Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trapping a bigfoot

TCH -  A new Youtube video has been posted up and it was the first video these people posted and they claim they are about to capture a live bigfoot. We will admit the footage looks pretty good,the thing looks big and makes a big jump but we really have our doubts about the whole video and the posters.

Here is what the descriptions in the video says:
" If you don't believe in Bigfoot yet then get ready. We have secretly been stalking this particular Bigfoot for weeks. We can guarantee we will have him trapped by Christmas. We are giving full permission to use this video anyway you want. However, this video wont be as impressive when we have this guy caged at the local zoo. We don't really care if you believe or not. By Christmas the first Sasquatch will be in captivity. For obvious reasons we can not disclose any information right now as far as location. Doubt this video all you want. We know what we have seen, we know where he is, we know his patterns, he will be caught. We almost had him on Oct. 4th but some of our trapping equipment malfunctioned. Plus this guy is extremely strong. He is slightly wounded and is walking with a limp and we will do our best not to harm him any further. Here is the deal- We are business men that have hunted exotic animals all over the world. We would like to make sure this and other videos we possess are viewed by as many people as possible. The more views, the more videos we post."

TCH -  So what do you think?

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