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Big Legend
Running Time: 89 mins
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Big Legend has a notable cast that includes Todd A. Robinson, Kevin Makely, and two home run hitters in Lance Henriksen and Adrienne Barbeau. So, right off the film has name recognition.

The story line is pretty straight forward, an ex-soldier ventures into the Pacific Northwest with his girlfriend for a relaxing romantic retreat. Then things go horribly wrong when his girlfriend is taken by an unseen creature. The ex soldier returns to the forest to uncover the truth behind his fiance's disappearance.

Something in the woods
Running time: 90 minutes
Directed by Tony Gibson &  David D Ford

I recently purchased this movie, not knowing a whole lot about it. But it was Bigfoot related and the trailer seemed pretty good, so why not. I really didn't know what to expect and figured it was probably a low budget film, which is not an issue for me, so I took some time to watch it this morning. In short, a family discovers they have Bigfoot on their property and feel threatened when the Bigfoot comes up to the house. The father, takes steps to protect his family. 

Being a Bigfoot researcher and having been around Bigfoot on several occasions, I was somewhat amazed at how this film was able to capture the feeling of what a real Bigfoot sighting feels like. It didn't take long, about 30 minutes into the film, to tell that the people involved in this film did their homework. That is only one of the things that sets this Bigfoot film apart from many other Bigfoot films. Now, that may not mean a lot to people who do not know about the history of Bigfoot, or to non researchers or to people who have never had an encounter.  Even if you are not a Bigfoot enthusiast or have never had an encounter, the film is still very entertaining. But for people who already have good knowledge about the subject of Bigfoot, you will be blown away and very happy.

Rated: R
Running time: 81 minutes

Exists is a Bigfoot movie directed by Eduardo Sanchez. Some of you may remember Sanchez from the film The Blair Witch Project. I was not a big fan of The Blair Witch Project but do appreciate it for the marketing strategy. I ran a video store at the time Blair Witch came out and the marketing used portrayed the film as being real and it really hooked people.

Sanchez also directed one of my favorite movies, Altered. Altered was a rednecks find an alien film that was just fantastic in my eyes. I may do an in depth review of it as some point, but for now lets get back to the new film. 

With Exists the filming is very similar to Sanchez's earlier work in The Blair Witch Project. There are a lot of hand held video shots, shaky camera scenes and heavy use of GoPro cameras. But, the camera work is very effective in this film. Don't let the idea of the the shaky hand held shots put you off, this movie is filmed very well and this type of filming is a corner stone for Sanchez.

The plotline in Exists is pretty straight forward. A camping trip to an uncles cabin becomes a nightmare of terror from an unknown creature in the woods. Of course, this creature is none other than our beloved Bigfoot.

Some may be put off at the idea of a Bigfoot being a murderous monster, but there is a revenge element to the film. I will not get into this, as it would contain some spoilers and I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

The Bigfoot suit used in this film is top notch and may be one of the best in recent memory. There are a few scenes where I can see some clever trickster ripping it from the film and posting it to youtube as a personal sighting, so beware.

The film does an excellent job of building terror and suspense. There are a few "jumpy" parts that might make your heart skip a beat. That's always fun.

One thing, of the few, that I didn't like about the film was the Bigfoot howls. I don't think they represented the recordings I have heard or what others have described. But this is just a minor issue and most people will not even notice or think about it.  There is also some rock throwing that was pretty good and it made me think of the numerous reports and accounts I have heard and read about that included this Bigfoot behavior.

So in closing, I can recommend the film for anyone who has an interest in Bigfoot or just likes a good scary movie. Hats off to Sanchez for doing a fine job and beating my expectations. Also the DVD version I purchased has some great extra content, like deleted scenes and stuff, that I recommend you also watch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 

Exists - Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Eduardo S├ínchez Horror Movie HD 

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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 Oh There He Goes! -  The Lost and Last interview of Paul Freeman

!! Watch in HD!!
Freeman: "....kind of like some people get hooked on fishing."
This is the Lost and Last Interview of Paul Freeman that was conducted in 2002. This is the whole interview without any breaks or cuts. 

Only a few short clips form this interview were ever televised,most just ended up on the cutting room floor.The complete interview was tucked away in a drawer for almost ten years. 
There is a buzzing sound during the program,but I have tried to bring up Freeman's voice so you can at least hear what he is saying. I also tried to reduce the sound of the buzzing,it gets less as the program goes on.
In the 1990's Freeman was  accused of hoaxing and during this interview he gets a chance to address the issue to some degree. One of the biggest damning statements during this time was taken out of context while Freeman was on the Good Morning America TV Show. Freeman had admitted to trying to make Fake Tracks,but what was not explained was that Freeman was deliberately trying to make a set of fake tracks to compare to the real tracks he had seen,filmed and cast. Freeman never tried to pass the fakes tracks off as real sasquatch tracks.
In the video when Freeman refers to "boss" he is speaking of his wife who was in the room during the interview. 
Freeman spend 15+ years researching sasquatch in the Blue Mountains, and specifically the Mill Creek Watershed, that is in the border between Washington and Oregon.
Freeman pasted away about 15 months after this interview. Freeman gives lots of interesting tidbits during the interview, some are reviewed at the end of the program.
Special Thanks to Thom Powell.
All content used by permission or in the public domain. 2012 All rights reserved.

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Grindstone Entertainment has acquired North American rights to the micro-budget  thriller "Bigfoot County," and will explore release options for late this year.

NOT a frame from the movie - used as reference only

Described as "Deliverance" plus "Blair Witch" meets Bigfoot, chiller is fashioned from footage ostensibly taken by a group of filmmakers who disappeared in Northern California's Bigfoot-sighting hotspot of Siskiyou County.
Stewart also produced with Richard Halpern. Grindstone will release "Bigfoot County" through Lionsgate Home Entertainment.
"I went up to shoot a movie on Bigfoot, then a local I met with presented me with evidence that blew my mind," says director Stephon Stewart. "After seeing this film, you will begin to believe what many have doubted since the 1967 Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Footage was released."

[Source:variety ]

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