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Monday, February 3, 2014

Hiker Sees a Bigfoot
Bigfoot in NH - Mock up photo of sighting

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Got a very fresh possible bigfoot sighting report in over the weekend. We do have a team member in the area and we are following up on the report. Hope to have more soon.

-Start Report-
Name: Chris G*******
Email Address: Withheld
State: NH
County: Rockingham
Date of Sighting: Feb 2 2014
Time of Day: 1330
Nearest Town: Nottingham
Length of Sighting: 5 seconds
How many Witnesses: just me and my dogs
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I was hiking in Pawtuckaway Park this am with my 2 Bernese Mountain dogs.  On the descent, very close to the bottom on the mountain we were at a slight jog on snow and ice covered trails, when something about 30 yards ahead moved from my left to my right cutting perpendicular to the trail.
I had a clear line of sight to the incident just 30 yards ahead.  My dogs stopped dead in their tracks and I said, "its just a hiker guys".  But whatever it was was bipedal and much bigger than me and moving at what must have been a very fast pace.
We arrived at the spot and saw nothing ahead, nothing behind and nothing down and to my right.  No sounds.  Whatever that was had come from my left, thru the woods on no trail, moved right across our trail and down to my right into more woods.  I ran ahead thinking it must have been a runner but saw no one and had over 100 yards of clear sight.  I ran back and saw nothing.
I am a marathon runner and an athlete myself and no human could have moved that fast over that terrain so as to elude my sight.  That was either a ghost, a super human athlete, or a BF.  I can't rationalize what I saw.

Map of Area:
Bigfoot sighting in NH
Bigfoot in NH

-End Report-

Look for a follow up post in the future.

Here is the follow up to this report - Click Here


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  1. I have had 2 unusual experiences within Pawtuckaway State Park. The first was the summer of 2005 when I worked in Pawtuckaway for the summer season. It was a rainy mid-summer day, and there was never much activity on those days. It was early afternoon after lunch so roughly 1 or 2 p.m. a co-worker and I were driving back up to the office from down in the state park. As we reached the area of “Mountain Pond” I saw something very large and very fast run across the road about 500ft. ahead. The thing I remember the most was the stride and the upright position on 2 legs not 4. It looked like it took 3 strides gliding across the road on 2 legs. It was dark and hairy in appearance, but since we were so far away I didn’t get a detailed look at all. My co-worker saw the same thing and was petrified. As we pulled up to roughly the same place that it had crossed (my co-worker was shook and refused to exit the truck), I got out of the truck for a look and a listen. I heard crashing and thumping through the forest. Loud snapping of branches and logs as this thing was cruising. I gave a shout, and all I got in return was more of the same snapping and thrashing of the forest. It wanted out of sight, which was clear to me. After listening for a few minutes to whatever it was run through the forest, I no longer heard anything. It was on 2 legs, straight up not hunched. So it was either a very extra-large dark hairy human being running through the forest for fun or something else? It was not a bear, it was not a moose, it was not a deer. I have seen all of those animals before in the wild and they run on 4 legs not 2. One more point worth noting is the direction in which the thing I saw was running in. There were no trails, and there are no trails anywhere near the direction it was heading, in fact there are no roads or houses for many miles in that direction. I was baffled, and my co-worker was admittedly scared. I have only told my Dad and a couple of good friends, all of which are just as familiar with the area as I am.

    My next strange experience might not be as unexplainable, but it was certainly more alarming. It was early spring 2011; there were tiny pockets of snow still remaining from the winter but it was a warm calm morning, no wind at all. I was out on the backside of Pawtuckaway to meet some friends for a hike. I arrived early and decided to head out before them and meet up with them at the tower (or atleast somewhere on the trail up). So I was heading up South Ridge Trail and like I said it looked to be a beautiful spring day, with no wind. As I am walking along all of a sudden without any warning I hear a tree crack and fall, it scared the crap out of me because it was calm and silent and it was also only about 50-100 ft off the trail. So that spooked me, but to make matters worse at roughly the same time the tree crashed down, there was a large deep grunt like sound followed by a sort of squealing sound on the opposite side of the trail about the same distance off as the tree. So loud and abrupt sound of the tree coming crashing down apparently scared whatever was on the opposite side of the trail too. After the initial crash of the tree and the sound of the animal there was the familiar thudding, and thrashing of the forest, as the thing that made the sound was out of there like lightning. Now I am only sharing this experience because of the overall proximity of events. I didn’t see anything this day but I heard plenty. I know what I heard could have been a bear or a moose who was simply as spooked by the tree falling as I was. Whatever the case I picked up the nearest stick I could find and turned around and headed back toward the car to wait for my friends. To this day I do not feel totally comfortable in the woods I grew up in when I am alone.

    1. we are doing more follow up investigation on this report. I hope to have an update in the future. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. This is fake.
    You can see the lighting errors.

    1. yeah that is why the caption says " Mock up photo of sighting" - meaning the picture is just used as a reference and is not a real picture. Duh.

  3. that's probably the worst photoshop job I've seen in a long time. The freakin dogs arent even on alert. smh.

    1. "Mock up photo of sighting" - meaning the picture is just used as a reference and is not a real picture.

  4. Hello Thomas, What was the outcome of this report... ...was the person reporting it ever interviewed by a team member? I'm two-and-a-half hours further north from there but do know other interviewers and investigators possibly willing to lend a hand in that area.

    1. Best I can remember, we had Jason take a look in the area. If I remember correctly he went in there a few times and found some stick formations. If I remember correctly.Pawtuckaway Park is a good area to investigate. Thanks for the comment and willingness to help.

    2. Here are links to some follow ups



  5. Tom,I was wondering if there have been any more recent sightings in the Pawtuckaway area?I live in Nottingham and have been keeping my eyes and ears open.

    1. I've not had any recent reports from that area. If you hear of anything be sure to contact us. Thanks


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