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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Witness photograph

Is This A Real Alien?

I recently got another submission from John. It seems he has a lot of weird stuff going on in his area. We recently covered his Portal in the sky and Merman picture submissions. Now, he has shared what he thinks is a real alien he photographed.

Well, here is the report from John...check it out.

-Start Report-

"Take a good look at this photograph, which I took many years ago.

I was zoomed in with my Sony HX-300 camera looking at an unidentified flying object, which was just silently hovering high above the town centre in a stationary position. 

I could see a large window, which I solely focused my attention upon, and to my complete surprise, an entity suddenly walked up to the window, and looked out from within. The alien entity seemed to be observing the town directly below, and I was completely gobsmacked by this, as I could clearly see that this creature was not human, although it did seem to be humanoid in nature. The creature looked somewhat snake like in appearance and had a long thin neck which looked very peculiar fixed upon its humanoid body. 

After taking this incredible photograph, and successfully capturing a close up facial shot of this alien entity, the craft cloaked, and promptly disappeared from view. It seemed as though the alien entities on board the craft somehow knew that I was observing them from far away. I could not believe that I had actually been fortunate enough to get a close up shot of this alien entity. It completely blew my mind, and certainly proves without a doubt that these craft are either extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional in origin. These craft are not Russian or Chinese, they are clearly piloted by intelligent organic entities that seem to have many forms, as if they have been genetically manufactured rather than birthed in a natural way that we as humans are a custom to. They are clearly not of this earth, but are indeed from somewhere else.

These alien craft regularly intrude upon civil and restricted airspace, and fly dangerously close to any aircraft that just happen to be within the vicinity. There have even been mid-air collisions between aircraft and these U.A.P's. It's very curious why they get so close, and why these incidents continue to occur around the world. These alien craft have also been known to fly over U.S warships in grouped formations as if they are trying to provoke a response from the U.S naval force. It's very peculiar, but at the same time very compelling. These craft have also been known to turn off nuclear weapons in the US, and activate nuclear weapons in Russia. They clearly seem to be toying with us testing our resolve, and gauging our response to their presence. These incidents are clearly being carried out by alien entities that are not human. It would appear that some of these entities are friendly while others are completely hostel. Com-part-mentalized sections of the shadow government are well-aware of the alien presence, and are working alongside some of these entities in clandestine operations that are purposely kept hidden away from the general public. 

These alien entities all seem to have differing agendas, and no one seems to know their true reason for being here on earth. The U.S government has finally come out and publicly admitted that UFOs are real, and with a slip of the tongue they have admitted that these craft are "off world vehicles not made on this earth." This is absolutely astounding, and should have garnered a lot more attention than it actually did. I am really tired of people in the mainstream media misleading the public with their narrative of falsehoods and lies on the UFO topic. 

They are clearly obscuring the truth about who is really piloting these craft. There really are alien entities out there, and people clearly need to wake up and demand answers from their government. I hereby call upon the U.S. government to come forward, and admit that we are not alone in this universe, and that we are clearly being engaged by an outside alien force. I of course know that the government will never be forthcoming and admit to the alien presence because they are clearly engaged in a cover up, that has been ongoing ever since the 1940s. Their pathetic cover up and prosaic explanations for alien encounters won't last forever, as UFOs and aliens are a reality and anyone who tells you otherwise is clearly lying, and has an agenda to hide the truth from you. 

This incredible genuine photograph of an alien entity was taken at 1:26 AM on the 1st of January 2014, at Newton Abbot Devon England."

-End Report-

Thanks to John for submitting his story and photographs. All photos and enhancements were done by John. 

There seems to have been a lot of weird activity in this area of England. It makes me wonder if there are other reports and witnesses to some of these events. If so feel free to contact us.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Saturday, March 05, 2022 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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