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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Could It Be A Bigfoot Grave?

There has long been questions about why bigfoot bones have not been found. But if we actually look into it, we see that there has been numerous bones and skeletons found over the years. Where they of a Bigfoot...we really may not know for sure, but some might have been. Some remains just seemed to disappear or go unaccounted for and we never hear anymore about them.

One of the reasons why we may not find bigfoot bones often is that they bury their dead. I talk about this at great lengths in my book Understanding Bigfoot: Helpful information and answers to common questions. There are several very creditable researchers I spoke with on the subject. There are other factors in play as well, which are also discussed in the book.

Sometimes, I find odd grave like mounds in the mountains, but I rarely every talk or post about it. But today I wanted to share just a little about it.

As I said there has been times while out hiking, exploring or conducting bigfoot research that I have found or came across what appears to be a grave of some sort. Many years ago, we came across one while logging way back in the head of a hollow. We didn't take pictures and of course didn't disturb it. This was many years ago but over the last 8-10 years I have found similar humps of dirt in places that are in the middle of nowhere.

This photograph shows a large mound of dirt and rocks. It is also the one used at the top of the post.  There are actually two of these that are probably 30-40 feet apart. This is in an area where I have had several bigfoot encounters and found many tracks. Now of course, I have no idea if these are really graves or just odd humps of dirt on the ground. It could be nothing more than a natural formation or something a person did a long time ago. I have not and would not dig into them. But I am confident that bigfoot does bury its dead.
I will now post another picture,that comes from another location and talk a little about it.
This hump of dirt resembles a grave more than many of the others ones I have found. This picture is rather bad on this one as I had been out for several hours and my phone was dead. I was able to power it up and take one picture. The phone only had like 3 percent power, so it cut right back off. What is interesting about this is that there is an almost identical mount very near by. I would say withing 25 feet. These are on the side of a pretty steep mountain side. Of course another interesting factor is that, while these resemble graves, they are much larger that a human grave. They, for the most part, are much wider and longer than a human grave. Plus these, and others I have found, have been located basically in the middle of nowhere. I would not think these to be the graves of humans due to the locations and sizes.
In the end, I do not know if these are bigfoot graves, a natural formation or something else. I do know I have found them in several different areas. Let me stress again ..I'm not claiming these as anything, just sharing and looking for answers.
The reason many of us do not share these types of things, or give exact details, is that we know old "Joe Blow" would want to go "dig it up". If and I say IF a possible unknown grave was to be dug into and the remains exhumed, it would need to be done by experts with the proper authority. You would want to preserve all that you could of the remains.

If any other bigfoot researchers have encounter or found these types of "grave" looking mounds in the forest, let me know. 

Have a good day.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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  1. Replies
    1. I thought about a metal detector ..I figured if it was a person there might be jewelry or something that would set it off ...but that would be a gruesome discovery.

  2. Call the state's archeology department. I will bet they have the equipment and the authority to verify what the mounds do contain.

  3. I commented already about your confusing the word mount with the word mound. Did it not work?

  4. I'm a very busy person and it was just a simple misspelling ...I don't get notifications on comments ...

  5. Maybe Indian graves .they are plenty of those bumps or mounds here in bell.county I've got a paranormal poltrogist house 🏠 bfor the Crypto crew to investigate noway you will stay alnight in this house .

  6. I would be interesting the haunted house ...email me. Also I did think about Indian graves...you never know ..Thanks


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