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Is this a Dead Bigfoot?

I know I'm probably showing my ignorance again, but in my defense, I do stay rather busy and have a hard time keeping up with all the Bigfoot stuff. But I ran across this picture and the claim was that it was of a dead Bigfoot.

Now, I do not know where the picture comes from or where it was taken. I do not know how the supposed Bigfoot died, whether it died naturally or if it was killed by someone.

Twelve Weird Facts About Bigfoot You May Not Know

By Dorraine Fisher

If you’re new to the world of Bigfoot, you may have heard some strange stories about our hairy friends.

But you might not know that many of these ideas are believed to be facts by the people closest to Bigfoot: the researchers.

This time of year, many people take vacations. They often go to the beach or a retreat back in the mountains. But it appears some people are not taking a vacation this year. They are just too busy making fake bigfoot news. It seems in the last few weeks there has been an extremely large amount of totally fake, and in some cases ridiculous, reports of dead bigfoot.

Most of these reports are coming from what is clearly a "pull a prank" site. It even states it at the bottom of the website. For many of us, we realize these are untrue reports that are made as a joke. That it is just for fun and not to be taken serious.

But there is only one problem with that....

This photo of a dead Bigfoot has been around for a long time. It is often debated as to if it is real or not. I noticed today that the pictures of the figure, known as Yeti De Bourganeuf, is making the rounds again.

There is an amazing back story that follows this display of a dead bigfoot around but sadly, it is all made up and totally untrue.

Of course, once you tell people that a bigfoot story or photo is untrue, many will just not believe it.
So I will present some evidence, hopefully proving to you that this is a fake.

The photos are know as the Yeti de Bourganeuf and the figure was created to honor Bernard Heuvelmans and his dealing with the Minnesota Iceman.

The sculpture was made by artist Emannuel Casteels Janssen and  it was over 8 foot long and it used horse tail hair for the hair.

The July-August edition of the journal Cryptozoologia, the sculptor, Janssen, who created supposed corpse, came forward admitting everything and explaining how he'd done it: You can view the website Here -  The website is in Russian (I think) - here is a screen shot, just in case it goes away.

Here is a google translation of the text on the web page:

"In 1997, what might seem like a repeat of the Affai re the frozen man (the body of a hairy man exhibited at fairs fields in the US, as Bernard Heuvelmans was able to study at leisure in 1968) took place ... in France ! And even in the heart of our country, since it is during the fair in Bourganeuf, in the Creuse, has revealed this story: once again, it was apparently the body of a kind of hairy man kept in a freezer, and exhibited at fairs fields.

It was indeed a hoax, and fun thing, our Belgian friends of ABEPAR (which publishes the newspaper Cryptozoologia) are very unintentionally inspirers. Emmanuel Janssens Casteels, animal sculptor and collaborator of the Belgian magazine, says in the June-August 1998 issue of Cryptozoologia that two of his colleagues had advised those wishing to make a giant replica of the frozen man Bernard Heuvelmans :

"In fact, it was a soft foam sculpture on which horse tail hair were stuck. The eyes were simply purchased a specialized supplier of taxidermy."

Obviously, an incredible story accompanying the exhibition of Bourganeuf, whose creator had obviously read the book by Bernard Heuvelmans .

To know more:
DEVILLETTE, Anita Bourganeuf in 1997: a yeti in the city Limousin Magazine, No. 402. 66-68 (May).
HEUVELMANS Bernard 1974 The Neanderthal man is still alive. Paris, Plon.
JANSSENS CASTEELS Emmanuel 1998 Frozen man Bourganeuf: the solution to the puzzle Cryptozoologia, No. 25-26-27. 40-41 (June-July-August).
JEAN, Gerard
1997 The thing in the ice Limousin Magazine, No. 402. 69-70 (May).
1997 On the runway of the abominable snowman anomalies, 3:. 17-25 (2nd quarter)."

Here also is a screen shot of the translated page:


The title of the webpage translates as "Frozen mannequin Bourganeuf".

I will admit that the created figure is top of the line and it is no wonder so many think it is a real creature. Here is a few more photos of the sculpture.

So, in the end the figure is very impressive but it is not real. It was created to honor Bernard Heuvelmans. If you do not know who Heuvelmans is, then you really need to check him out.

Here is a short overview about Bernard Heuvelmans.

"Bernard Heuvelmans was a Belgian-French scientist, explorer, researcher, and a writer probably best known as "the father of cryptozoology". His 1958 book On the Track of Unknown Animals is often regarded as one of the best and most influential cryptozoological works." (wikipedia)

Have a great day!


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

This is going to be a really large post, please read my commentary at the bottom of the list. The bulk of this post comes from Bigfootfourms.com, it was posted by person who goes by Taylor. So a big thanks to them for it. I have also added in some reports that were not on the list. Some of the links may not be good anymore but that is out of my control. This is very good for archival purposes at the very least.  

-Start List-
Bigfoots Shot At, Shot and Wounded, or Shot Dead by Humans

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried it.

Unknown date: Desoto, Louisiana. A man’s dogs were fighting with a Bigfoot. The man then shot the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Lewis, Washington. A sheriff shot at a Bigfoot in a pasture. The Bigfoot tore down a fence while escaping. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Skamania, Washington. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a truck. The truck driver then fired on the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Rick and his Bigfoot
Rick and Hank

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I know some people may end up not liking this post, but in a weird sort of way I think we should be thanking Rick Dyer. First, lets be totally clear, Rick Dyer is by far one of the best hoaxers of all time, he is a excellent promoter and can tell outrageous stories with a straight face.

Now that Chris Russell has come out and admitted that he was hired by Dyer to make the dead bigfoot known as Hank, there should be no doubt the bigfoot in the travel trailer is not real.
All the while Dyer still continues to bob and weave by telling some truths and making some questionable statements, but has admitted that Hank is a prop.

So why should we be thankful to Dyer? Well there is some obvious reason that any blogger can tell you as to why we can all thank Dyer and that would be for lots of web traffic and a continuous steam of material to write about but that is not what I think is the most important thing we should be thanking Dyer for.

We should be thanking Dyer for exposing these "Bigfoot Experts" as the phonies they are. Just look at some of the people, some of which are still supporting the story, that stood by Dyer, Hank and the many false claims. These "Bigfoot experts", the people who claim to know more about bigfoot than any one on the planet, have written numerous books, produced numerous videos, attended numerous speaking engagements, been on TV shows and have a large loyal following of supporters. They have now proven they know nothing about bigfoot.

These so called "bigfoot experts" have duped most of the people of  the bigfoot community for years now. It is now safe to say that some of these "bigfoot experts" do not even go out in the woods, they sit in their backyards and watch the quarter acre of woods between their house and the next door neighbors. They have never seen a bigfoot, never found a track but yet have conned people into buying their books and supporting them. So thank you, Rick Dyer, through your hoax you have hopefully helped others finally realize the fake and phony "bigfoot experts" that seem to thrive in the bigfoot community.

No matter what we do there will always be fakes and hoaxes from time to time but these people who have hardcore supported the Hank Prop have proven they actually don't know and in some cases may not even believe in bigfoot, they should never be supported again.

So why we of course can blame Rick Dyer, lets not forget he has had many noted people from the bigfoot community helping in this large scale hoax. Lets not forget their statements and their involvement in helping this hoaxing money machine roll on down the road for well over a year.

Now, I know we all make mistakes and we sometimes get fooled but once we learn different we stop and correct ourselves, we don't hide behind fake names and phony accounts. If you're honest and truthful, keeping the story straight should not be a problem.

Also a thanks should go to Chris Russell for coming out and telling the truth. He was not part of the bigfoot community until he was hired to make Hank. He should not be shunned as this is his profession to make stuff.

Here is his interview.

LM: Ok guys. here it is. One thing Chris Russell did want me to say, is that he wanted this to be copied, shared, or whatever, with his exact words. Please don’t edit it at all. Thanks!
I sent him questions via email and he worked on the answers while working in his shop.
CR: This is part of the mold for Hank. He was sculpted in WED clay to look like " and old, poorly made taxidermy prop" per clients request.

This is what is left of the plaster mold. The rest of it went to the dumpster. Latex is the yellow color seen in the photo in the mold. I will pull out the casting of hanks face tonight and send photos.


HANK was made of polyfoam filled latex with latex paints and red camel hair glued on… intentionally to look like an "old poorly made taxidermy of a bigfoot nearly 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide at shoulders" at clients request to tour the country while filming of a movie for film studio I will not publicly name at this time.


I signed non disclosure agreements with Dyer LLC to keep this a secret until the code word PROJECT FOOTPRINT was said. I was only to answer phone calls from a number listed in my phone as project footprint.
The email correspondent during the project also gave that code word. Last night in a live audio / video chat revealing the truth behind "the hoax" Rick Dyer said that he cannot reveal the maker of the prop because they wish to remain anonymous I spoke up and said the code word and Rick spoke the code word and identified myself as the maker of the body known as Hank the bigfoot.
I was the person who told Rick from the beginning that I did not want to be involved in the film, credited for the prop building, leaked to media, or on camera for the film crew filming everything. I specifically requested no film crew at my studio on pick up day and that only two people come, Rick himself and one helper.
He contacted me last year inquiring about having a prop bigfoot body made. I did not know him or his name prior to the phone call. He asked about different styles of props and I discussed options and prices for his body from realistic silicone and punched hair to the flat back prop with glued hair that was chosen.
Within a couple of days of Rick picking up the body I began hearing internet buzz and news reports on Rick and his story.
Rick did send me drawings and images of bigfoot and asked me to recreate certain features in his prop like facial features, fur, feet etc..
Many of the features explained in your question were intended by myself, although some were just happy accidents due to the nature of casting latex and foam.
When Rick inquired about the prop he did ask if I could have it finished in December 2013. I accepted the job knowing I was booked on current projects that would be finished to allow time for Ricks project.
I was paid and put the job on the project board in the shop. Once I started the project it was sculpted, molded , cast, painted and haired within two weeks. Rick did not rush me, I agreed to finish the job by a certain time and I did.
Project footprint is the code word that Rick Dyer and myself used to communicate about the project. There was an agreement because of the top secret nature of the prop that we neither of us would speak to anyone about this unless the code word project footprint was spoken unless this was said I was to keep everything a secret and never admit involvement.
My phone had a phone number listed under project footprint that Rick would call me from and I also received emails with the code word project footprint and information about the project. Rick had initially said that we needed a code word to know if it was okay to talk about this and project footprint was my suggestion.
Rick did have one person with him who came into my studio and did see the prop knowing it was fake. I asked Rick to only bring one person into my studio with him and I was introduced to the person although at this point I do not remember his name but I believe that person to be Lynk according to his description.

Rick and his associate came into the basement of my studio and I lifted the body made of latex and poly foam by myself and took it upstairs where Rick and his associate put it into the box added curtains around the edge of the box and the three of us pushed the box down the driveway into the back of his "Rick Dyer see bigfoot inside " trailer that was parked in front of my studio
LM: Although Rick has confessed to having the body made, he still claims he has at least one Bigfoot body…somewhere. Did he ever tell you, during any of your conversations, that he DID kill a Bigfoot?
CR: Rick has maintained throughout all of our correspondence that he did indeed kill a real Bigfoot yet needed a prop body to take on tour so that the real Bigfoot would not be stolen.          
                                                               —Chris Russell via Facebook March 29th, 2014


[Source: Steve Kulls Blog ]

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Government killing bigfoot
Government killing bigfoots? (Mock up photo)

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I recently posted about the possibility of a Bigfoot Swat Team and it drew some quick dismissals from some people while others kind of had heard the same things. Well not long after my post I got a report from a man I'll call Dan, and Dan had an interesting story to relay.

Here is what Dan said:

"Hey Thomas, I just read your new article, super interesting. I have a story for you. I'm not sure if it's related but maybe.
A guy that I knew went bear hunting in the mountains behind where we lived in Nice, Ca. He came back very rattled. He said that he was walking along and he saw some people in white hazmat suits poking around. He just waited behind a tree until they moved off. He was really curious as to what they were doing so he went over there and started looking around. He found a wallet. He opened up the wallet and was stunned to find the id was CIA.
He was just looking it over and he heard, click, click, click. He looked up and he was surrounded by guys in full camo and m16's. One of the men said, give me the wallet. He handed it over and the guys just walked away and left him standing there dumbfounded. This was in 1991, in a very remote part of the forest. I have no idea what it was about but it was very strange."

Now, to me this seems very odd that a full cameo team would be in the middle of nowhere with M16's and some CIA agents and with people in hazmat suits. Is it bigfoot related, I guess we can't say for sure but it is strange.

But wait that is not all, without going into any great detail I also got a type of warning about my original post, I can't go into details about all that was said but I must have hit on something to get this blunt warning.

If anymore odd stories or weirdness happens I'll try to post it. Send your reports to us via the "report a sighting" link above.


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Is a swat team hunting bigfoot?
Bigfoot Swat Team? (Mock up photo)
This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Bigfoot Swat Team
We recently ask a question to the bigfoot community about the government and bigfoot, answers varied. (Post can be view by Clicking Here )

I thought I'd take a little time and write about some of the things I've heard about concerning the government and bigfoot.
I've been told by multiple people, who I will not name, that not only does the government know about bigfoot, but that they also have sort of a bigfoot swat team. This swat team hunts and kills bigfoots.

According to what I have been told there are some factors involved and this bigfoot swat team is not just out there randomly killing bigfoots. The way I understand it is like this, if a bigfoot is in close proximity to houses and has been causing trouble or showing aggressive behavior towards humans. The Swat team is sent in to remove (Kill) the Bigfoot. In other words if the bigfoot is being a nuisance it's removed from the property.

Here is where the story becomes even more interesting, Not only is there a possible government ran bigfoot swat team, but according to what I've been told, the government also hires certain individuals to kill theses problem Bigfoots. It would also seem some of these hired to kill bigfoot people are deeply embedded in the bigfoot community and look for reports of bigfoot sightings. Of course, they would appear to be just "normal" people who are interested in bigfoot. It also appears many of the hired to kill people are avid hunters.  The same factors apply for removing a bigfoot but according to what I have been told, these killings happen pretty often.

I have heard in graphic detail about these suppose bigfoot killings. I have debated within myself about even sharing any of this information. I know it will invoke disbelief in some people and maybe make others angry. I have no way of proving or disproving these reported killings, but the people who told me seem to be honest type folks. I do think the government knows that bigfoot is out there and is real but do they kill them? I can't say for sure.

I know this whole story seems totally unbelievable but I've had multiple people tell me about these killings. Some of these people do not know each other as far as I know.

Of course with something this odd, unbelievable and sensitive, I will not revel my sources.
I have attempted to take some precautions in an effort to protect the people who shared this information with me. I have thought and debated over sharing this information but in the end wanted to share and see if others have heard of anything like this. If you have heard of anything like this please contact me, We can keep it private and not share your name.


©The Crypto Crew

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Make-up and more
Bandersnatch Studios
This post by TCC Team Member Jennifer Caywood. Jennifer is a bigfoot enthusiast and has conducted witness interviews and been on bigfoot expeditions. Jennifer is also a big Seattle Seahawks Fan.

©The Crypto Crew 
Interview with Shawn Shelton
Still seeking expert opinions about the dead bigfoot, I turn to Shawn Shelton of Bandersnatch Studios. Shawn is co owner of Bandersnatch Studios and he gives his opinions about the dead bigfoot. You can find them on facebook by Clicking Here.

Shawn Shelton FX Specialist - Interview by TheCryptoCrew

Youtube Version

©The Crypto Crew

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Paul While's Graphic Delusions
Paul While's Graphic Delusions

This post by TCC Team Member Jennifer Caywood. Jennifer is a bigfoot enthusiast and has conducted witness interviews and been on bigfoot expeditions. Jennifer is also a big Seattle Seahawks Fan.

©The Crypto Crew
Q & A with Paul While
Who is Paul While: Paul is a professional special effects artist from London. He specializes in character make-up and prosthetics. Paul is an artist driven by his passion for horror and fantasy, and one who continues to push boundaries in taste and decency, creating one of a kind pieces specially catered to the specific needs of a diverse clientele. Paul is currently finishing up a short film entitled  SHE. Visit his facebook page at Graphic Delusions.

JC: Still seeking more clarity on the purported taxidermied bigfoot, I turn to effects artist Paul While for some answers.

JC: Paul, I have sent you pictures of what is said to be a dead bigfoot. Could you give us your opinion of the photos.

PW: Hello Jennifer, thank you for messaging me. Short answer - yes it's clearly a fake.

JC:  Can you explain in more detail?
PW:  The pictures are not the best of quality but the sculpture of the face gives it away. The paint job isn't very good and the lips should not be the same colour as the face. Also the eyelids don't look real. I understand Bigfoot is mythical creature and has never been seen to what it truly looks like but the facial proportions don't look right. The hair around the face doesn't look genuine either. I'd like to have seen the hands and feet because I will be able to tell if there any seam lines from where it was made from the potential molds.

JC: Have you heard much about this claim?
PW: I've just searched for it and seen a news article on this bigfoot. The guy is clearly seeking media attention. Watch the video, you can see the lies in his body language. Also watch the clip of the kid who views the body, another staged reaction.
I'm in no way a taxidermist so I can't comment on that part, but I'm very sure this is a hoax.

JC:  Here's the feet (Shows Paul the feet photo)
PW: Yeah that picture isn't very clear so I can't really see proof. What I have noticed is the colours are very vivid and over saturated - a clear indication of paint applied to something like a latex material. Also going back to the face, both eye sockets are different sizes. Good effort but poorly executed.

JC: Thanks Paul for providing your professional insight to this ongoing story
PW: No problem at all.

It seems some have not seen the feet of the dead bigfoot so here it is with a new reply from Paul While.

PW:  It's a poor quality photo but it does indeed look like an air bubble that got trapped in the casting process inside the mold. I couldn't be 100 percent certain without seeing a better photograph or seeing the bigfoot in person.

©The Crypto Crew

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Dead Bigfoot on Display
Hank the dead bigfoot

Rick Dyer response to the Russell Knight interview. Dyer basically OK's Knight and his team to verify the dead bigfoot for a fee of $20,000 and possibly one of the stuff bears.

Will his offer be accepted by Mr. Knight?

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Over 30 years of experience
Knight's Taxidermy

This post by TCC Team Member Jennifer Caywood. Jennifer is a bigfoot enthusiast and has conducted witness interviews and been on bigfoot expeditions. Jennifer is also a big Seattle Seahawks Fan.

[©The Crypto Crew]
This is an interview with Russell Knight of Knights Taxidermy in Alaska. Russell has over 35 years of experience and is considered a pioneer in the field of taxidermy. Russell's shop was featured by the History channel, the television program was called "Mounted in Alaska". We ask him about the recent claims and photos of the taxidermied bigfoot.
 Here is the interview

Taxidermist Russell Knight Speaks about Dead Bigfoot by The Crypto Crew

Some people are reporting problems with the video above playing ...so here is a youtube version.

©The Crypto Crew

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some of the many hoaxes
Popular Hoaxes

This is a guest post by Gordon Ambrose from The discerning man's squatch. Stop by his facebook page and give it a like. Gordon is a bigfoot enthusiast who employs critical thinking when looking at bigfoot evidence.

Anatomy of a Hoaxer and Why they are Fascinated with Us.
Why do some people try to pull the wool over other’s eyes? I think there are many reasons and to name a few, there is to push an agenda, to gain notoriety and to make a buck. Some of course are just for fun as well, so not all hoaxers come from the same mold, but those who deliberately misinform to gain a profit of some kind, we should try and peer inside their heads.

While I have been interested in Cryptozology ever since I was very young, the hoaxer is only a fairly recent phenomenon for me. I certainly was aware of their existence, but I mainly thought of it as innocent fun and a buyer beware sort of thing. I knew money could be made off of a good hoax and we have PT Barnum from Barnum and Bailey to thank for the famous quote “A sucker is born every minute” to know that if you make an outrageous claim, there will be many who will line up to buy what you are selling without so much as a second glance. (Actually he says a customer is born every minute, but when quoted customer is usually replaced with sucker and I believe that is because that is what he meant) In that respect you only have yourself to blame if you have fallen for such foolery.

As far as Bigfoot is concerned, hoaxers could be behind the brunt of the evidence pile. I am not making that assertion at this time, but I will contend that Barnum’s suckers have given many with a mind to, a fertile field in which to sow their seeds.

So what hides in the mind of one who would take advantage of a gullible soul? Some I think pull hoaxes as reenactments of something they feel they have experienced, but were not fortunate enough to capture anything proof wise that would substantiate their claims. They were unprepared for their once in a lifetime chance, so go about re-creating proof to back their story. These are not necessarily bad people, but they are not doing us any favors. One of my favorite videos could be one such act. The Freeman films, which I love, could possibly be Paul reenacting something he believed in, but wasn’t fortunate enough to capture on film. On this one I hope I am wrong, because it is one of my all-time favorite videos.

Another type of hoaxer has no love for Bigfoot other than the dollar signs he imagines will line his wallet. He is all about using ignorance to gain his notoriety and money. Of those, there are lazy ones and ones that go to extremes. The best videos and photos we have ever seen are one of two things. They are either a well-made hoax or the real deal. So mostly we know the names of those who are either very lucky or very creative in an unscrupulous way.

I want to talk about two pieces of evidence and describe the difference between them. The first is the Patterson/Gimlin film and the second is the Tent video by Rick Dyer. One by the way I have no doubt whatsoever is a hoax and the other I consider to be the pinnacle of Sasquatch videos, hoax or not.

With the PG film, the vidographers have the benefit of time and the lack of technology back then, to bolster their claim. While it is not up to the audience to prove a hoax was committed for it to be so, with PG the attempt to debunk it has gone on for nearly 50 years. I will even go so far as to say, with time and technology, there has only been a further push to its authenticity. This was not just a lucky, chance encounter which I had believed for a long time, but a two plus week excursion in the California Mountains where at the end they hit gold or at least something just as valuable. So hoax or not, what Patterson and Gimlin did was put forth the idea that a good hoax can make you almost as much money as the real deal.

Rick Dyer’s tent video and claims on the other hand fall flat on the source all by itself. You would seemingly think a hoaxer would not get a pass on a second, third, fourth or even fifth attempt at a failed Bigfoot ploy, but then you would be wrong. Why? Because what Barnum said is very true. It really comes down to two things. A person wanting something so badly that they suspend rational and critical thinking and second, as preposterous as the claims may be, they are made unflinchingly by the person making them.

So as a believer in Dyer, you cannot doubt that you have something invested in his claims that comprise the majority of your proof, because honestly, everything points to this being just another hoax and I mean everything, yet he still has holdouts.
So why can those who believe, take the scant little, and ignore the rest and form a belief that should be just the opposite? Because they need it to be true. If you at this point believe Rick at all, you either have not been paying attention or you have so much invested in his story that you will never see it any other way.

In some ways we can learn a great deal about ourselves when we watch this particular hoax in action. It tells us that there are people that go through life based on faith alone and no critical thinking that if used only in small amounts would steer you clear of this. I agree that some things in life we (the layman)do take on faith, protons and electrons for example, but Bigfoot evidence should not be one of them. We know the hoaxer is alive and well and it is his job to fool you no matter how outlandish his tale.

Hoaxers I am afraid are not a rarity and pop up you could almost say with some certainty if not weekly, monthly. You can say “bad on them” for doing this, but I think a great deal of the blame lies on our shoulders as many in our hobby have such a high willingness to believe, that they call a duck a duck before seeing if it walks or quacks like one. The hoaxer knows we can become enamored with shadows and tufts of blurry fur in the distance, so not only do we encourage them to hoax, but make it easy for them. There aren’t many other hobbies that allow such shoddy evidence to influence their core beliefs on a subject.

If I was president of this club (sarcasm) I would change the laws that govern our proof meters and once and for all state that if it is a blobsquatch, you might as well call it a shadow of something known and not…. a possible unknown. It’s fun to speculate, but it should never hold any weight lest we give hoaxers the very ammunition they use against us in their pranks.

I know I will never be able to convince all of you, but if we were to begin a trend of higher standards, we could find ourselves with a much more fulfilling interest and begin to discourage some of the would be hoaxers. There is a reason why wildlife magazines do not employ photographers who snap blurry pictures of any other animal and that is because that publication would quickly loose tenability and as a result, subscribers. In some way, that is why we are a minority, because we have some pretty crappy photographers, but still keep them on the payroll so to speak. I say that our hoax to evidence ratio is a direct result of our willingness to pay them any attention with crap that wouldn’t see the light of day in any other medium.

This article does reflect some of my frustrations as of late, but should not be misconstrued as I am giving up on this subject, because I truly do love it and I am fond of many, many in the community. This page was originally given birth by the very same thought process and I only want to help give us all something tangible to sink our teeth into and not something that others will scoff at. If Bigfoot exists, we should not fear better evidence, nor should we tolerate those who sully it at our expense.

You all have heard of the game three card Monty. You should know you have no chance of winning at that game, at least in the long run because you are being cheated by sleight of hand and not because you are a poor gambler. So why do we even walk up to the table when we know we can never win when it comes to evidence of the blurry and shadowy kind? Let’s not play a game that we can never win and call a spade a spade or a shadow just that, and no longer give a hoaxer a fertile field in which to ply his wares. Scrutiny is “OUR” prerogative and if it is not utilized we only invite more obscurity and those who use it against us.

So do you as a Bigfoot fan think we should continue to debate the blurry and shadowy? Do you agree that by having our standards low we invite more hoaxing or do you think it is just being open minded to debate it all? My point is, if you can’t tell if what you are looking at is a rock, a log, a bird or a Bigfoot, then really all that evidence is good for is knowing where to put your camera next time so that you can show us something more conclusive. It is ok to sit on your evidence if you are out in the field until you get something that adds up to something we can really discuss intelligently. I crave that new standard for all of us and believe me, while it will slow down a little bit in our blogosphere, there will still be evidence we can all get behind.
Ready, set…Bigfoot!

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Hank the dead bigfoot
Would the real Hank please stand up?

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Well, I've avoided the Rick Dyer, Tent Video, Dead bigfoot story for a long time now but I guess with this big of a story I should at least post a small something about it.

Regardless of how you feel about Rick Dyer, one can not over look the fact he is a master at getting media attention, stirring up strong reactions from people and growing a group of followers. Some love him, some hate him but almost all from both groups follow him and keep up with his story.

This whole story started around a year or so ago with the famous tent video and then a claim by Dyer of killing the bigfoot seen in said tent video. Now the body of the dead bigfoot is being presented by Dyer and according to him a tour will be conducted across the country.

Hair from a dead bigfoot
Hair from a dead bigfoot?
While trolling ebay I ran across this photo, so I stopped and read the description. Apparently this bigfoot hair sample came from a bigfoot that was bitten by a rattle snake and died.

Here is what was posted about the item(spelling errors left intact) :

  "This is card 42/100 of a hair sample taken from a Sasquatch!!!Found dead in the Indiana,Brown Co. State Park. I've been going

there every year for over the past twenty years to check out a Rattlesnake den. And last August got a huge suprise when I found

this beast already dead from a nasty snake bite to the leg.This male is 8.5 size 17foot..We have been back now several times and have hair,nails,teeth samples and pic's and of corse video that will be released later on after I make sure no-one finds this den.I don't want it disturbed or destroyed like every other animal on the planet!!!"

The ebay seller id is "comeandgetit1234" and they have about 50 feedback, almost all good.

So according to this ebay seller they have photos, video of the dead bigfoot, plus hair, nails and teeth samples.

I personally like the novelty of the "bigfoot hair" sample auction but I have serious doubts that any of the story is true.

I also notice that there are several "bigfoot hair" auctions on ebay. Might be cool to have one just for the novelty factor.

If anyone has any info feel free to share it.

I just wanted to share this and see what others think as it seem most like the "dead bigfoot" stories.



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Is this a Dead Yowie?
Is this a photo of a dead yowie? I know this has been around a little while but I have not seen much said about it.
Here is about all I know about it

"Bigfoot found dead by Australian bush walker Jeff Watson he has released 1 of 5 photos taken "

Now is this big pile of hair a Yowie? I would guess it's not. If I remember correctly this was first posted on the bigfoot forums. I think this was first around in 2009 but not sure.

Pretty interesting ....would like to know for sure what it really is.


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The Guys over at FBFB have posted this tiny sliver of a photo from the shooting bigfoot movie and have said that it is for sure not a mask and a real bigfoot.

How does the above photo compare to the creature in the tent video?

Is it the same? is it different? You can decide for yourself.

Now how does it compare to the artwork?

Do they all look enough alike to be the same creature? You can decide for yourself.

I wanted to share this because I know a lot of people wanted to see the actual creature from the film, so there it is ....how do you feel about it now? Does it change your mind?


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Above is the new poster for the film Shooting Bigfoot. This came from the Minnow Films website.

It is just a few days until the film will be shown, what will be the out come is anybody guess at this point. Will it Bang or Bust?

Here is a statement from Minnow Films:

"We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods"

So I guess depending on what your view is of "fairly dramatic" is makes the world of difference.

I kind of lost interest in this whole story/film/event due to all the fighting and how the details of the story changed a little and at this point I will just be glad to get to finally see what is real and what is not real about the story.

The fighting has really went over the top with many personal attacks on all sides. I wonder, will any of them kiss and make up after it is all over? I would think some will and some will not or is some of it just part of the hype?

Recently a trailer was released for Shooting Bigfoot, which again brought many mixed and varied reviews/opinions.
Here is the trailer

In the end I will watch the movie, at some point, even if it turns out to be a hoax.
In my opinion Dallas and Wayne have been the most low key with their bigfoot researcher over the years and their other movie "Not your Typical Bigfoot Movie" was very entertaining for me.
Almost everyone has heard of Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi and opinions vary about them but it is undeniable that both Dyer and Biscardi have large followings and followers.

So everyone get ready to either "eat crow" or say "I told you so" as Shooting Bigfoot is only a few days away.


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