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Bigfoot: My Puzzling Experiences In Canada 
By Dorraine Fisher

There was a day that bigfoot grabbed me and held on. Figuratively, of course, thankfully. But he grabbed me nonetheless. And my life hasn’t been the same since. And I didn’t see him, but I was convinced from that moment on that he just might really exist.  And it happened in a big wilderness area of western Ontario in Canada.

Back in 2009, when I and my then-husband were visiting relatives that had a very large cabin (or cottage as they called it) on the Lake of the Woods near the small town of Kenora in western Ontario. There was a lot of wilderness there as there were still not many houses on that area of the lake. And it contained some pretty thickly forested areas all around the lake. Fishing tournaments occurred every year there, and deer and other creatures wandered into Kenora on a regular basis. It’s a picturesque and still largely wild area with many curious rock stacks along the roadsides. 

Today kind of ended with a odd event. I will start from the first to give you a feel for what was going on.

I was in the mountains with my dad today, we were scouting around for some ginseng. The area we were in is very steep. When I say steep, I mean cow's face steep. It is so steep that if you get into a spot where there is no small trees to pull yourself up, you can't go any higher. This happened to me on another day in this same area, only back to our left. But today, we were successful getting near the top of the mountain.

When we were about half way up, I flanked left and my dad right. The plan was that I would continue going left and back to the truck and my dad would go right and then circle back around the small ridge and back to the truck. Well, once I got near the top I found an old road. I thought to myself, "I haven't heard from dad, I'd better check on him". So I go decided to walk right towards the area dad was suppose to be in.

As I'm going along I stop at certain points and do a loud "whoop" to see if dad can hear me. While in the woods I make a whoop sound so my dad will know where I'm at and then he normally responses with a yell of some sort. Well, I walked and whooped several times but did not get any holler back from my dad. I kind of got a little worried because dad had major heart surgery about a year ago. He is doing really well, but I'm afraid he will push himself too hard. After all he is almost 67 years old.

I decide, that maybe he is already back at the truck and somehow we crossed paths and didn't hear or see each other. The mountain is surly big enough for this to have happened. So I started walking back towards the truck but I was still way up on the mountain. I also stopped briefly along the way and did many whoops in case dad was below me. I never got any replies from him.

After walking a pretty good ways, I hear the horn on the truck blow. We had said that if one of us got to the truck before the other, we would blow the horn. So, I let out a loud whoop in hopes that my dad would hear me. I realized he didn't hear me so I let our a very loud "redneck yell". He blew the horn but I found out later he didn't hear me, it was just him doing another blow.

I kept making my way down the steep mountain towards the truck, making some whoops along the way. My dad stopped blowing the horn, of course this made me worry a little that he might be sick or something. I know, I worry too much. I got to a point, going down the mountain, that I was stuck on a high wall (about a 30-40 foot cliff).  So I had to circle back a little to get down, which I did.

Here is where things get interesting.

Once down into the grown up, weed riddled road we walked in on, I let out a whoop to let my dad know I was near the truck. I could not see the truck, it was about a quarter mile away. Well, just as I let out the whoop, I heard brush break above the high wall and then a short quick whoop followed quickly by "Hey!". I immediately thought it was my dad going back up the mountain to look for me. So, I yelled out, "I'm in the road, where you going?".  At that moment the horn on the truck blew, letting me know what ever "whooped" at me was not my dad. Whatever it was on the cliff, did not make another sound or movement that I could hear. I was so beat, and soaked with sweat but I mustered up a whoop to see if whatever it was would reply, it didn't.

I kept moving towards the truck, I was gasping for breath from the walk down the mountain. Once I got to the truck, I took off my long sleeved shirt, to help cool down. I ask dad if he had seen anyone go by on a ATV or anything. He said no and that he had been there about 40 minutes or more. I told him about the event that just happened while I was in the old road. He said "well, I heard a loud wood breaking sound a few minutes ago". He said "I thought it was you getting close and had stepped on a branch". But it was from an area to my dad's right and in an area I had not been in that day.

I do not know what it was for sure, there is a very slim chance it could have been a person but I think a person would have talked to me or my dad would have seen them. This ares is very close to a Bigfoot sighting that happened about 2 summers ago.  I'm almost convinced it was a Bigfoot, and can't just explain it away. Did all my whooping and his horn blowing stir up a Bigfoot?

So, my question, I guess, is has anyone else had a similar experience or had a Bigfoot yell hey?  If so I would be interested in hearing about it.

Also please note this did not happen in any of my normal research areas, but the area is vast and has very little population of people. There is a handful of houses at the base of the mountain. The roads are rough and not traveled by very many people. Those who travel it normally use ATVs.

All in all it was an interesting day.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Camp Pharaoh
First, let me wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Now let me get to a report that was submitted today. It comes from the state of Illinois.

Here is the report.

- Start Report - 

Name: Bruce ****

Email Address: On File

State: Illinois


Date of Sighting: 6/27/15

Time of Day: between 1am and 1:30am

Nearest Town: Harrisburg, Illinois

Length of Sighting: 30 sec or less

How many Witnesses: me and nephew who awoke at the end

Any Photos/Videos: n/a

Describe sighting in detail:

Had just got to sleep after chasing a coon away from camp, camp pharaoh. I herd a howl but not like a coyote, then 2 whoops about 10 to15 seconds later. I tried to get my phone turned on but heard it no more.

The sounds came from the valley below somewhere.This was in the garden of the gods area. I am not sure what it was as I am an avid hunter and used to run trap lines and never heard those sounds accept on TV. I have heard bobcats, coyotes ,and even wounded deer. I really can't say what it was but different and my nephew took a leak and stayed close to the tent with me close by.

- End Report -

I was checking out some information about this area and there was a report back in 2007 of a man doing cougar research when he was interrupted by wood knocks. He described the knocks as "aggressive and loud". This 2007 report was follow up on by the BFRO. This is the same county as this current report of howls and whoops.  According to the BFRO website there has been 270 report encounters from the state of Illinois.

This current report and the 2007 report are near the "Garden of the Gods Wilderness" area and also The Shawnee National Forest.

A big thanks to Bruce for sending in his report. If anyone else has encounter a possible Bigfoot in or around this area, then please contact us.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Whoops and Howls in Letcher County
Area of the Whoops and Howls
- This report comes to us from Randy. He tells of strange whoops and howls near his home in Letcher county Kentucky -

- Start
We were out on my carport one night with my brother's family back in June or July having a little cookout. Well, we were getting the kids to do whoops like the recordings on the net, while I took an old walking stick and did some knocks. We kept on for about an hour and listened after each time we would complete a call and series of knocks. Those kids could make whooping sounds so close to the calls on the net that it isn't funny. Anyway, about an hour of getting the kids to do this we were standing out in the driveway and heard the best copy of a couple of the howls we had heard on the net. The hair absolutely stood on every part of my body. My brother is a biologist for a company that surveys for endangered plants and animals. He looked at me with eyes as big as silver dollars.
My wife and sister-in-law were out there also, and I couldn't believe the looks on their faces. The kids got so distraught that they were running and absolutely crying and screaming with fear. We had to calm them and let them go inside. My brother, his wife, my wife and I were really taken back. My house is in the back of a long hollow with just a couple houses with family nearby.
We would do a few wood knocks, I would knock 3-4 times in a row just as fast as I could. My brother tried his hand at whooping and we got, if I remember correctly, 2 more of the howls.
Each time they got a little fainter. This was no coyote, dog or any other animal we have heard before.

We grew up with a shotgun in our hands, hunting by ourselves since we were 12 or 13 and have never heard anything like this. My brother being a biologist, said he couldn't relate it to anything he has ever heard either. And again, we truly stay in the outdoors more than we stay inside and we know every sound Mother Nature has offered us, but not this one.
After the event was over, my wife said, "I told u a few nights ago that I heard something in the mountain like that and you all wouldn't pay attention to me!", I actually remember that night. A few of my friends and family were talking and socializing when she came and said that to me.
I remember her saying that and me just passing it off as nothing. Not anymore. She and I stayed up for the next few nights trying to duplicate this, 2 nights between the hours of 1-3am we got responses from the same area.
We were so sure that we could get the responses again that we bought a $400 camcorder just for recording the howl. We didn't get much after that and we kind of just forgot about trying anymore.

Soon after, when deer bow hunting season came in, my brother started hunting behind our house. One morning he was back home by 10am and I asked why he came out of the woods so early. He said he was sitting in the stand and he heard the strangest sounding "bird" he had ever heard whooping in the back of the deep hollow behind my house. He said it was making a whooping sound like the kids were doing, but was deeper and stranger in tone. He wanted to say it sounded like a Bigfoot, I could tell, but he just couldn't make himself say it for some reason and I didn't ask if he thought it might have been, just to keep him from being more uncomfortable than he was.
He told me that it actually scared him and made him have a panic attack therefore causing him to come out of the stand and come home.

Now, to August of this year. I was standing on my porch at 2:26am one night. I remember the exact time but not the exact date. Yeah, that's strange too. Anyway, I was standing outside smoking and heard this same howl, coming from the same direction that it came from last year. It actually had a really strange pitch change near the end like the ones before. I stood there for about an hour and on the mountain, in front of my house, I heard the weirdest whistles I have ever heard. Whatever was doing it, did this about 3 times in the same manner each time. No bird I ever heard has ever whistled like this. A parrot might get close, but no small songbird or mocking bird. I can whistle pretty good, but could not get that sound or the clarity of the whistle sounds. I just can't explain in words how this whistle sounded.
I have more I could tell u, but I have typed a book. I'm not looking for attention, I just wanted to tell someone that would listen, like the guy in Tazwell wanted to do. I sent a report to BFRO and to the KY Bigfoot research people, but never got a call. This made me feel a little stupid and wondered if they thought I was one of those crazy people. I did find a boy that has a page in Facebook close to our area, Southeast Ky Bigfoot research I think is the name. I called him and told him a little about it and he said they had already had plans to come to this area for a weekend or 2 after I called. I told him I would take him right where these howls seem to come from, but I never heard from him anymore. I guess work is keeping him busy. One more thing. I looked on the BFRO site and the KY Bigfoot site and found 1 report in the exact same area. Coon hunters seen what could have been a Bigfoot, cross in front if their truck on old strip mine area. It is under Pike co and this strip mine land is the same place that we heard the howls. I was surprised to see this. It is right above my house. I'm only 1/4 mile or less from Pike. The report was back in the 90s if I recall correctly. Another report was from Letcher around Whitesburg talking about a screaming or screeching bigfoot. We own 92 acres down there bordering the area this report is from. I have wanted to go there to see what might occur but I would like someone who has time, to go with me. I could take someone with more knowledge and equipment than me in case we were at the right place at the right time.

I've been wanting to tell about this to someone that will listen. My brother said he would also give his account, along with my wife.  I am trying to get anyone around here to speak up if they have had anything strange going on, but getting people around here to talk about that stuff is almost impossible. Thanks, Randy

- End

- Now if anyone in Letcher county Kentucky has heard or seen anything related to bigfoot, please contact us. A big thanks to Randy for sending us his report. I hope others from the area contact us and tell about their encounters.


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This photo was posted to facebook a few days ago by our friend JC Johnson. What is in the circle appears to be something scaling a mountain side. I had some extra time so I thought I'd try and zoom the photo in and see maybe what this could be. Photo is at Carrizo Mountains- 2005 - taken by JC Johnson.

Here is the cropped, zoomed and enhanced photo

I don't know if it really is something climbing the mountain side but it does have the shape of a human type figure.
If I had to guess I'd say it is probably a trick of light. One could go back to the spot and take another picture and the mystery could be solved.

Here is what JC had to say about the photo :
 Jc Johnson - "Went back with Chief Dan a couple of weeks later. We did not see the same anomaly....we will be going back up to the Carizzo Mountains as soon as the snow melts. Just so everyone knows, this mountain range is in Arizona."

Thanks goes to JC Johnson for sharing the photo and we can't wait to see what his return trip yields.


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The Crypto Crew has been investigating an area in New Hampshire for about 5 months now. Researchers have heard sounds coming from the woods but had not been able to record them until now.Could this be from a bigfoot? It is similar to the "huff" heard in another video recently.
During the investigation we have found and photoed tracks,tree breaks and maybe the creature itself.
Please read the report and see the pictures at the following links below.


Bigfoot Sighting in NE Ohio

My name is Paul H. and I belong to the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters Group,I do occasional researching in NE Ohio. My sighting on this elusive creature was September 9th 2011.It all started out on the night of Sept. 5th at about 2am in the morning,it was one of those sleepless nights and I got up and walked out on my back porch to smoke because I don't smoke in my house.The moon was full that night and partially lit up my back yard.I was standing on my porch and too my left is a line of pine trees that divides my property from the corn field beside my house.I heard this deep guttural growl coming from the field area just behind those pine trees and this happened 3 times within just a few minutes,so after trying to see what made this growling I couldn't see anything because it was so dark and I ended up going back into my house.The next night I ended up going back out to my back porch to smoke again and it was about 1am and after being out there for a few minutes I heard this deep guttural growling again but yet I could not see what made it.

I started getting curious about the whole situation and Friday Sept. 9th at approximately 6pm my son who is 24 years old stopped over and I was telling him about what happened so we decided to take a walk back into the woods just to see what we could find.We walked across the corn field and through the tree line and entered a tall grassy field where you could tell that the deer lay there at night.While standing there we were looking slightly to the right at a crab apple tree that was about 200 ft from us and out of the corner of my left eye I noticed movement from the other side of the creek that runs parallel North to South at the edge of the field.I asked my son if he had seen that and he responded with no,we decided to walk over and check it out and at this point I couldn't tell you what it was nor could I say what color it was,all I do know is that something moved from that area deeper into the woods.

We proceeded across the field and we came to a narrow creek about 3ft wide and we crossed over and followed the edge of that narrow creek on a small deer path.I was checking the creek bed and edge for any kind of prints from what had moved from that area but came up empty handed. My son told me to come to where he was standing and told me to follow the creeks edge and look over to a very large tree at the creeks edge because he thought that he saw something squatted down beside that tree but again I could not make out anything at this point.I proceeded with checking for prints at the edge of the creek for about another 10 minutes or so,then I went back to the same area that we were standing to look over at the large tree that my son thought something was there and yes,the area looked slightly different but we couldn't tell what was there. We started heading east deeper into the wooded area and I went south east and my son headed north east and he came to an area that was a medium tall green grass area that was surrounded by brush and yelled that he smelled something awful in that area,so I proceeded over and the smell in that area was really bad but we looked around that area but still could not find anything.We have been gone for about 45 minutes now and after coming up with no prints ect...we decided to start walking back home.

My son and I headed back to the creek and followed the edge until we almost got back to the area where we had crossed over earlier and my son was about 6ft in front of me and he just stopped and was looking to his left.I said: what are you doing? He replied with Look over there! In my line of view I couldn't see too much because of limbs and leaves and I asked him again what he was looking at and pointed and told me "Right There!" I hunched down to be able to see because of the limb and at about 100-125ft from us stood this elusive creature beside a large tree.We both froze and all I remember is looking at this very large creature Dark Brown in color and about 7-8ft tall and extremely massive.This creature was moving his upper body left and right which I am thinking that he was trying to see where our position was at or if he could see us because I knew that he knew we were still there. The creature had a compliant gate,his arms was long enough that his fingers was about to the knee,this creature had to weigh in at about 600lbs,creature had extremely muscular legs and a lot of hair on the face.I could not see the ears or the palms of the creatures hands.We stood there for only maybe about a minute but it seemed more like 30 minutes and we moved before the creature did.We started walking across the grassy field and up through the corn field always looking behind us to see if we were being followed and once we returned back home and stepped into my back yard there was two loud tree knocks that came from our left and we both looked at each other because we both heard it.That is the end of my sighting and from that day until January 31st 2012 I have had whistles,I have found prints,I have seen eye shine from the tree line and I have heard a type of chatter and also one strange one that sounded like someone hitting the bottom of a metal pan with a spoon.

Tree Break found during investigation
TCC - I know it's been a while since the last update about this investigation. If you don't know the full story you can catch up by reading Here First and then Here . As some of you know we have photographed a lot of possible evidence, everything from the possible creature itself to tracks and tree breaks.
We also installed a game cam and had a TCC Team Member in the field working the area for evidence.
Well a couple of weeks ago we went back to get the images from the game cam and to our surprise someone or something had taken this rather costly game cam. The area was searched heavily for any evidence of the game cam but we was only able to turn up a piece of the strap that held it to the tree.
It would have been kind of hard from someone just to stumble unto the cam and notice it,but that may be the case.
So I'm sad to say we lost the game cam and whatever pictures were on it.
We continued to investigate the area in the following days. Some of the activity levels have decreased but there is still some. Why the decrease?...we think it could have to do with the fact that there is more food sources now than when we first started the investigation. With Spring breaking (or broke now) there was an increase in food such as leafs and roots. So maybe this creature is not traveling to the marsh to get food.  There is also a chance that it was some form of migration, as to why the activity has decreased.  
There is still some activity in the nigh with some strange howls and whoops but it is even more random now than it was at the first.
We do have a TCC Team Member still in the area and will continue to look and listen for more evidence.
We have a few unreleased photos but they are nothing really special. I hope to post up a complete album on Our Facebook Page of all the photos,including the currently unreleased ones.
I will try to keep everyone up to date on anything new that happens with this ongoing investigation.
Hopefully there will be more gathering of evidence in the future.
Bigfoot sighting & TCC investigating

[* All Photos belong to The Crypto Crew, no reuse without permission]

New Hampshire Bigfoot Sighting Investigation Update

Recently there was a possible bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire and we posted it Here ,with pictures, a few days ago.
TCC has had an investigator on the scene and in the field trying to gather evidence of and about this sighting from the day it happened and we have found some very interesting things.

First let me bring you up to todays events.
We got what we call a "Hot" report in of a bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire, this report was just a few hours old when we received it or 3/8/12. We had a TCC Team member on it immediately and set up a game cam.
Then our team member hit the field looking for evidence and has found some potentially good evidence of activity in the area.

We also tried leaving a "gift" to see if anything would take it and sure enough the "gift" we left was taken by something. So we are moving to the second step of this experiment and I hope to have an update on how it went in a day or two.

Our Team Member was also able to find what is possibly a very large track and several tree breaks.
These tree breaks are anywhere from a few feet off the ground and up to about 10 or 12 feet high.
We also found a possible rock stack but are studying it to try and determine what may have done it.

The Crypto Crew is still in the area and still investigating this sighting. There is still activity happening and we still have the game cam set up and will check it in a few more days. We are doing several experiments with hopes of gathering even more evidence about this sighting. There has been many howls and whoops but they have been pretty random and our attempts to record them has been unfruitful,but we are still working on it.
When any new note worthy evidence is gathered I will share it here. So far this is all lining up pretty well...bigfoot sighting > Tracks > Tree breaks > howls... so this is looking good at this point.

All this activity and photos are within about a half a mile radius of the actual sighting area.

What follows is some photos from the field of the large track and the tree breaks.
(you may have to click "read more" to see the photos)

Videos uploaded to youtube by
Uploaded by productionvideos27

Video 1 wood knock and whoop -

I left the camera there for three hours and found this on my audio! wanted to see if there was an active game trail.

Video 2 Tracks -
TCC - I ask the productionvideos27 to check for some track and he came back with the track video. I have combined the 2 videos.

Thanks for watching..

Join the search at
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