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Strange Object In the Sky

This strange object was photographed in Richardson, Texas on 5/30/20. The witness took several pictures of the odd object as it flew over their house.

The witness had this to say about the object:
"When I first saw this I thought it was a foil balloon, then realized it was moving too fast and stayed right on course. It was moving from east to west."

So far, there has been no explanation for the object. I have made a short video featuring the other photographs. I also attempt to enhance the object to reveal more details.

Here is the video

Dead Daughters, Dogs, and Pirates: Estate Hauntings of Galveston, TX

The Lone Star State is home to a vast wealth of American history, which means it’s also home to an unsettling collection of sites inhabited by beings of the afterlife. The presence of the paranormal is truly palpable, as the majority of people who enter haunted property experience bone stiffening fear within five seconds of entering. When looking out for new sights to explore, none compare to the island city of Galveston, Texas. This relaxing resort town is home to a chilling variety of haunted locations that are sure to intrigue even experienced spectral investigator. Espers are present all around us, but here are a few locations that are especially dense with afterlife activity.
Running time:86 minutes
Not Rated

This film is directed by Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, but probably the most recognizable name associated with the film is Kim Henkel. Henkel is probably most known for his work on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre but also worked on other notable films such as: Eaten Alive, The Unseen, and Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, just to name a few.

Another interesting aspect to the film is that it is based on a real legend and true events. The Wild Man of the Navidad legend is believed to be one of the first sightings of Bigfoot in Texas. It was first widely reported in 1837 throughout the early settlements along the Navidad River bottoms, circa the modern-day town of Sublime, Texas, in Lavaca County.  The movie is based around this legend and around the journals of Texan Dale S. Rogers.

As, you can see the film has a lot going for it and it appears the research has been done. I can tell you that I did enjoy the film, even though I understand many will not. The film has an overall 70's feeling to it, which again may not be appealing to some, but I liked it. The film is what many would consider very low budget. It is rather slow moving but I still found the characters interesting enough to keep me watching. While watching the film there is a sense that you are just watching normal people doing things they do everyday. 

Another aspect of the film, that I liked, was the fact that there was only a handful of professional actors and some of the cast was made up from local town folks. While again, this may seem to be something not good, it works out very well. In fact, one of the best performances was by Edmond J. Geyer, a local, who plays the sheriff in the movie. He does a very solid acting job, as do several others. Even the narrator, William 'Mac' McBride, done an amazing job and he was another local person who not only did the narration but played in the film.

The Wild man/Bigfoot is where the film was a little disappointing for me. The suit is noting more than various animal skins sewn together and is just not bigfoot looking to me. While this may have been the plan, I can't help but think the limited budget played a part in the wild man costume.

The heart of the film is old classic drive-in horror movie from the 70's and on that point it succeeds. I know many will dislike this film just because of it's low budget and slow pace. People looking for a really good bigfoot movie, will probably be disappointed in this film as well. So, even though I liked the film, I know most people will not and for that fact I have given it a lower score. I guess I appreciated it for the historical documentation and the classic horror feel, more than most will. The film has a Legend of Boggy Creek type appeal to it with sprinkles of humor. The DVD version I used for this review has some very good extra features. One in particular was of the locals talking about being in the movie. So, if you do end up watching this film, make sure to watch the special features.   

This film is definitely not for everyone.
Here is my final rating.
Rating: 2 out of 5   


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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What takes the hog?

A few days ago we got in a report from Terry Snell (found here) about his encounters with possible Bigfoots.  His first brush with Bigfoot took place in West Virgina back in his teenage years. That story is pretty good and the pieces fit together well with other area sightings.

Terry currently lives in Texas where his more recent brush with Bigfoot took place. In the above gif picture you see a dead hog, all at once the hog rolls away into the night. What took the Hog?

The Crypto Crew's Leon Drew conducted an interview with Terry to get all the details.

Here is that interview.

As mentioned, Terry provided the pictures of the hog being taken away. I worked several hours trying to see what took the hog, I could not see what it was or wasn't. Here is a couple enhancement of the photos provided by Terry.

I filter the image in red in an attempt to see more detail in the background.
I was looking for eye shine, a shape, a tail, an ear ...or whatever.

I could not see any potential predator.

Photo #1  

In photo #2 you can see the hog has been pulled back into the weeds. I again used a red filter, alone with several other colors, in an attempt to see what took the hog, nothing could be seen.  According to Terry this hog weighted around 275 pounds, so it would take something strong to move it.

Picture #3
Again, red filter. The hog is pulled slightly toward the left of the photograph. I strained my eyes, trying to see what moved this hog and finally drug it into the darkness.
I could not see any thing that was pulling the hog. Listen to the full interview and hear Terry tell about it and where he found what was left of it. 

So the question that has really weighted me is what took the hog and why can't I see it?

Hope you enjoyed the interview and a big thanks to Leon for doing this follow up interview and to Terry for sharing his experiences with everyone.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Booth West VA
I recently got in this report from Terry. He also does some Bigfoot research and has gather some other witness testimony to help confirm one of his two sightings. These are really interesting and I hope you enjoy them.

Here is Terry's reports. 

- Start Report -

Name: Terry *****
Email Address: On file
State: West Virginia and Texas
County: Monongalia
Date of Sighting: 10/86/84 and 2008
Time of Day: West Virginia sighting around 5:00 pm
Nearest Town: BOOTH WEST VIRGINIA and Ben Wheeler Texas.
Length of Sighting: About 3 Minutes
How many Witnesses: I have three witness that have seen the same BF at different times.
Any Photos/Videos:
Describe sighting in detail:
 (note: BF = Bigfoot)
I was walking up a logging trail behind my my house heading up to the top of the hill. Where there is a field. I was going up to check for deer. If I saw some I was going to go back home and get my bow. In any case, as I near the top of hill and could just start to see the edge of the field, I noticed off to my left something moving. So I turned that way to see a very tall BF walking away from me. With the wind blowing my way it didn't realize I was observing it. Now since I'm looking up hill at it all I could see was it's head and neck and shoulder area. With the sky as the back drop. I saw it very well. It's head was massive. It had brownish to grayish hair. Groomed really nice. I could not see any ears. My guess is it was 8ft to 10ft tall. By the way, I was super scared as I knew it was a BF. I was so scared I remember thinking that if it turned to look at me..that I would crap my pants and pass out from fear, Lol. In any case, it took all I had to turn my back to it. Once I did I ran like hell back down the hill to the house which was only a couple hundred yards away.

Now with that said. Back in 1984 in that house...a trailer we lived in...one night we were in the house my brother and I. And all of a sudden we heard what sounded like a woman screaming right outside not far into the thickets behind the house. I went out onto the porch to listen better. And this scream was very loud from a very deep tone to very high pitched scream. And it did this over and over for at least 15 minutes. During all this screaming I went back into the house and loaded some guns. I now very much believe that scream was coming from the BF that I witnessed 2 years later.

OK with that...over the years for my own therapy doing my own BF research I come across a girl that lived on that same hill she witnessed that same BF up behind our house one day while she was picking blackberries. She told me she was picking and just looked up to see this BF standing there looking straight at her. A fear overcome her and she told me tears were just flowing from her eyes. Her mother was there too but she was just down the hill a bit and did not see the BF. In any case this girl said she was looking right at it's face. She described in pretty good detail, it matches the many other sightings people have, at least ones that have a face to face. In any case, I believe she turned to check for her mother's where about and when she turned back to where the BF was it had silently strolled off.

Now, she knowing that I had an interest in this BF, I just got a message from this woman now, today that her cousin who still lives on that same hill saw a BF the other night while he was standing outside at night. He stated it ran up hill right between where our house use to be and the house next door to him. She stated he said it scared the hell out of him.

So with that I feel confident that BF or perhaps a family of BFs still live on that hill. I can say this much I know that hill very well. And it fits as a perfect habitat...here's why....it's high up...very few houses....plenty of game including deer. The ridgeline is full of thickets no man wants to traverse. And if BF actually prefer caves, there's some of them on the backside. Also there is a creek on one side of the hill and full river on the other. There are also transmission lines running through there as well. Leaving cuts mile after mile.

With that I also had a encounter in Van Zandt county Texas ...I live in Texas now. In any case this was at night while I was out hog hunting. This thing tore down a tree near me and then skirted all around my stand as well as crawling in on its belly right up behind me. I use a starlight night scope for hog hunting but as luck would have it since it was behind me I could hardly get turned enough around in my stand to view it. But what I could see is that it was on its belly and had reached up far enough to grab a branch on the tree that was grown up tall enough that it was in front of my face. And this BF was moving that branch enough that it swaying right in front of my face. Now I'm just trying to rationalize what in the heck is going on. This went on for about 5 minutes. Being alarmed I sat back down in my stand hoping it would step out in front of me. An area I had control over since I was armed with a pistol and two rifles. But I heard it back back out the same way it came.

OK, with that the following week I shot a bore hog and placed it front of my game cam to see what all would come in on this hog.On my cam days later, I saw a coyote, buzzards, and a skinny dog. Well later at night on the cam I got pictures of the hog being rolled away from the cam and then pulled out away from the IR lights. I tried everything I could to lighten those pictures to see what might be able to do that. But didn't have much success with it. But my suspicion is that perhaps a BF on its belly was just far enough back on the ground to use its long arm to pull that hog it's way. Can't prove it. But I'm pretty positive it was not a coyote because a coyote was to small to pull it away.

Best Regards.

- End Report -

Thanks goes to Terry for sharing his reports with us. In some reports, I like to search from additional sightings in particular areas. I searched for reports in the same area as Terry's reports. Here is what I found.

 In Monongalia county, WV, which is the county in which the town of Booth is located, there has been one other report of Bigfoot activity. It seems a man has had several run ins with Bigfoot in this area while hunting. He tells of the unseen creature following him on a few occasions. His reports span from 1988 to 2003.

As for Terry's other report from Texas, there was one Bigfoot report from Van Zandt county. It was back in 1975. Two boys playing next to a creek seen a human looking figure covered in hair.

The additional reports can be found on the BFRO's website .

We hope to have a follow up to this post in the near future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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what is it?
Chupacabra or Raccoon

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne! 

"This video of a strange creature has been circulating in wildlife and cryptozoology circles this week. Many are touting it as the elusive creature known as the chupacabra, Texas blue dog, or goat sucker reported in the southern US and Mexico. Or could it just be a fox or raccoon with mange? Animals with mange are often hard to identify without their hair and they're often reported to authorities as chupacabras. And this seems to happen more often in the warm southern states where animals with mange could more likely survive the winter without their hair. So what is this animal really?

The animal expert in the video claims it's some kind of canine, but it's feet don't quite fit that profile. It's feet strongly resemble that of a raccoon and it uses them like hands just like a raccoon. So it's quite possibly a raccoon with mange. But the sound it makes isn't like that of a raccoon. It's more of a growl, though a sick animal might make strange sounds. So the jury's still out. What do you think this animal is?"

Raccoon paw


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The Waco Tribune-Herald reported that Larry Goodwin was attacked as he drove a tractor on a neighbor's land in Moody, about 26 miles (41km) south of Waco.
The 62-year-old ran to a house about 50 yards (46 meters) away and tried to use a garden hose to ward off the swarm, according to McLennan County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Cawthon.
A woman came out to help and was also stung. Mr. Goodwin was pronounced dead at the scene.
"If anybody has any brush or anything on their lands please clear it because they don't want to go through this. Nobody needs to go through this,' Mr. Goodwin's tearful daughter Tanya told KCEN-TV.
Allen Miller, owner of Bee Be Gone, who later destroyed the hive, said the farmer apparently hit a pile of wood that housed a hive.
He estimated it contained about 40,000 Africanized bees.

"You can't believe how bad they are. They make me want to get out of this business," Mr. Miller said.

I know for many years now we have been hearing about killer bees and how there was or is an effort to stop them from spreading.

Here is some Killer Bees Fact for you
* Killer Bees swarm more often than regular bees.
* Killer Bees hate high pitched sounds.
* Killer Bees produce less honey and wax than honeybees.
* If one Killer Bee stings, it releases an alarm that smells like bananas and incites other bees to sting.
* They have been known to attack animals or people a quarter of a mile from their hives.

* Killer Bee venom has been found to lead to permanent neurological damage in victims who are stung, but do not die.
* The bees may adversely react to such things as shiny jewelry or dark clothes.
* Killer Bees can remain agitated for up to 24 hours.

(Map Source: flamblogger )

This might be good to be aware of if you are a hiker or a bigfoot researcher. Remember it is very hard to tell the difference between a normal honey bee and a killer bee just by looking at them.

Be safe.


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12:37 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Here is the first photo without the bigfoot in it...all you can see is one of the hogs.
1 hog visible
Now the next photo has what kind of looks like a bigfoot in it.
Notice the hog on the left,look toward the center above the hog on the left
Now I have zoomed in on this ...whatever it is ...and  here it is
Is this a bigfoot?
Could this be a bigfoot? I really does kind of look like one. I wonder is it is just another hog or something?
What does everyone think?


Lechuza are either shape-shifting witches or spirits in Hispanic folklore. Tales of Lechuza are quite popular in Mexico and Texas.

Appearance: A human-sized bird with a woman's face

Lore: Lechuza are women who have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for magical powers. At night, they transform into monsters with a bird's body and a woman's face, similar to depictions of harpies in Greek mythology. They then fly through the night in search of prey.

When a Lechuza finds her target she will perch in a location where she can't easily be seen and then will make either strange whistles or the sound of an infant crying. Anyone who attempts to determine where the sound is coming from is at risk of becoming Lechuza's dinner. Lechuza will then swoop down and carry off the confused and horrified individual.

In some versions of the story, the Lechuza is the spirit of a witch who was murdered by locals. Her spirit returns in the form of the bird-monster to get revenge. In other tales, the Lechuza is the vengeful spirit of a woman who has returned from the grave to torment the living and to seek revenge.

In modern times, most reported run-ins with the witch-bird involve her swooping down at cars driving deserted roads at night.

Powers: As a witch, Lechuza possesses supernatural powers. One of the powers of the Lechuza is to summon storms. Sightings of Lechuza are believed to coincide with thunderstorms. Lechuza possess the power to shape-shift into bird-monsters at night. Lechuza also possess the ability to disguise their voices to appear as if it is the cries of an infant in order to draw it's human prey closer. Finally, it is believed that hearing the cry of the Lechuza is an omen that someone in the household will die, a trait more commonly found in tales of the banshee. Lechuza are immune to weapons and bullets and possibly are immortal.

Defense Against Lechuza: Lechuza fear salt. Upon hearing the call of a Lechuza one should immediately began cussing her out. Doing so will drive her away. Don't go outside to investigate hearing a strange whistle sound or the sound of a baby crying.
This photo was taken a few days before the one where the 11 year old boy snapped a picture of a possible ufo. This one from Houston,Texas appears to look a lot like the one the young boy took.
Original photo by Felipe V Mendoza
I got a chance to get the story direct from Felipe Mendoza about the photo and here is what he told me about the photo.
"The picture was taken May 19, 2012. My cousins and I were heading back from a hiking trip that we have done earlier in the day.
We were coming down I 45 and I was looking at the skyline of Houston. So I just took a picture and didn't notice the image till later. So I send it to Lupe (Mendoza) to see what he thought about it but didn't tell him what was in the picture. He saw in the image the same thing that I saw. He zoomed in on it and better than I can on my iPhone. It kind a looks like a reflection but the strange thing is there is a disturbance in the clouds. So thought it would be interesting to see what other people think."

Here is a zoom in that TCC did on the possible ufo

Possible ufo or just a reflection?
This could be a UFO or maybe it is just a reflection of some sort. In the original picture there does seem to be some cloud disturbance but it may be marks on the windshield.
Thanks for Lupe & Felipe for sharing this with TCC and our readers.
If anyone has an idea what this is or has seen something similar then please contact us.


Surrounded By Movement In Texas
Lupe Mendoza and the Texas Unified Natural Research Group
By Dorraine Fisher

Cast from TUNRG's recent outing. Photo property of TUNR, no reuse without permission

                        Most of the state of Texas doesn’t top the list for its Bigfoot activity. But east Texas, with its pine forests and thick swamp lands is a great home for the elusive hairy ones. Or at least it is according to Lupe Mendoza, researcher with the group known as Texas Unified Natural Research Group (TUNR) along with the group administrators Brandon Travis and Bob Garrett.
            Early last week, Mendoza and the group traveled to Sam Houston National Forest, approximately 40 miles west of Houston, hiked the area, and set up trail cams along the way, only to find themselves, according to Mendoza, surrounded by mysterious movement in the brush. He claims he heard similar movement in more than one spot leading him to believe there was more than one creature near them. Mendoza says he heard movement to his right hand side that sounded like something on two legs walking away from them.
            Nearby by they found two 15-inch prints, 39 inches heel to toe (stride). They cast the prints and obtained video of some of the movement that Garrett described as a “black human shaped object that seemed to move and then raise up.” Mendoza passed it on to The Crypto Crew for analysis.
            But this activity and the print left the group confident of sasquatch activity in this area of
the Lone Star State, and they vow to keep up with the quest. 
TCC-  I have been looking at the video and there does appear to be something dark moving away kind of quickly. I hope to have it completed soon and will send the finding over to TUNR.


A blaze of light shooting across the Texas sky got people talking, spurring the Federal Aviation Administration to examine stunning police footage.

The bluish-green streak seen as far north as Oklahoma City and as far south as Houston was "most likely" a meteor or piece of space junk, officials say, according to the Austin-American Statesman.

FAA officials hunkered down with dashboard camera footage provided by Little River-Academy Police Chief Troy Hess, who observed the Wednesday night light show at Bell County town.

"It kept getting bigger, and the color kept changing," Hess told the paper.
Nearby residents in the small Texas town thought this bizarre flying object might be a distressed aircraft crashing or the sort of UFO visitation celebrated in Steven Spielberg movies, ITN reports.

The UFO talk crops up whenever these strange light shows occur. In September, a greenish streek spotted across several West Coast states opened the door to a lot of conjecture. That's expected, Edwin Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, told The Huffington Post.

"Certainly, it's correct to say that most people are not used to looking at the sky, not used to evaluating either brightness, distance or angular size in the sky, and therefore, have a very good chance of misidentifying objects or effects in the sky," said Krupp. "There are all kinds of explanations for UFOs, and the least likely is that they're spacecraft from another world."
[Via Huffington Post ]

TCC - Seems to be moving rather slow for a meteor or space junk to me,but with lights in the sky it is hard to say for sure.
1:26 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Adrian Erickson’s habituation sites and results. All of this information has been previously discussed by me (Robert Lindsay), so we are not revealing anything new here.

There were five sites:

Golden Ears Provincial Park, British Columbia: Active, hair gathered, video apparently shot.

Hair Samples

Crittenden, Kentucky: Inactive, blood and tissue gathered, video shot. Site of the famous Matilda the Sleeping Bigfoot photo. Numerous Bigfoots were present, including a huge male, an older Mom with two young ‘uns and a hottie Bigfoot teen Mom named Matilda.
Matilda the sleeping bigfoot

Possible blood sample from KY

Eastern Tennessee: Carter Farm. Inactive, biological sampling unknown, video unknown.

Photo from Carter Farm

Alabama, location unknown: Inactive, biological sampling unknown, possible video.

Texas, location unknown: Inactive, biological sampling unknown, possible video.
[Via Robert Lindsay Blog]
TCH - I hope in the near future there will be some more info on the Alabama and Texas sites, but for now everything seems to be on course. Most if not all the info above has been confirmed in one way or another. Many of the people involved are excited and it's all they can do to contain themselves and this is why some info is being leaked. Some of it is being posted on facebook by some of the people who was there and have pictures, others involved in other ways are backing them up on statements made. So all in all there seems to be a constant trickle of info,which is a good thing.

Have you had a close encounter or witnessed something unusual?
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