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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is this evidence of bigfoot cloaking
Is this evidence of  Bigfoot Cloaking?

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

The Controversial Question of “Cloaking”
Does Bigfoot Have The Power To Disappear At Will?
By Dorraine Fisher

One of the most heated subjects of debate in the bigfoot world is about the possibility that the creatures elude us so well because they have some kind of “cloaking” ability that no other creature is known to possess. Some witnesses claim this ability is in fact real, while others scoff. But most, like me, just want a clear answer…and some visual proof wouldn’t hurt either.

The following video footage was submitted by bigfoot researcher Dave Moser and his research team at Carolina Bigfoot Field Research in North Carolina (CBFR).  And almost completely missed being discovered. The footage is extremely unusual and begs a lot of questions. And we don’t know what it is, but we’d like your opinions.       

Dave Moser offered this statement of information about the footage, his and the team’s experiences when it was taken, other relevant information, as well as his own thoughts about what might cause some to believe cloaking is possible.

The Uwharrie, NC Thermal Figure – 1/19/2013  - Dave Moser
Weather Data:
OAT -22 F     Humidity -80%
Bar. Press - 30.45 Hg.
Moon Phase – First Quarter

The moving figure video footage was not discovered until Jan 24th; 5 days after the recording.  If it were not for the audio picking up the leaves rustling I may have never seen the figures movement.  During the first rewind I immediately noticed the movement of the figure and began an in depth analysis of getting the facts of the whole event documented.

Our group was on a planned walk down a hard packed dirt trail, south of our camp.  Many in the group have had BF experiences on this tail before which parallels a ridge to the west and east so you are walking in somewhat of a valley.  A team of 6 had left the campground around 2330 and may have gone close to a ¼ mile down the trail when I observed the 4 team members who were approximately 70-80 yards ahead of me had stopped and were looking to the west or right side of the trail. It’s customary for me to stop and observe the area with my Thermal camera from the rear of the group.  I prefer this position because I like to scan behind us to see if anything is following and it also gives me a wider angle of view of what the front team may be observing.  The 5th team member was approximately 8-10 feet ahead of me and had G3 night vision binoculars. I noticed that one of the front team members had stepped a few feet off the road in the woods.  He was also using a thermal imager but did not have any noticeable heat signatures that I know of.  After talking to him yesterday to find out the reason he had stopped he provided the following statement:
“I hear something moving to the left of trail. What at first was a deer making a distress call and then thumping noise like someone or thing was stomping its foot. I do not think it was a deer making the stomping noise. When I walked off the trail and staying by the tree, I felt like I was being watched. I had a sense that whatever it was it was now in front of me about 50 yards.”

 After a few minutes the group proceeded down the road and within a minute I was close to the spot that the group was observing but had no idea about what they may have heard or observed.  I do know if it was anything relevant they would have informed me via radio so I figured it was just a normal noise or sound one would hear in the woods at night. Walking with a somewhat bright monitor can be hazardous so as I walk at night I usually cover the screen against my stomach so it does not emit any light.  So walking the 40 or so yards or so to their position of possible disturbance I keep the mounted thermal on a monopod extended to about 4 feet. That way I can hoist it above my head level and rotate it in all directions, normally I try to keep it pointed behind me to possibly catch something following us. But as I walked this time I had the monopod extended relatively parallel to the ground so it was bouncing around quite a bit.  As I reached the spot the first group had stopped at I leveled the camera and took a quick scan of the area and did not notice anything abnormal and proceeded down the road as the group was still moving forward.

Nothing was observed or heard during the brief stop at 12:03am early Saturday morning but upon review my first indication to there being something there was the leaves shuffling.  I knew right away that no one was in the woods to the left or right of me so a rewind was required.  The rest of the midnight hike was uneventful except for the return trip to camp. One of my team members usually has an EMF detector on his persons and as we passed the spot where the figure was captured on the Thermal and about 50 yards north his EMP detector went ballistic, I mean a full pegged out hit that lasted for close to a minute beeping loudly. Although nothing was ever seen or discovered to cause the deflection it was a strange coincidence to say the least!
After having viewed the video for over a year I have come to several personnel conclusions as to what this video portrays and why this video is important to the Research community.

1)  I do not believe the Bigfoot in the video is Cloaking or Transparent or a Spirit.  After talking to an engineer at FLIR the conclusion is pretty simple and lined up pretty close to what I had originally thought as well as several friends who have also operated Thermal cameras for a few years. Basically Thermal cameras that record at a 30 Hz rate can have problems when the temperatures are low and the humidity is high, and the motion you are recording is FAST, such was the case the night the video was captured.  The Police and Military use 60 Hz but these cameras are expensive and can be hard to find for the average person. My XP100 Thermal camera records at 30 FPS (Frames per Second). The camera caused a reflection off the subject due to it most likely being wet and moving at a high speed.  So to recap this concept it basically shows that Thermal cameras can be limited in the accuracy of recordings at times due to environmental, atmospheric and the Thermals ability to interoperate data when these variables are near the threshold of operating limits.
2)  I have not been able to find any other videos that show how graceful and fast creatures can move.  This is very important as it explains a lot about why people believe Bigfoots can disappear, Cloak, jump in a portal or time warp etc. If anything can move that fast they can easily slip right by you the second you take your eye off them.  Who would have thought they can move 35-40 feet in a second.  If you really think about it the concept speaks volumes as to why they are never seem much who would think to look 30-40 feet left or right when you just saw him right there in front of you? 

Facts from the Post Investigation on Site:
Figures Distance to the camera from the first tree----------------- 103 Feet
Figures Distance to the camera from the second tree-------------- 71 Feet
Distance the Figure Travels – First tree to Second tree------------ 35 Feet
Figures Estimated Speed------------ 32 MPH
Figures Estimated Height----------- 7 – 7.5 Feet Tall

NOTES from other Researchers on the Video:
5-6.5ft tall.
bi pedal movement.

        gliding smooth movement.

        unable to tell about stride without given distances to be able to determine it. however at

        mark 1.09 and 1.10 seconds it takes a stride approx. 37% the distance between two

        given trees. This appears to be a full stride for the creature. it happens in 100th of a

        second as well.

        around the 0.16 sec mark under the steps there is a type of energy noticed as it hits the
        ground. It is not thermal but enough energy to distort the pixels on the camera. Very
        faint but there.
        long arms.
        broad shoulders.
        med sized head as compared to body.
        average size feet.
        lower spine curve (L-1 thru S-1) is over exaggerated which puts the chest is a puffed out
        or over exaggerated state.
        running diagonal towards the camera. left to right towards the frame which would put it
        behind the person or vehicle in under 4 seconds
        at the 1.24 sec mark it would appear to swing its left arm (from creature pov) towards
        the tree or reaches for it. Probably an anatomical movement of moving that fast.
        The knees sit lower on the legs than human indicating a different bone and muscle
        The elbow joints would appear to be in the "correct" place.
        Given the position of the head and direction of travel at mark 1.09 sec I have to assume
        it could see the camera because it appears to look at it.
        based off of movement at mark 1.03 and 1.04 it would appear that both arms swing at
        once. you can see this due to the angle in which it is moving. This would indicate a
        different type of muscle and movement structure
        based off of one filter the creature is solid, made of matter so this rules out ghost/spirit
        would appear to be using some type of active camouflage not only visual but also
        thermal and IR.
        given the fast rate of movement the energy taken would indicate a different metabolic
        rate, O2 consumption rate etc. Or the second possibility is the p.h. balance of the
        creature due to anaerobic metabolism is extremely acidic.

[Source: carolinabigfootfieldresearch ]

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  1. I have read theories and speculation that Bigfoot maybe have been brought to earth by aliens. What if it were so and they do have a cloaking type ability if they are not of this world? Im pretty sure the aliens do too.

    1. What is the white Bigfoot face photo in video about the Hunter encountering Bigfoot, Steve interview. Did he take it, or someone else?

    2. The Steve Interview is a good interview - the photo is just a mock up of what he saw. Thanks

  2. I have actually seen something like that movement after seeing a large black Bigfoot in the woods while hunting. It was movement close enough to me to where I felt the wind off of it! It scared the hell out of me. I thought I was going to die. I saw this "thing" that I had only heard about, then I don't see it anymore. Then I seen that movement close to where I seen the Bigfoot but it headed towards me. Kinda like that thing on those Predator movies. It went right by me. Really close. I think it was trying to scare me off without beating me into the ground. It worked. Those things can have the woods. I'm done.

  3. If they can run close to 35mph its no wonder at lot of people think thy just disappear or cloak their selves, gives you something to think about...If you take your eye off of them for a second and they run left or right the human mind cannot reason the distance they can travel at that speed. hence the chatter about, "They Cloaked" or "They Disappeared in plain sight".

    1. We "humans" have lost our ability to perceive things at the speeds necessary to live in the wild. Could you imagine how cool things would be if we could do some of the things people believe the Sasquatch people can do. Invisibility, cloaking, run at incredible speeds; etc. It would make for an interesting life. I'd bet that the Sasquatch people have fun playing games with those who go out & investigate their existence. I'd love to hear them laughing at people like the Finding Bigfoot "investigators". I laugh at them myself.

  4. I wouldn't have believed it before, but I had a client (passed now) that was very credible. He talked of a time when he'd went hunting with a couple other fellas. They split up. He stopped on a hill and was looking around when he heard leaves rustling, but he couldn't see anything. He watched where the sound was coming from and saw the leaves on the ground moving as if someone was kicking them up as they walked. When the noise stopped, he was pushed from behind. He never did see what did it.


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