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Sunday, March 6, 2022

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Unexpected Result

Let me tell you a little bit about my day.

Saturday (yesterday) we decided not to go out on a 4 wheeler ride due to high winds. Being in the mountains during high winds can be very dangerous and even if you don't get injured there is a chance that trees could be blown down across the trails and block you in. 

So, the wife and I decided to take a trip to town, to buy a few work supplies and eat a nice dinner. On the way home we decided to take the scenic route.  This route goes near one of my research areas.

As we are driving home and enjoying the forestland, I decided I wanted to stop near my research area. I have not been in there, on foot, in about a month or more. I was not dressed to hit the mountains and I didn't have any gear with me, so I knew I would most likely be staying in the truck. 

So, I pull in to the area where I normally park my truck and start my hike to my research area. This is a rather remote area with a lot of forest. I have had bigfoot activity fairly close to where I park, in the past. In this area, at that time, there was no wind blowing at all. Please remember this is probably 3 hours later after we decided not to go ATV riding.

So I stop, cut off the truck and and finish rolling down my window...it was already part of the way down as it was a really nice, warm day.

At this point I thought I'd do a few whoops just in case there were any bigfoot around. I didn't expect anything to be around, and thought I'd whoop as a way to let them know I hadn't forgot about them. When I'm researching this area I do whoops and have done them for years in this area...so I suspect the forest people know its me by now.

Anyways, I cup my hands about my mouth and fire off about 3 or 4 whoops, not expecting any kind of reply...but I was dead wrong on that. The wife and I sit there probably no more than 30 seconds, when we get one solid, fairly near by, wood knock. I said "Did you hear that!? ..it was a wood knock". Unfortunately, my wife didn't hear it but her window was almost all the way up and she was on the passengers side...farthest away from the forest. The sound I heard was a very distinct wood on wood sound that had a very distinctive sound. I kind of got excited because I was totally not expecting anything to happen. I have heard wood knocks before, and this was for sure a wood knock. 

Next, I got out my small binoculars, that I normally keep in my truck, and scanned the woods where I thought the wood knock had came from. I never did see anything move or anything that I thought might be a bigfoot. But this area is pretty thick with trees and there is some humps and hills. 

I scanned around for several minutes with the binoculars and finally gave up looking and put them away. I did a few more whoops and did not get any more replies. We left the area and drove on home. 

Also, I did not have any kind of recording running as I was not expecting anything.

This was an unexpected event that kind of got me a little excited and I wanted to share it with everyone. Hopefully, it will not be long before I get in the area on foot.

And yes I know it is only another story that can't be confirmed but that is what happened. 

PS. One think I forgot to mention was that I'm pretty sure I heard some movement in the woods, but never saw anything.



This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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