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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 Oh There He Goes! -  The Lost and Last interview of Paul Freeman

!! Watch in HD!!
Freeman: "....kind of like some people get hooked on fishing."
This is the Lost and Last Interview of Paul Freeman that was conducted in 2002. This is the whole interview without any breaks or cuts. 

Only a few short clips form this interview were ever televised,most just ended up on the cutting room floor.The complete interview was tucked away in a drawer for almost ten years. 
There is a buzzing sound during the program,but I have tried to bring up Freeman's voice so you can at least hear what he is saying. I also tried to reduce the sound of the buzzing,it gets less as the program goes on.
In the 1990's Freeman was  accused of hoaxing and during this interview he gets a chance to address the issue to some degree. One of the biggest damning statements during this time was taken out of context while Freeman was on the Good Morning America TV Show. Freeman had admitted to trying to make Fake Tracks,but what was not explained was that Freeman was deliberately trying to make a set of fake tracks to compare to the real tracks he had seen,filmed and cast. Freeman never tried to pass the fakes tracks off as real sasquatch tracks.
In the video when Freeman refers to "boss" he is speaking of his wife who was in the room during the interview. 
Freeman spend 15+ years researching sasquatch in the Blue Mountains, and specifically the Mill Creek Watershed, that is in the border between Washington and Oregon.
Freeman pasted away about 15 months after this interview. Freeman gives lots of interesting tidbits during the interview, some are reviewed at the end of the program.
Special Thanks to Thom Powell.
All content used by permission or in the public domain. 2012 All rights reserved.

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  1. Listening to this is the next best thing to having a dentist drill on your teeth.

  2. Awesome interview!! Great job, thanks for sharing!! I love Paul Freeman's work and I'm glad that I have an answer to the people who claim he was a hoaxer! Thanks.


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