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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Better Way Of Finding Bigfoot?
The Falcon Project’s New Toy
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

The Hunt for bigfoot goes hi-tech

            Just as bigfooters will be headed out on foot into the field next spring, The Falcon Project will be looking to make history in the world of unknown hominids in a different way.
            The project who’s objective is to find “clear, steady film evidence of a hominid in its natural habitat” has now employed a remote controlled airship. A 45-foot long helium filled craft mounted with a camera. And they’re hoping the new device will have better success than any researchers on the ground.
            The project’s founder, William Barnes and his team that includes one scientist, is planning night flyovers of prime bigfoot habitat all around the U.S.  in hopes of capturing the best video footage to date.
            The new craft offers stealth and maneuverability as two new unique advantages; complete silence in its mission to create no disturbance of wildlife in the woods as it does its work.  The craft’s camera has the ability to film in infrared, high definition, and thermal imaging. It is protected by a gyroscopically stabilized housing that is believed to put an end to the shaky images we know so well from the hundreds of blobsquatch photos we see taken by people who are on the move when they film, or simply too terrified to hold a camera still.
            This new airship, named the Aurora Mk II, is being built by a Canadian based firm known as Remote Aerial Tripods, Inc. and is expected to be ready to get started on its mission by next spring. ******DF

[Source: MSNBC]

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1 comment:

  1. Big Boot is one of the biggest mystery of human era as every one claims it but no one have proof. Even many videos where big boot was seen looks like fake. But that doesn't mean it is impossible it is possible with infrared heat as infrared heat can detect warm blood, by thermal imaging we can trace them, with an approximation that they exist.


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