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Wood Knocks In Oregon

This report comes from TCC's Bobby and Corinna Long. It seems Bobby, his son Hunter and Hunter's friend Mya had a frightening experience. This happened on Saturday October 3, 2020 at around 9 pm in Douglas County Oregon.

Here is the report from Bobby.

Possible Bigfoot Seen in Carberry Creek Area

Several days ago I got a report sent in of a possible bigfoot sighting in the Carberry Creek area of Oregon. I went to google maps and found the general area of the event. Oregon is a great place for bigfoot, with plenty of food and water sources.

Here is the report/message I got about the sighting.

We were looking for morels and stumbled across some tracks. The track in the picture is deep and in hard gravel. so it had to be very heavy or a hard impact step.

The track is 18 inches long by 6 1/2 wide. There was a second track but it is not visible in pictures. We found this in Slide creek, which is near MYRTLE CREEK.

I looked closer and could see the heal and toe shapes. It is degraded a bit but has enough detail to tell it's a print.

We continued to scout the area for additional tracks and morels but didn't find any of either.

Here are a few more pictures from the area.
Area of second sighting

TCC members Bobby and Corinna Long give us an update from their home state of Oregon. Oregon is home to numerous Bigfoot sightings and has an idea habitat for Bigfoot.

This report contains three different sightings by Bobby and Corinna spread over a span of around three years. If you have had a sighting in any of these area, please contact us.

This comes from our team in Oregon, Bobby and Corinna Long. Bobby's friend Rocky came to visit and talk about Bigfoot. Later they decided to go on a hike to scout for Bigfoot evidence.

Bobby said:
"We found a lot of sign but on the walk back is when we found 1 large track in the gravel next to the road.  In the photo above is Rocky's size 13 shoe next to the print. So, we are looking at a 16-17 inch foot impression."

2016 was a rather quite year for our Oregon Crypto Crew team, Bobby and Corinna Long. Maybe it was just an off year, that happens sometimes with bigfoot research. If the teams recent track finding is any indication, 2017 may provide a good upswing.

Three large human looking tracks were found by the team on private property. The area is almost nothing but forest land with creeks and wildlife. In other words a perfect spot for our ol buddy, bigfoot.

The tracks did have some snow melt to them but as you can see in the above picture and the video below, they are still very large. The chances of them being made by someone walking around barefooted in the snow is rather slim.

Check out the video of the other tracks and area.
The Crypto Crew's Bobby and Corinna Long do some field work on a recent bigfoot sighting report from Remote, OR.  (Details of the sighting are at the bottom of this post.)

Oregon is a beautiful place and is the home of many bigfoot reports. Here is a couple of photos taken by Bobby and Corinna

Here are the details from the Recent report

Where: Remote, OR - Upper Rock Creek Rd
When: 6/8/13
Time: 6:30pm
Witnesses: 3
Describe Creature: Giant hairy ape man
Details: At first there was a bad smell and then they seen the Creature and it was digging and eating something.

[Report taken by Linda Newton-Perry]


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[The Photo is from TCC Team Members Bobby & Corinna Long] 

Bobby and Corinna Long do their bigfoot research and investigations in Oregon. There has been several reports they have checked into around where the above photo was taken. It is also in the same area where Bobby and Corinna had their own sighting.

On the day this photo was taken they also reported hearing some loud thuds, had found several tree breaks and thought something was pacing them on the edge of the woods.
I have attempted to enhance the photo but it is still inconclusive.

Of course we can not say for sure that this is a bigfoot but there does appear to be something looking from behind that tree. It kind of looks like the left arm is up and it is peaking over. It may be just a shadow or a trick of light but this is still a very good area with a history of sightings and track fines.
More research will be done in this area over the summer.


Area GPS:43.15278N, 132.13922W   Elevation 2279

UPDATE! -  Bobby and Corinna went back to this location yesterday and took some pictures and video. I hope to have the video a little later but here are the photos.

and here is a zoom in

It is still inclusive but at least we are doing research and trying to be sure. The after images look somewhat different. This was some good work by Bobby and Corinna. I hope to post the video up later today or tomorrow.


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Siskiyou National Forest
A Sasquatch Moment In The Siskiyous
An Interview With Kevin Jones
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
            There are many bigfoot encounters to tell about. Hundreds of accounts of split seconds in infinity where the storytellers were left wondering if they saw what they thought they saw. But as I listened to Kevin Jones talk about his encounter with a mother and juvenile sasquatch in Oregon back in 1995, it seemed different to me somehow. He had an extra few seconds to watch them and process what he was seeing before they discovered him and slowly and quietly walked into the brush.
Dorraine: When was this encounter?
Kevin: It was on October 3, 1995, around 10 A.M.
Dorraine: And where did this take place?
Kevin: It happened on Siskiyou National Forest land just outside of Grants Pass in southern Oregon.
Dorraine: And what kind of terrain is it in that area?
Kevin: I’m not quite sure how to describe it. Its really rugged forest land in the mountains.
Dorraine: Okay, describe the events leading up to the encounter.
Kevin: I had driven up Mt. Peavine (Merlin/Galice area) to go deer hunting. I reached a locked gate about three miles from the area where I usually hunt. The sun was coming up by the time I started up the road so I was in full hunt mode. I spotted a small group of deer with one buck in the group but was not able to get a shot so I began trying to move closer. I seemed to keep pushing them without being able to ever get clean shot on him. I tracked them around most of the morning. By this time it was late morning just after 10 A.M. The daytime temps were still very warm but I was bundled up for the early morning cold. Thinking the deer would be bedding down, I made my way to a clear cut and found a nice tree stump to sit on. I shed some layers and was enjoying the warm sun. I had been sitting there for about 20 minutes or so when some movement to my right caught my eye.
Dorraine: And what caught your eye?
Kevin:  At a distance of about 60 yards coming out of a draw of trees I saw a large, maybe 7+ foot tall, obviously female Sasquatch walk into the clear cut. A second or two later, just behind her was a very lanky, almost skinny looking juvenile about 3 and a half or 4 feet tall.
Dorraine: Did they see you at that time?
Kevin: For a few seconds they walked in to the clear cut without seeing me.
Dorraine: What were they doing?
Kevin: The little one was really hopping and playing around behind the female, his elbows were raised and he was planting his heels with every deliberate step. The adult saw me, and for a second looked me right in the eyes. I immediately broke eye contact as I was terrified and did not want to provoke her.
Dorraine: What did they do when they saw you?
Kevin:  The female turned her upper body back toward the small one while still walking. The little one immediately went to a hurried walk and was looking around very alertly as if mom had warned him of me. She the turned her focus back to me and put herself between me and the small one. They walked diagonally in front of me crossing the clear cut area.
Dorraine: How far away do you suppose they were?
Kevin: At one point they were no more than 35 yards in front of me.
Dorraine: Can you describe them a little better to me? What color were they?
Kevin: The large one had dark, almost black hair that looked smooth and groomed compared to the little one who had lighter brown hair that was very shaggy looking. The larger one had dark eyes with no whites visible, hair was smooth in appearance and had a shine where the sun hit it. Her nose was fairly flat and her lips seemed thin. She had less hair on her face but looked like she had a three day beard. (Laugh)
Dorraine: Can you describe the juvenile a little better?
Kevin: It was very skinny looking compared to the large one. Also its walk was far less graceful. Almost awkward.  I have to say also he was very cute and endearing. Awkward but cute.
Dorraine: Did you see its face very clearly? Did it look like a chimp’s face?
Kevin: More human looking.  It looked like a dirty or dark skinned kid that never combed his hair or bathed. I couldn't tell if it was male or female but I've always felt it was a boy.
Dorraine: I think it’s interesting when you were talking about their movement and you described the juvenile, it sounded a lot like how a child might goof around. Is that what it looked like?
Kevin: That's exactly what it seemed like to me.
Dorraine: Did you see them do anything else after that?
Kevin:  They walked up to the road.  The little one entered the trees on the other side, the female stopped, turned completely around to face me, stood there for just a second then turned and followed the little one in to the trees and brush. Then within just a second they were out of my sight.
Dorraine: How were you feeling at this point? What were you thinking?
Kevin: I was afraid to even breathe when I saw them. I had my rifle across my lap the whole time but had no thoughts of raising it. After they left my sight I became even more scared. I ducked down behind the stump I was on. I then raised my rifle pointing in the direction I had last seen them. I stayed in that position for about 30 min or so, totally terrified. Every twig snap, squirrel bark, and bird flutter nearly gave me a heart attack.
Dorraine: So how long do you think this whole encounter lasted?
Kevin: Only around 30 seconds or so, but it felt like an eternity. I was frozen in fear! I finally made my way out of the area and back to my vehicle.
Dorraine: Did you ever hear them make any sounds?
Kevin: I didn’t hear any vocalizations.
Dorraine: Did you ever look for or see any tracks?
Kevin: Oh yes. I wish I had known to cast tracks. They were very clear tracks in red clay soil that was fairly soft.
Dorraine: Did you notice anything else?
Kevin:  I noticed from the tracks that the small ones feet were almost as wide as they were long.
Dorraine  What did you do in the days and weeks after the encounter? Did you tell anyone/ alert authorities?
Kevin: I told my wife right afterward, and my neighbor (a friend) the next day, but I never reported it to any officials. I kept it to myself for a few months till I met a couple of researchers who listened to my story. 
Dorraine: As you’re looking back on the whole encounter, how much danger do you believe you were really in, given you were making no move toward the creatures?
Kevin:  I was impressed by her size. She didn't seem aggressive but I sure wasn't going to push my luck. I'm not sure if it was because she was seeing me, but her expression was one of surprise. Hard to describe really. 
Dorraine:  And how do you feel about it all now?  Have you had any additional thoughts, or developed any new philosophies?
Kevin:  Not really, but the whole experience changed me and has shaped who I am today. Just sharing this story from almost 17 years ago puts me right back there as if it just happened. It was, is and without a doubt will always be the most amazing thing I've ever seen!
Summary: After hearing this, it struck me that this was a pretty profound moment. Kevin Jones caught two sasquatches, a mother and juvenile, in the act of being natural. So often, encounters with bigfoot are quick and tense on both sides of the fence. But even though it was only for a very short time, he witnessed them in a family moment doing what they’d do on any regular day as the juvenile, dirty, disheveled, and unaware of potential danger, seemed to do his little “happy dance” behind his mother as Kevin watched from a distance.  It was indeed a once in a lifetime event. *******

©The Crypto Crew 2012

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