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The following report comes from our friend Richard. The sighting of a possible bigfoot took place around the end of January 2019. The sighting happened near the Whipple community. Whipple is a small area within Bell county.  Of course, being in this part of Kentucky, it is surrounded by mountains.

One thing you need to realize is that in this area all of our communities have numerous old mining roads, logging roads and trails around them. These are sometimes used for riding ATV or motorcycles, hiking or horseback riding. Some are used often while others are rarely used at all. Another thing to note is that some of these places have official names, while others don't. Sometimes the locals have a name for a certain area but that is not the official name. This makes it very hard and sometimes impossible to find on google maps.

This general area of Kentucky has had a fair number of bigfoot sightings. I have documented numerous reports over the years.

Here is the report from Richard.

A few days ago I got the following Bigfoot sighting report submitted. This report come from Madison county, Illinois. Madison County was established on September 14, 1812 and was named after President James Madison. In the late 19th century, Madison County became an industrial region, and in the 20th century was known first for Graniteware, and later for its steel mills, oil refineries, and other heavy industries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 741 square miles.

Here is the sighting report.
Artist rendering of report.
A few days ago I got in a interesting report from our local area. I know this area very well and have done quite a bit of Bigfoot hunting in this general area. There are several other reports from this area as well. I personally have found tracks and stick formation in this general vicinity.

It is my understanding that this event has never been reported until now. So, I'm very happy to document this sighting.
Mock up image of sighting
I got this report in a couple days ago. It is interesting, as I do not think I have ever had a report of a Bigfoot in a Hay field. So, the question would be what was it doing there? Maybe it was just passing through, or maybe it was looking for a rabbit. It seems these types of fields attract a lot of rabbits. Then again, could it have been getting some of the hay for bedding? I guess we will never know.

Well, in any case, here is the sighting report.

Got a bigfoot sighting report submitted to us yesterday. I was busy the first part of the day today but I wanted to share the report with everyone. This is a report that is fairly close to me and is a place, general area, that I have been on many occasions.

Here is the report

I recently posted a screen shot of our sightings map, along with a link, on my facebook page. I was hoping others would check it out and submit there sighting to me.  This sometimes helps people feel more comfortable knowing that, people like me, will take their sighting seriously and that there may be other sightings in a particular area.

So, with that said, I did get in a bigfoot sightings report and it is a good one with a lot of detail.

Here is the report:

Mock up photo.
I recently got in the following report. It is my understanding that this has never been reported until now and that the encounters and sightings have been going on for many years. Some of what the witness describes has happened to a lot of people over the years. There are many reports of bigfoot following people from a safe distance in the woods.

Here is the report.

- Start Report - 
Name: Harper *******

Email Address:
On File


Harris county

Date of Sighting: years (Reoccurring)

Time of Day: all different times but mainly mornings an late evenings

Nearest Town: Shiloh,GA just north of Columbus, Ga

Length of Sighting: quick

How many Witnesses: just me

Any Photos/Videos: No, I'm 65 yrs old and lived here all my life seen many times since a child

Describe sighting in detail:
This is hard cause I'm old and this started as a child, I was raised in the country and have lived in and played in these woods all my life. My dad was Native American and a cop and I didn't have many friends as a child, as I said I pretty much lived in these woods, I knew all the animals and could track most as I wanted, just a gift from being alone in the woods every day. I had one friend that lived in the small town here and we had a trail thru the woods from my house to his. It was pretty thick woods that had never been logged at that time. As I would be walking thru I'd here footsteps trailing me off just far enough in the woods that I could hear but not see them. It didn't take long utill instead of walking I would run thru the woods back and forth cause I noticed if I stopped it stopped thats what scared me a bit and made me start running instead of walking. This trail was a little over a half a mile.

It got so bad that we started walking out on the paved road instead of woods because of it. Got more and more closer and as kids it scared us, but then we could hear it off in the woods trailing us even then. You stop it stopped. Told my dad, finally, and he told me to stay out of the woods until he could try to find out what it was, he thought it was a panther. That scared me even more. Well all thru years after military service to make story shorter, I came back here after a bad work injury to try get life back.

My parents had left me house and I went without income for five yrs,  it was about the only option I had.  Started hearing brush cracking in woods, I was in my 50s at this time,  went out one day to harvest garlic heard what sounded like a tree cracking, a large one and just a heavy thump on the ground that shook the ground an footsteps running away thru the woods. It spooked me pretty good. Next time, I had got a dog for company, I use to let him out at night to do his business before bedtime and he would just do normal like a dog run around find his spot an do his thing. One nigh I heard him growling real serious like and barking, he was the kind if something was in yard he would charge it an run it off, this time he had his tail between his legs and barking, but the growls wern't his, they came from the wood, finally something charged him. Now if he goes out after dark I have to be with him, something spooked him good.

I also have an old pear tree in back yard, two years in a row every pear on the tree has disappeared over nite, not a trace in tree or ground just gone.

Only sighting is in the field across the road. I saw a jet black figure, now when I say black I mean the blackest shiniest black you have ever seen. I seen, the head and shoulders running across field toward wood line, only a glimpse but know only one thing with that cone shaped head. But I only saw the head and one shoulder as it was running down the hill and that was all was visible.
Thats all I care to write about don't know if you are interested or not  but as a child we did have military come to house said they were here to recover some part that fell off a helicopter, that was bullsh*t, and we were made to stay in house while they did what they did in the woods, kinda strange they needed armed soldiers standing guard while they did what they were doing.

- End Report -

Thanks goes to Harper for submitting his various encounters and his sighting. I hope at some point we can have a follow up to this report.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Over the last few days, I have been thinking about the varied colors of Bigfoot. It seems if you read sighting reports, you can find many color descriptions when it comes to Bigfoot. When thinking about the different colors of bigfoot, I think it is safe to assume that the hair color of bigfoot changes over time.

Not only do us human experience hair color changes, but it also occurs in some of our pets. Take for instants, my old dog, his hair color has changed over the years. His hair around his eyes and noes has faded out and is more white than when he was young.

Could an aging bigfoot experience a hair color change? I think it is a very good possibility, that as they get older, hair would turn grey or white, just like some of us. There could also possibly be some hair thinning. Hair thinning does happen in human and animals. Sometimes these changes occur naturally as creatures age but there can be other reasons for hair color change or loss. Sometimes diet, over or under exposure to sunlight, and sickness can cause a change in hair.

Concerning Bigfoot, there was an article published by Dr. W.H. Fahrenbach in Cryptozoology, vol. 13, that dealt with the color of bigfoot and many other aspects of bigfoot.

Fahrenbach used John Green's data base of  623 sighting reports to gather hair color information. Here was his findings:

"Slightly over 60% are listed as "Dark" or "Black", including such variants as brown-black, red-black, and dark brown. About 30% are described as "Brown", including dark-brown, light brown and red-brown. The "Grey" category (8%) includes dark and light grey, grey-brown, silver-grey, silver and silver tipped. "Light", off-white, white, and blond account for about 7%. The excess beyond 100% results from slight overlap in the categories."

So, I thought I would look over some of my reports of bigfoot sightings and see how my colors would match up.

Here are some of my results:

Black = 24 reports described bigfoot as black or dark.
Brownish/Reddish -  14 described bigfoot as reddish brown, brownish red, or brownish grey.
Brown - 11 of my reports described the bigfoot they saw as only brown.
White - 4 people described the bigfoot they saw as white.
Grey - 2 reports of grey bigfoot.
Red - 1 report of the color red.
Blonde - 1 report.

It seems that black is also my most reported color for bigfoot sightings. I should also note some of my reports did not give a clear answer to the color of the bigfoot, so I left those reports out. In some instants, the witness described the bigfoot they saw as multi-colored, not settling on a clear color combination, I left those out as well.

Now, I know that in my area of Kentucky, the most commonly reported color and the color I have seen, is black. But there has also been some brown and a couple white bigfoot reports here in my area.

Another interesting aspect to the reports I have taken in, is that it seems the majority of reports are of bigfoot crossing a highway. The next block of reports were of people out in the woods, either hunting, hiking or fishing.  

So, I guess bigfoot is not much different than humans or some other animals when it comes to hair color. Us humans have many different hair colors, why not bigfoot. Still, I wonder if there is a predominant color of bigfoot based on region? I guess that is a study for another day.

I probably should have taken a little more time on this study of bigfoot color, but it still gives us a little data about bigfoot hair colors. Of course, it would seem a darker bigfoot would have an easier time blending into shadows, making it harder to spot. Lots to think about I guess.

(Source for Dr. Fahrebach date - Bigfoot encounters )


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Large Creature Crosses Small Road Art By Thomas Marcum

The Following is a bigfoot sightings report. This is the personal sighting as told by Bobby Long.

Here is his story:

WHO: Bobby Long & Corinna Poland
WHERE: Douglas County, Oregon
WHEN: October 3, 2004
TIME OF DAY: Dusk,It was near dusk but still nice and light on the road and dark in the trees.
CITY: Roseburg, OR.
SEEN FOR: 5-7 seconds

A bigfoot came from the treeline right in front of our brown and orange Ford f150 pick-up. It stepped out from the bank to the center of the one lane fire trail, one step more and it was in a brushy clearing. The road was a fire trail/logging road about 10' wide in red clay.
It went through the clearing and into the next tree-line, we lost sight but could hear tree breaks and grunting as if a warning to us or other creatures.
It did bump it's head on a tree when it stepped up the apposing bank, I could barely touch the branch with my finger-tips while on my toes.
There were 3 rifles in the truck, nobody shot. One of my witnesses,John, chose to pursue it for a few seconds until he realized it wasn't anything he'd seen before.We made him get back in the truck.

The creature was cold black, about 8 feet I'd guess and the stride and tracks were impossible for a person to do. It's hair looked matted on it's upper back.
We returned to the area several times hoping for tracks or another sighting but motorcycles and ATV have since taken over the area.

-End Of Report

TCC - Thanks goes to Bobby and Corinna for sharing the encounter with us and everyone. I had some custom art in the works for his report but it kind of fell through due to some unforeseen problems. So I decided to make the art myself, It's not very good but at least you can get a sense of what the area and the creature looked like.

The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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