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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Paul While's Graphic Delusions
Paul While's Graphic Delusions

This post by TCC Team Member Jennifer Caywood. Jennifer is a bigfoot enthusiast and has conducted witness interviews and been on bigfoot expeditions. Jennifer is also a big Seattle Seahawks Fan.

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Q & A with Paul While
Who is Paul While: Paul is a professional special effects artist from London. He specializes in character make-up and prosthetics. Paul is an artist driven by his passion for horror and fantasy, and one who continues to push boundaries in taste and decency, creating one of a kind pieces specially catered to the specific needs of a diverse clientele. Paul is currently finishing up a short film entitled  SHE. Visit his facebook page at Graphic Delusions.

JC: Still seeking more clarity on the purported taxidermied bigfoot, I turn to effects artist Paul While for some answers.

JC: Paul, I have sent you pictures of what is said to be a dead bigfoot. Could you give us your opinion of the photos.

PW: Hello Jennifer, thank you for messaging me. Short answer - yes it's clearly a fake.

JC:  Can you explain in more detail?
PW:  The pictures are not the best of quality but the sculpture of the face gives it away. The paint job isn't very good and the lips should not be the same colour as the face. Also the eyelids don't look real. I understand Bigfoot is mythical creature and has never been seen to what it truly looks like but the facial proportions don't look right. The hair around the face doesn't look genuine either. I'd like to have seen the hands and feet because I will be able to tell if there any seam lines from where it was made from the potential molds.

JC: Have you heard much about this claim?
PW: I've just searched for it and seen a news article on this bigfoot. The guy is clearly seeking media attention. Watch the video, you can see the lies in his body language. Also watch the clip of the kid who views the body, another staged reaction.
I'm in no way a taxidermist so I can't comment on that part, but I'm very sure this is a hoax.

JC:  Here's the feet (Shows Paul the feet photo)
PW: Yeah that picture isn't very clear so I can't really see proof. What I have noticed is the colours are very vivid and over saturated - a clear indication of paint applied to something like a latex material. Also going back to the face, both eye sockets are different sizes. Good effort but poorly executed.

JC: Thanks Paul for providing your professional insight to this ongoing story
PW: No problem at all.

It seems some have not seen the feet of the dead bigfoot so here it is with a new reply from Paul While.

PW:  It's a poor quality photo but it does indeed look like an air bubble that got trapped in the casting process inside the mold. I couldn't be 100 percent certain without seeing a better photograph or seeing the bigfoot in person.

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. I'm no graphic artist but anyone with an eye for details & a little knowledge of anatomy should be able to tell that this is fake as crap. I'd also like to see the feet & hands. Is there a post showing these "body" parts?

  2. Foot photo now added and more reply from Paul While

    1. Thank you my friend. Someone who believes that is a real creature has got to be mentally challenged (at least).


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