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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Today kind of ended with a odd event. I will start from the first to give you a feel for what was going on.

I was in the mountains with my dad today, we were scouting around for some ginseng. The area we were in is very steep. When I say steep, I mean cow's face steep. It is so steep that if you get into a spot where there is no small trees to pull yourself up, you can't go any higher. This happened to me on another day in this same area, only back to our left. But today, we were successful getting near the top of the mountain.

When we were about half way up, I flanked left and my dad right. The plan was that I would continue going left and back to the truck and my dad would go right and then circle back around the small ridge and back to the truck. Well, once I got near the top I found an old road. I thought to myself, "I haven't heard from dad, I'd better check on him". So I go decided to walk right towards the area dad was suppose to be in.

As I'm going along I stop at certain points and do a loud "whoop" to see if dad can hear me. While in the woods I make a whoop sound so my dad will know where I'm at and then he normally responses with a yell of some sort. Well, I walked and whooped several times but did not get any holler back from my dad. I kind of got a little worried because dad had major heart surgery about a year ago. He is doing really well, but I'm afraid he will push himself too hard. After all he is almost 67 years old.

I decide, that maybe he is already back at the truck and somehow we crossed paths and didn't hear or see each other. The mountain is surly big enough for this to have happened. So I started walking back towards the truck but I was still way up on the mountain. I also stopped briefly along the way and did many whoops in case dad was below me. I never got any replies from him.

After walking a pretty good ways, I hear the horn on the truck blow. We had said that if one of us got to the truck before the other, we would blow the horn. So, I let out a loud whoop in hopes that my dad would hear me. I realized he didn't hear me so I let our a very loud "redneck yell". He blew the horn but I found out later he didn't hear me, it was just him doing another blow.

I kept making my way down the steep mountain towards the truck, making some whoops along the way. My dad stopped blowing the horn, of course this made me worry a little that he might be sick or something. I know, I worry too much. I got to a point, going down the mountain, that I was stuck on a high wall (about a 30-40 foot cliff).  So I had to circle back a little to get down, which I did.

Here is where things get interesting.

Once down into the grown up, weed riddled road we walked in on, I let out a whoop to let my dad know I was near the truck. I could not see the truck, it was about a quarter mile away. Well, just as I let out the whoop, I heard brush break above the high wall and then a short quick whoop followed quickly by "Hey!". I immediately thought it was my dad going back up the mountain to look for me. So, I yelled out, "I'm in the road, where you going?".  At that moment the horn on the truck blew, letting me know what ever "whooped" at me was not my dad. Whatever it was on the cliff, did not make another sound or movement that I could hear. I was so beat, and soaked with sweat but I mustered up a whoop to see if whatever it was would reply, it didn't.

I kept moving towards the truck, I was gasping for breath from the walk down the mountain. Once I got to the truck, I took off my long sleeved shirt, to help cool down. I ask dad if he had seen anyone go by on a ATV or anything. He said no and that he had been there about 40 minutes or more. I told him about the event that just happened while I was in the old road. He said "well, I heard a loud wood breaking sound a few minutes ago". He said "I thought it was you getting close and had stepped on a branch". But it was from an area to my dad's right and in an area I had not been in that day.

I do not know what it was for sure, there is a very slim chance it could have been a person but I think a person would have talked to me or my dad would have seen them. This ares is very close to a Bigfoot sighting that happened about 2 summers ago.  I'm almost convinced it was a Bigfoot, and can't just explain it away. Did all my whooping and his horn blowing stir up a Bigfoot?

So, my question, I guess, is has anyone else had a similar experience or had a Bigfoot yell hey?  If so I would be interested in hearing about it.

Also please note this did not happen in any of my normal research areas, but the area is vast and has very little population of people. There is a handful of houses at the base of the mountain. The roads are rough and not traveled by very many people. Those who travel it normally use ATVs.

All in all it was an interesting day.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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