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Thursday, October 18, 2012

!! Watch in HD!!
I was contacted by WiiStandUnited,the original uploader of this video, he wanted me to do a breakdown of his video and see if I can pull out more detail. I had done a enhancement of one of his videos before and was able to get a better look at a unknown figure back then.

Well he is still recording a unknown figure around his house area and this video show it a couple of times. I'm just not sure what we are looking at in the video,but at one point it is walking on 2 feet and then on 4. It may just be a person pulling a prank on WiiStandUnited or just maybe there is some unknown creature, possibly bigfoot, living in the woods behind his house.

Interesting video but inconclusive at best. I would recommend that WiiStandUnited keep filming and maybe at some point we can solve the mystery.


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  1. He seems to have a Trespasser. The Second Video you can see the end of a Shirt or Jacket. Suggestion; Place a trail cam with Motion sensor in those areas.


  3. fake as hell,the 2nd clip looks especially bad

  4. Whomever it was, the knew the camera was there. Either they went down on all fours to try and avoid being seen by the camera or was trying to lead us to believe it was a bf. Either way I think its a hoax.


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