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Okay, so I took a break from working on the honey do list and spent another day in the Kentucky mountains. I explored an area that I had not been in for the past several years. I do make a few interesting discoveries and show you some of our beautiful scenery here in southeastern Kentucky. This area is a prime area for a large creature such as bigfoot, with plenty of water sources and food sources.

Over the last several years it seems that this part of the state has seen an increase in bigfoot sighting reports, which leads me to believe that the population numbers in this area are increasing.

With that said, here is a video our my outing followed by a couple pictures and more details about them.

Bigfoot Activity And Possible Sighting In Illinois?
By Dorraine Fisher

It actually started a couple of months ago. An area of woods near me in central Illinois that I frequent due to the amount of wildlife I see there for my photography. As a bigfoot researcher of sorts, I had discovered minimal evidence a few years ago that there may have been bigfoot activity in that area, but I never found enough to make a very big deal out of it. So I opted to spend time out there for recreation and picture taking opportunities.

But a couple of months ago, that was August of 2018, things started to change there. On my drives through there, the trees seemed to get rearranged on a regular basis. Every time I drove through the area, I started noticing that trees were being manipulated and moved around.

I recently returned to my bigfoot research area to collect some games cameras I placed out about one month ago. This area has, in years gone by, been an active area not only for bigfoot but numerous other animals. But in the last year or so the activity has seemed to have died down. Now, with fall quickly approaching, I wanted to try out some game cameras in the area to see if any activity had returned to the area.

What follows is a video of my return trip to retrieve the previously set cameras and then another video of what all was captured on the game cameras. I try very hard to be honest and transparent with my bigfoot research, even though, parts of it may seem very boring to many.

I did have a very memorable close encounter with a doe and a fawn on my trip to collect my cameras. For me it was nothing short of amazing and something that truly does not happen everyday. I think you will find my doe encounter and what I have to say about it, interesting in how it pertains to bigfoot.

Here is the video collecting the game cameras.

After returning home, I downloaded all the videos and pictures off the game cameras. I think there are some interesting captures. The black bear is a nice captures and it appears many animals are returning to the area. I can only hope that the bigfoot also return.

Here is the video of the game camera captures.

Hopefully, in the coming months, I can get out more and find us some more interesting things.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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My dad and I return to the area where he had his bigfoot sighting. The return trip was to pick up a couple of game cams I've had up. I have research this area for about 3 months now and it appears the bigfoot is still in the area. This is the area I filmed my documentary film Bigfoot: Tracking a Legend.
I hope to continue doing research work in this area but with winter just around the corner I don't know how often I'll get back in there.

After checking the game cams there was nothing useful on them. I may re-set the cams at some point during the winter.


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Tree Break found during investigation
TCC - I know it's been a while since the last update about this investigation. If you don't know the full story you can catch up by reading Here First and then Here . As some of you know we have photographed a lot of possible evidence, everything from the possible creature itself to tracks and tree breaks.
We also installed a game cam and had a TCC Team Member in the field working the area for evidence.
Well a couple of weeks ago we went back to get the images from the game cam and to our surprise someone or something had taken this rather costly game cam. The area was searched heavily for any evidence of the game cam but we was only able to turn up a piece of the strap that held it to the tree.
It would have been kind of hard from someone just to stumble unto the cam and notice it,but that may be the case.
So I'm sad to say we lost the game cam and whatever pictures were on it.
We continued to investigate the area in the following days. Some of the activity levels have decreased but there is still some. Why the decrease?...we think it could have to do with the fact that there is more food sources now than when we first started the investigation. With Spring breaking (or broke now) there was an increase in food such as leafs and roots. So maybe this creature is not traveling to the marsh to get food.  There is also a chance that it was some form of migration, as to why the activity has decreased.  
There is still some activity in the nigh with some strange howls and whoops but it is even more random now than it was at the first.
We do have a TCC Team Member still in the area and will continue to look and listen for more evidence.
We have a few unreleased photos but they are nothing really special. I hope to post up a complete album on Our Facebook Page of all the photos,including the currently unreleased ones.
I will try to keep everyone up to date on anything new that happens with this ongoing investigation.
Hopefully there will be more gathering of evidence in the future.

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2012 by gusdog369
"While Filming in the woods behind our campsite, we find someone or something wacthing us."

TCC - This is a new video and I wanted to take a closer look at it.
It appears to be just a suit but it's a fun little video and I expect to see more of these from gusdog369.
The little kids are cute as well.Remember is is NOT a video any of us at TCC filmed.


Bigfoot sighting & TCC investigating

[* All Photos belong to The Crypto Crew, no reuse without permission]

New Hampshire Bigfoot Sighting Investigation Update

Recently there was a possible bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire and we posted it Here ,with pictures, a few days ago.
TCC has had an investigator on the scene and in the field trying to gather evidence of and about this sighting from the day it happened and we have found some very interesting things.

First let me bring you up to todays events.
We got what we call a "Hot" report in of a bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire, this report was just a few hours old when we received it or 3/8/12. We had a TCC Team member on it immediately and set up a game cam.
Then our team member hit the field looking for evidence and has found some potentially good evidence of activity in the area.

We also tried leaving a "gift" to see if anything would take it and sure enough the "gift" we left was taken by something. So we are moving to the second step of this experiment and I hope to have an update on how it went in a day or two.

Our Team Member was also able to find what is possibly a very large track and several tree breaks.
These tree breaks are anywhere from a few feet off the ground and up to about 10 or 12 feet high.
We also found a possible rock stack but are studying it to try and determine what may have done it.

The Crypto Crew is still in the area and still investigating this sighting. There is still activity happening and we still have the game cam set up and will check it in a few more days. We are doing several experiments with hopes of gathering even more evidence about this sighting. There has been many howls and whoops but they have been pretty random and our attempts to record them has been unfruitful,but we are still working on it.
When any new note worthy evidence is gathered I will share it here. So far this is all lining up pretty well...bigfoot sighting > Tracks > Tree breaks > howls... so this is looking good at this point.

All this activity and photos are within about a half a mile radius of the actual sighting area.

What follows is some photos from the field of the large track and the tree breaks.
(you may have to click "read more" to see the photos)

The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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