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Friday, October 14, 2011

(TCC -This is coming from the Robert Lindsay blog,you can read even more there)

Update on the Sierra Shootings saga - Here is what happened: Justin Smeja apparently shot and killed two Bigfoots in Plumas County, California, in October 2010. All evidence seems to point to the theory that this shooting did actually occur. However, my sources do not believe that Smeja retained the bodies on that day.... The first one was shot for whatever reason, and the second was shot to get evidence. Smeja told my source that he “hid” the little one. This lines up with his continuing testimony on Bigfoot forums that he buried it with branches.

As Smeja, by his own admission, was in no condition to go back to the site right away, who went back to get the bodies? My source says that the Olympic Project went back with him. After all, they had a team all set to go almost right away after they heard of the shootings. So some group went back there, and they located at least 15 pounds of Bigfoot flesh, by Smeja’s own admission on his forum posts. Smeja’s piece that he sent to Ketchum weighed about 2 pounds. That was 1/4 of what he says he took. He and the driver split the Bigfoot slice. So the slice weighed 15 pounds in total.

My source feels that Smeja has two whole bodies. He’s felt this way from the very start. He said that Smeja and his friends like to engage in some sort of fishing, possibly commercial fishing, for sharks. He says that means that they have huge freezers to store the sharks in. The source said that Smeja has put the bodies on ice in these freezers, possibly after chopping them up.

The question is that if Smeja has a body or bodies, why has he not gone public with them? The source said that Smeja was put in contact with the Olympic Project, who attempted to contain the bodies and prevent their release from upstaging the Ketchum project that they were involved in. They did this by getting parts of the bodies involved in Ketchum’s DNA project.

Derek Randles also browbeat Smeja for a long time that he was going to go to prison for killing the Bigfoots. Therefore, Smeja was prevented from releasing the bodies and short-circuiting Ketchum’s project. Further, by involving the bodies in Ketchum’s project, Smeja is all tied up in legal NDA’s about the Sierra Kills and apparently the bodies too, assuming they exist.

If he goes public with the bodies or any of the flesh, he is conceivably violating multiple NDA’s and can be sued. So he’s screwed. He could have been the guy who discovered Bigfoot, but now he’s relegated to a secondary role.

Why did my source go pubic with the Sierra Kills information? He said that he put Smeja in contact with Randles with the spoken objective of having the bodies released to science. Randles was on board with this. However, as soon as Randles got in contact with Smeja, all communication was cut off with the source.

The source felt that Randles had screwed him. Instead of releasing the bodies or their parts to science, the Olympic Project had secreted them away as part of the Ketchum Project. The source was angry, so he released the Sierra Shootings story to the media.

The source says that this is part of the race to discover Bigfoot. By tying Smeja up with NDA’s and wrapping him in with Ketchum, Smeja was prevented from being the guy who discovers Bigfoot. Instead, those honors go to Ketchum, who the OP is tied in with.

Smeja’s personality. We don’t want to beat this dead horse too much because we’ve already been over this in the past.

A source said that when Smeja told him about shooting the adult and child Bigfoot, he told it as if it were happening to someone else. He was that distant from the events. I suggested that may be a defense, but the source said that it shows that Smeja has a cold personality. “He likes to kill things,” as the source put it. The source noted that most people would be unable to discuss something like that without getting upset, but Smeja acted as if he was not bothered at all.

The source also said that it is always Randles and never Smeja who says that Smeja feels terrible about the shootings. The source said, about Smeja, “The guy has no conscience!”

All of this information is not particularly relevant except to show that Smeja is precisely the sort of individual to carry out the Sierra Kills.

Justin Smeja has been pointing to drawings of Bigfoots online and showing precise drawings of exactly what the larger one’s face looked like. The source said he could not have done that unless he was staring right into the thing’s face from three feet away.

TCH- Like i say there is much more on Robert Lindsay Blog, I'm just tried of all the rumors about the EP,OP,DNA and the Shootings....Just release the stupid videos,pictures and info already!

Read Robert Lindsay blog about this:

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Friday, October 14, 2011 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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