen in the sky, hundreds of miles away in Siberia.
The Russian Defence Ministry denied any stray missiles or other military objects were in the vicinity of Gagarin at around 7.30pm local time last Thursday.
The Siberian sighting came at 11.30pm the same night.
Eyewitness Andrey Filipov said: "Leaving a supermarket with my daughter, I saw six moving red dots in the sky.
"First, it crossed the sky from west to east, then one flew separately, and the rest at some point stayed almost on the same spot."
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Sierra Bigfoot shooting overview -
*hunter 1= Justin Smeja
This incident occurred in October of 2010 in Northern California. The persons involved will be known as Hunter 1, and Hunter 2. Hunter 1 is the shooter. Hunter 2 was driving the vehicle.
While driving down a dirt road looking for bear, hunter 1 and hunter 2 were noticing large piles of feces along their route. They commented on the amount they were seeing, and at the strange nature of it. They were having a rough time figuring out what was responsible. To big for Cougar, and didn't appear to be bear. It is important to note that they were hunting at considerable elevation. It's also important to note that they were legally hunting, with appropriate bear tags in a legal hunting area.
As the truck came around a corner they both noticed a large hair covered figure standing approx 80 to 100 yards in a meadow off to the side of the road. ( On the Bigfoot forum I previously said it was off to the left, that was my mistake, it was actually off to the right of the road.) The figure was standing on two legs with it's arms above it's head. It took roughly eight to ten steps toward the vehicle. The arms were moving a little either because it was walking, or it was intensionally swaying them. It was dirty grey in color with some black mixed in. The figure was very large. Hunter 1 decided it had to be a bear. It was completely hair covered, and from that distance good definition was impossible. Hunter 1 got out of the truck and leaned against the door aiming his riffle at the figure. He does admit that it looked strange but in his mind it had to be a bear. He did not believe in Bigfoot at that time. Hunter 2 was now looking at the figure and said " I'm not sure that's a bear". The shot was fired hitting it's mark in the chest region. The figure went down. It got back up immediately and started running on two legs, and then on all fours. It went from two legs to four legs a couple of times before it left view. A short time later they were very sure they heard it crash into the brush, although they never did confirm this. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.
They exited the truck and started across the meadow still wondering what just happened. When they reached the spot where it was standing they noticed movement in the nearby brush. Two smaller figures appeared from the brush and started circling around their position. The smaller ones were totally hair covered, but were much more black in color. They would go back and forth from two legs to four. They were exhibiting some type of chatter back and forth to each other. Hunter 1 and Hunter 2 described them as a cross between a gorilla and a bear. They said that they had very large heads, almost too big for their bodies. They also stated that the little ones had a much flatter face than a bear. They spent as much time on two legs as they did on four. The smaller figures began getting closer and closer, at on point, just a few yards. One of them climbed up a small outcrop above hunter 1. Hunter 1 started to get the feeling he might be attacked. He made a quick decision, turned and fired. The figure went down and rolled right down to Hunter 1's location. He lifted it up, and then placed it in the brush. They then decided that they needed to leave, now.
I, Derek Randles was put in touch with the hunters about two weeks later. I interviewed them both by phone extensively, and separately. I found that their story matched perfectly with no inconsistency's. I could also tell that they were natural and not rehearsed. Consequently, I've spent many many hour talking with hunter 1 one about all aspects of the story, and I completely believe him.
I then urged hunter 1 to return to the site and look around for any evidence from the incident. Upon returning they were greeted with roughly two feet of snow. The little one was not found. They concentrated their efforts in the area where they thought they heard the larger one go down. After digging though the snow for many hours they were able to find a piece of flesh, greasy fat and hair, but no body. The flesh and hair matched the color of the larger one exactly. White gray hair with some black in it.
I then asked him to forward a small piece of the flesh to Dr. Ketchum to have it analyzed for the current DNA study she's involved in. I cannot speak to the results at this time due to an NDA I've signed, but I will say that I 100% believe the story. Read into that what you will.
The site has been under snow since last November. Further study of the site is ongoing. To date, no bodies have been recovered or found. If and when a body or remains is discovered, the appropriate authority's will be notified.
The Olympic Project and Dr. Melba Ketchum do not advocate or condone the killing of a Sasquatch to advance science. That being said, if this sample can help with species verification and protection, then some good can come from a unfortunate incident. It's also important to note that this is but one of over a hundred samples the Olympic Project has contributed to this study.
Updates on this story will be available on this web site, and the story in it's entirety will be told by Hunter 1 when the time is right.
Thank You,
Derek Randles

TCH - This was the first of the long story as told by Derek Randles.

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A recent interview conducted by Steve Kulls of Squatchdetective.com took a serious turn as retired forest ranger Charles Branson from Honobia, Oklahoma told some shocking news.

Charles claims to have been interacting with a bigfoot for many years on his property. Once the word got out, several Bigfoot organizations began to contact him.
During his interview with Steve, Charles had spoken of the BFRO as being the organization he allowed to do research on his property. That is until this past July 4, 2011.
It would seem that at least one researcher was involved with an shooting incident on that day.
Apparently after sighting a Bigfoot, the researcher, who was packing a AK-47 Rife decided it would be a good idea to shoot at the creature.

Here is the transcript Q&A from that interview:
Last night on the Squatch Detective radio show, Steve Kulls’ guest was retired forest ranger Charles Branson of Honobia, Oklahoma.
Charles claims to have had interactions with bigfoots on his property for many, many years. The activity was such on his land that several organizations became interested in researching the area.
The individuals were always honest and upfront with Charles and for the past 10 years he has allowed them to place trail cams on what is discreetly known as “Area X”.

Members of the organization are required to pay dues and to commit “service hours” for the organization. One of the chores required of certain members is to go to “Area X” and replace the cards and batteries on the trail cameras.

Charles had no problem with the researchers using his property until this past July 4th, when the organization’s mission turned into more than just research.
One of the researchers caught sight of a bigfoot creature and took off in pursuit firing his AK 47 assault rifle with the intent to kill.
This organization and others, is often turning to the public pleading for donations to further their “research”. If the organization has changed its original mission statement and have changed their stance from a “no-kill” to a “pro-kill” operation, then their donors should be made aware of this new practice.

The following has been transcribed from the Squatch Detective radio show last night:
At the 12:57 minute mark:

Steve: Have you ever gotten anybody that’s ever come forward with a video to you, that, that you feel was a legitimate video?
Charles: Oh, we had some, uh.. We were letting some BRFO researchers from Oklahoma and Texas use our cabin facilities for the past ten years and they kept game cameras out all the time.
At the 15:15 minute mark:
Charles: We had a 4th of July incident in this area that I’m telling you about. It’s OK to expand on it?
Steve: Sure…
Charles: … researcher was actually shooting at one, trying to kill it with an AK-47. (unintelligible)
So we stopped them from using our facilities because, we know those folks are there, we don’t want them bothered. They’re non-violent, and we’ve watched them, ya know, for years, their habits and everything.
And uh, he was actually trying to kill one. And was honest enough to admit it. Which I admire, because there’s not one in ten million that would admit that.
At the 27:10 mark:
Charles: …they change seasonal their fur, just like other wildlife does.
And like this one, the 4th of July incident, uh, this fella said this one was about six and a half, seven foot tall.
He had light brown hair on his shoulders and up around his neck, real light brown and the rest of him was dark.
At the 52:43 minute mark.
Steve: Charles, you have such an appreciation for these things. Um, um, you…
Charles: They’re wonderful people.
Steve: And uh, it seems like you’ve had more than one run in with these guys. It seems like you’ve almost had a nice relationship with them.
Charles: Yes, and they know it.
Steve: Now do they recognize people after a time, spell of time?
Charles: I think so. Spiritually I think they do. They’re super smart. And uh, they, they can just feel…
And also, for your information, I’ve had… If you ever attack one, you better be careful, because they don’t forget it.
Steve: Ha ha, ha… I guess not. Now have you ever known anyone to have ever attacked one or…?
Charles: Well I just told you about the 4th of July this year tried to kill one with an AK-47.
But when we go to the cabins, this hunting season, we’re gonna have to be extra careful and communicate with them fellas. Ya know, let ‘em know that wasn’t us pulling that trigger.
We live… They’re wonderful. I just wish everybody could learn to appreciate ‘em more. And uh, I respect any person’s right to not believe. But I also expect the same respect on my beliefs, ya know.
Steve: Now Charles, Charl…
Charles: If everybody could work together and stop the ridicule, just learn from each other then we could really move on with this thing.
And then at the 56:12 minute mark
Steve: Now the person trying to cap one with the AK-47, was that, that wasn’t at your property was it?
Charles: Yes it was.
Steve: Ok, so now…
Charles: For ten years. we have give them permission to use the cabins because every so many months they go change their cameras out, see… And they was studying their habits, researching’. Uh, in fact, I’ve been there with them when they’ve played their recordings and get callbacks from ‘em. I mean, it’s the real deal.
But, we don’t want them bothered, ya know. Well, that’s it.
Steve: (unintelligible) but no guns…
At the 57:57 minute mark
Steve: Now, I have another question, and this goes back to the AK-47 incident, and that struck a political cord with some folks, and I’m gonna go ahead and honor the question.
Was there a particular group that was associated with this AK-47 incident?
Charles: Well, uh, it’s BRFO, but I will not mention no names.
Steve: OK.
Charles: Because, the person has been extremely honest. And admitted it…
Steve: It wasn’t the Texas group, or was it the Texas group?
Charles: Well Oklahoma and Texas both work together.
Steve: Gotcha. Gotcha. Well, that answers that question I suppose.
Steve: You sure it was the BFRO and not the, uh, next question, used to be the, gotcha Craig…
Charles: Well that’s what they claim, but it could not be, ya know there’s several splinter groups that says BRFO. I don’t know whether it’s official or not.
Steve: Is it possible that it could have been a group called the TRBC? Is it possible that you mixed those two up.
Charles: I’m not for sure (unintelligible) BRF…
You can listen to the archived show here: Squatch Detective Radio Show-Guest Charles Branson
For the record, the BFRO is not to be implicated in this story in any way. Mr. Branson was not sure of all of the letters in the acronym.

UPDATE:  The TBRC has identified themselves as the offending party!
The Echo Incident
Statements made or reported as being made by Honobia, OK, resident Charles Branson at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival on 1 October 2011, concerning incidents that took place the previous July, contain inaccuracies. The basic facts are as follows.

Justin Smeja reveals more details - "I personally havent said much at all about the location of the kill. Lots of assumptions have been made and I've remained quiet about it. well here you go it was by Gold lake, CA. Maybe it was 2 miles away maybe it was 10 miles away. It really doesnt matter at this point, as time goes on I will release the exact location of the kill site more then likely in the book." Smeja said.
Smeja also commented on the idea of prosecution for killing bigfoot, he said  "no i do not worry about being prosecuted for this. There is a lot of people out there who TELL ME I should be and theres others who have said I'm ''shakin in my boots'' about the whole thing. Thats not the case. Yes something terrible has happened. I'm not making light of the situation BUT really.... I've seen the justice system and how it really works... This would be ruled as nothing more then a hunting accident. People get killed every year in CA while deer hunting with their best friend because somebody took a stupid shot they shouldnt have. Nothing ever happens to the best friend."
Details about the bigfoots -

Bigfoot Youth -- “rounded” mouths like humans, with no tusks or fangs, enlarged but not long canines, similar to a gorilla’s.
Bigfoot Youth -- black hands, with palms padded like a dog’s paw, with fingers of same proportion to palm as in humans.
Bigfoot Adult and Bigfoot Youth -- omnivores.
Bigfoot Youth and Bigfoot Adult --- smarter than any other animals in the wild.
Bigfoot Youth --- around 40 lbs.
Bigfoot Youth --- communicated, “talked” like humans, in the vocal way of the deaf, with no ape like grunts.
Bigfoot Adult and Bigfoot Youth --- “Bad body order x 12 mixed with a coyote.”
Bigfoot Youth --- eyes like humans.
Bigfoot Youth --- looked very different than the Bigfoot Adult.
Bigfoot Youth --- dark brown hair.
Bigfoot Youth --- appeared unafraid yet worried and panicky.
Bigfoot Adult --- color of a pale coyote.
Bigfoot Adult --- no “cone-head”.
Bigfoot Adult --- “8’ tall and was hairy and walked like a man.”
Bigfoot Youth --- facially “somewhere in the middle between human ape and boxer [dog].”
Bigfoot Adult --- compared to Roger Patterson’s film subject, “it was so much like that but totally totally different and not even close in appearance” and it looked “as different from patty as chuck norris and the cable guy.”
Bigfoot Adult --- 600 lbs.
Bigfoot Adult --- not muscular looking, not fat, not as wide as generally portrayed in recreations.
Bigfoot Adult --- when shot, it ran on two legs, and then on all fours, then on two legs, then on all fours before it left view. (this part was in Randles’ recounting).

TCH - So it seems they are sticking with the story and we are getting more details. I just can't wait to it all comes out.

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Uploaded to youtube by TheIronManhood on Oct 23, 2011
Something strange caught on the motion sensor cam.
TCC- This kind of looks like a costume but just not enough in the photo to say for sure.
Join the search

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A video filmed by two British tourists - appears to show a small alien-like creature arching its back as it stands next to a tree in the Amazon jungle.

In the corner of the picture is a bright flash of light which is thought to be connected to the alien's presence.

The video - snapped up by Hollywood producers for a film - was obtained by noted paranormal writer Michael Cohen and is believed to have been filmed by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon jungle.

Michael, who runs the paranormal website allnewsweb.com, said: "This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit.

"It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity.

TCH - Could this be a fake? I'm leaning toward hoax/fake.

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10:54 AM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Just in time for halloween!

This makes me wonder if maybe it was a bigfoot,but there have been other reports of werewolves. Where I live there has been reports of a werewolf type creature seen in a cow pasture along hwy 119,these sighting have been reported for many years now.It makes one wonder.

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10:18 AM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Event: It was 6:30am as we began to cross the final knoll to where we left off the day before.
As we topped the knoll, we looked down to where we had finished working and standing about 100 yards from us was this creature. It was standing sideways to us in the middle of the down timber we had fell the day before. The creature was upright and covered with dark-brownish hair. It seemed to be just looking around in totaly amazement of the construction taking place. It caught wind or heard us shortly after we saw it. Moving very quickly ,the creature walked off into the timber.

Date: June 27,1972
Place: Mckenzie River valley,Oregon

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Dr. Dubois made the amazing find while studying Napoleon’s exhumed skeleton on a $140,000 grant from the French government.
“I was hoping to learn whether he suffered from a pituitary disorder that contributed to his small stature,” he explained.
But instead the researcher found something far more extraordinary: “As I examined the interior of the skull, my hand brushed across a tiny protrusion.
“I then looked at the area under a magnifying glass – and was stunned to find that the object was some kind of super-advanced microchip.”

Scientists examining the remains of Napoleon Bonaparte are “deeply puzzled” by the discovery of a half-inch long microchip embedded in his skull.
From the extent of bone growth around the chip, the expert believes it was implanted when Bonaparte was young.
TCH- This is a pretty wild story and I would guess it is totally not true but time will tell I guess.

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The cyclops shark, sliced from the belly of a pregnant mama dusky shark caught by a commercial fisherman in the Gulf of California earlier this summer, is by all reports the real thing. Shark researchers have examined the preserved creature and found that its single eye is made of functional optical tissue, they said last week. It's unlikely, however, that the malformed creature would have survive...d outside the womb. 

(Cyclops shark thought to be a hoax now confirmed REAL)

 "This is extremely rare," shark expert Felipe Galvan Magana of Mexico's Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias del Mar told the Pisces Fleet Sportfishing blog in July. "As far as I know, less than 50 examples of an abnormality like this have been recorded." Pisces Fleet, a sportfishing company, rocketed the cyclops shark to viral status online this summer with photos of the creepy-cute creature.
While rare, "cyclopia" is a real developmental anomaly in which only one eye develops. Human fetuses are sometimes affected, as in a 1982 case in Israel reported in 1985 in the British Journal of Ophthalmology. In that case, a baby girl was born seven weeks early with no nose and only one eye in the center of her face. The infant, who lived only 30 minutes after birth, also had severe brain abnormalities.
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12:40 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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TCH - I spent a few hours on saturday watching "My Ghost Story" on the Biography channel and i have to say ..it was really good and had some of the best ghost footage i've seen in a long time. Soif you can start watching the show...if you can't then head over to  http://www.biography.com ...you can watch full episodes over there...plus the new season started last nite.
Link to full Episode 8

Thanks and Enjoy!

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11:03 AM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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(TCH -This is coming from the Robert Lindsay blog,you can read even more there)

 update on the Sierra Shootings saga - Here is what happened: Justin Smeja apparently shot and killed two Bigfoots in Plumas County, California, in October 2010. All evidence seems to point to the theory that this shooting did actually occur. However, my sources do not believe that Smeja retained the bodies on that day.... The first one was shot for whatever reason, and the second was shot to get evidence. Smeja told my source that he “hid” the little one. This lines up with his continuing testimony on Bigfoot forums that he buried it with branches.

As Smeja, by his own admission, was in no condition to go back to the site right away, who went back to get the bodies? My source says that the Olympic Project went back with him. After all, they had a team all set to go almost right away after they heard of the shootings. So some group went back there, and they located at least 15 pounds of Bigfoot flesh, by Smeja’s own admission on his forum posts. Smeja’s piece that he sent to Ketchum weighed about 2 pounds. That was 1/4 of what he says he took. He and the driver split the Bigfoot slice. So the slice weighed 15 pounds in total.

My source feels that Smeja has two whole bodies. He’s felt this way from the very start. He said that Smeja and his friends like to engage in some sort of fishing, possibly commercial fishing, for sharks. He says that means that they have huge freezers to store the sharks in. The source said that Smeja has put the bodies on ice in these freezers, possibly after chopping them up.

The question is that if Smeja has a body or bodies, why has he not gone public with them? The source said that Smeja was put in contact with the Olympic Project, who attempted to contain the bodies and prevent their release from upstaging the Ketchum project that they were involved in. They did this by getting parts of the bodies involved in Ketchum’s DNA project.

Derek Randles also browbeat Smeja for a long time that he was going to go to prison for killing the Bigfoots. Therefore, Smeja was prevented from releasing the bodies and short-circuiting Ketchum’s project. Further, by involving the bodies in Ketchum’s project, Smeja is all tied up in legal NDA’s about the Sierra Kills and apparently the bodies too, assuming they exist.

If he goes public with the bodies or any of the flesh, he is conceivably violating multiple NDA’s and can be sued. So he’s screwed. He could have been the guy who discovered Bigfoot, but now he’s relegated to a secondary role.

Why did my source go pubic with the Sierra Kills information? He said that he put Smeja in contact with Randles with the spoken objective of having the bodies released to science. Randles was on board with this. However, as soon as Randles got in contact with Smeja, all communication was cut off with the source.

The source felt that Randles had screwed him. Instead of releasing the bodies or their parts to science, the Olympic Project had secreted them away as part of the Ketchum Project. The source was angry, so he released the Sierra Shootings story to the media.

The source says that this is part of the race to discover Bigfoot. By tying Smeja up with NDA’s and wrapping him in with Ketchum, Smeja was prevented from being the guy who discovers Bigfoot. Instead, those honors go to Ketchum, who the OP is tied in with.

Smeja’s personality. We don’t want to beat this dead horse too much because we’ve already been over this in the past.

A source said that when Smeja told him about shooting the adult and child Bigfoot, he told it as if it were happening to someone else. He was that distant from the events. I suggested that may be a defense, but the source said that it shows that Smeja has a cold personality. “He likes to kill things,” as the source put it. The source noted that most people would be unable to discuss something like that without getting upset, but Smeja acted as if he was not bothered at all.

The source also said that it is always Randles and never Smeja who says that Smeja feels terrible about the shootings. The source said, about Smeja, “The guy has no conscience!”

All of this information is not particularly relevant except to show that Smeja is precisely the sort of individual to carry out the Sierra Kills.

Justin Smeja has been pointing to drawings of Bigfoots online and showing precise drawings of exactly what the larger one’s face looked like. The source said he could not have done that unless he was staring right into the thing’s face from three feet away.

TCH- Like i say there is much more on Robert Lindsay Blog, I'm just tried of all the rumors about the EP,OP,DNA and the Shootings....Just release the stupid videos,pictures and info already!

Read Robert Lindsay blog about this:

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium is considered one of the top 10 most haunted places in America.
Here is some history about it.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium began with a two-story frame building, with a hipped roof and half timbering. Construction on this building began in 1908, and it opened on July 26, 1910. This building was only designed to safely accommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients. Tuberculosis was a very serious disease back before antibiotics were discovered. People who were afflicted with tuberculosis had to be isolated from the general public and placed in an area where they could rest, stay calm, and have plenty of fresh air. Sanatoriums were built on high hills surrounded by peaceful woods to create a serene atmosphere to help the patients recover.
Tuberculosis was reaching epidemic proportions among the public in Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky. The little TB clinic was being filled with over 140 people.
Waverly functioned as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961. After antibiotics were invented, it was closed down to be quarantined and renovated to be opened again in 1962 as WoodHaven Medical Services. The facility remained a geriatrics center until 1980, when it was closed by the state.

63,000 deaths have been said to have occurred at the sanatorium. According to Assistant Medical Director Dr. J. Frank W. Stewart, the highest number of deaths in a single year at Waverly Hills was 152. Some independent researchers have suggested that 162 people died at Waverly Hills in 1945.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium has been featured on many Ghost hunting shows seen on TV and it never seems to disappoint.There are tons of photos and videos from Waverly some captured by TV ghost hunting teams and others by the general public thrill seekers who have taken the tour.

If you would like to have a scare then go the the website and book a tour.
Just go to http://www.therealwaverlyhills.com/ for more info and to see uploaded ghost pictures.

There is also a lot of videos on youtube - check them out!
A movie was also made called "Death Tunnel" and it's pretty good.

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Researchers are claiming they are 95 percent sure that the fabled Russian version of the Abominable Snowman or Bigfoot lives in the Kemerovo region of Siberia.
Last week, a group of international scientists met in Moscow and then set out to the remote mountainous area in search of the elusive creature (depicted below).

(Depicted is an illustration of a creature reported to inhabit the Kemerovo region of Siberia. Scientists from the U.S., Russia and other countries are planning expeditions to try and find one of these creatures known as the Russian Snowman.)

It didn't take very long for them to issue a statement on the official Kemerovo website stating they had found "footprints, a probable den and various markers that Yetis mark their territory with."
An English translation (from translate.google.com) of the original Russian news report added that the conference researchers "collected irrefutable evidence of the existence of the Yeti in Mountainous Shoria" (the southern part of Kemerovo).
They concluded that the artifacts gave them 95-percent proof of the existence of Yeti in the Kemerovo region, the press release stated.

Some possible Yeti hair samples reportedly found in the region by Russian scientist Anatoly Fokin will be studied in a laboratory to determine their origin.
"This does not seem to be any more than what you hear about from weekend excursions in North America that go out, discovering some hair of undetermined origin, calling it 'Bigfoot hair,' then locating some broken branches and piled trees, saying it was made by Bigfoot, and finding footprints that look like Sasquatch tracks," said Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.
"These are not 'proof' that would hold up, zoologically," Coleman told The Huffington Post.
It's not the first time this year that alleged Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) "evidence" has come under scrutiny.
Back in June, creature researchers in California held a press conference soliciting help to get a DNA test that might determine if Bigfoot left physical impressions on the windows of a pickup truck in the Sierra National Forest.
So far, the jury is still out on that case.
Skeptics point out that the area of Siberia that's allegedly home to the local Yeti legend helps promote tourism. In fact, opening day of the ski season there is known as Day of the Yeti -- an attempt to sell many Yeti-related souvenirs and bring in more skiers to the region.
While scientific researchers continue hunting for signs of a Yeti lair in Kemerovo, let's hope they don't discover a cave that contains a set of recently purchased touristy Yeti beverage mugs.

TCH -  So i would think yet another video is going to be released at some point.

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1:45 PM 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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Uploaded to youtube by danman1167

TCC - I attempted contact via youtube with the uploader in a effort to find out more about the video.
It is a pretty good video and the peoples reaction seems pretty believable. The creature may be a real bigfoot but there is just not enough in the video to say for sure.

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cougar -

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has received photographic evidence of the second and third documented cougar occurrences in the state in recent history.

Private citizens sent trail camera pictures from two different sites to the department in September. LDWF Large Carnivore Program Manager Maria Davidson and LDWF Natural Heritage Zoologist Beau Gregory then conducted site investigations that confirmed the authenticity of the photographs.

"The department interviewed the photo providers and investigated the sites and photographs. After inspecting all of the evidence, we have concluded with the best of our abilities that the photos are in fact real and of a cougar," Davidson said.

The first photograph was taken in Natchitoches parish on Sept. 4, and the second was taken in Allen parish on Sept. 29. The sites are approximately 100 miles apart, leading to speculation that the same cougar could be in both photos.

Photo pit 2


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2:27 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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