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Monday, October 31, 2011

Well, I guess first let me say that overall I really liked the 2 hours special last night- finding bigfoot birth of a legend, but with that said there were some things that I also didn't like.
I was under the impression that the FB team was going to study and analyze the famous Patterson film,but instead we got an lazy attempt at a recreation and a lazy analysis, but at least they did point out the fact you can see muscle mass and movement in the creature and it was good to here Gimlin tell the story.

My next problem with the show was with the Marble mountain footage. Yes it was great to get someone who was there during the filming and to here them speak about what really happen, but in yet another lazy attempt at investigating and research the FB crew elected NOT to go to the actual mountain where the creature was filmed to do their recreation. This is totally unacceptable, they could have sent Cliff, he is by far in the best shape of the whole lot of them. If they had went to where the creature actually came down the mountain then we would know a lot more about it , like how tall it really was. With the way the FB team handled the Marble mountain footage one has to assume that it was only a person walking down the mountain side as we have no idea how big the creature was or how rough the terrain really is,thanks to a lazy crew.

Next the FB team spent a few days and nights looking for bigfoot, it was a pretty good hunt and they had some things happen. The problem is that a couple of times they heard what they said was a whistle, well that is great, but why not replay the whistle and give the people watching the show a chance to hear it? They said they heard some yells but again no replay of the yell...but in the end it was a pretty good show.

Matt Moneymaker came off as a lot less of a Jerk last night and that is a big improvement to say the least. He kind of hates me but that's ok, I can still respect him,the show and his efforts.

Ranae Holland - did her first bigfoot scream last night and it was a good highlight of the show,Nice Job Ranae!

Cliff Barackman - spent time alone,sleeping on a mat, in the mountains and searching for bigfoot. It was very dangerous.

as for Bobo he came off as lovable as ever and he always get to play bigfoot during the recreations.
So if i was using a rating scale of 1-10 I would rate the show at about a 7 . I still have high hopes for the upcoming season and can't wait to watch. Good Luck FB team.

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