Saturday, February 1, 2014

FX Wizard Shawn Shelton Talks About Dead Bigfoot

Make-up and more
Bandersnatch Studios
This post by TCC Team Member Jennifer Caywood. Jennifer is a bigfoot enthusiast and has conducted witness interviews and been on bigfoot expeditions. Jennifer is also a big Seattle Seahawks Fan.

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Interview with Shawn Shelton
Still seeking expert opinions about the dead bigfoot, I turn to Shawn Shelton of Bandersnatch Studios. Shawn is co owner of Bandersnatch Studios and he gives his opinions about the dead bigfoot. You can find them on facebook by Clicking Here.

Shawn Shelton FX Specialist - Interview by TheCryptoCrew

Youtube Version

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  1. Great interview. The hair looks like the craft hair that's used on Float-n-Fly jigs for Smallmouth Bass fishing.

    1. I see what you mean. I looked at some of my Smallmouth Bass jigs & there is a very strong resemblance (the hair) to the clones of Punisher Jigs Float n Fly jigs (but not the Punisher brand name jigs. Those are ok.)

    2. haha does many jigs had to die to make this thing . lol

  2. I wonder how much money Rick Dyer paid to have this "thing" created. Maybe he got the materials at Michaels then bribed a bunch of little girls to do the "artwork" by giving them ice cream & pie. It's amazing that people still support, believe & help him financially. What's happened to logic & common sense? Seriously, I'd like to know.

  3. Hi Jennifer. Congrats to your Seahawks. BTW. You're adorable!!!


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