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What Personality Type Can Hone Psychic Ability?

Many people wonder if psychics have a common skill or ability, and many psychics might answer that this ability is that of intuition. The Myers-Brigg test, taken by 50 million people the world over, identifies 16 personality types, four of which are intuitive. While no studies have been undertaken on the predominance of one particular personality type in psychics, the ability to powerfully connect with others by listening to messages, comprehending symbols, and recognizing emotions runs deep in those dedicated to this complex art.

Ways To Discover Your Psychic Abilities

By Dorraine Fisher

We are all psychic, in a sense. We all have the ability to use that proverbial sixth sense we’re all told we have. But how do we learn to start using it?

Psychic abilities are like any other abilities we have. We start out knowing very little about them, and then we learn slowly by making mistakes and correcting them. We do things wrong in order to learn what’s right. But our psychic abilities are a very real thing that we can tap into. And for the sake of your personal awakenings, we absolutely should. But where do we start? Here are 6 ways to prepare your mind to start becoming more psychic. 

How To Receive Messages From Beyond

By Dorraine Fisher

No matter what belief system you aspire to, I’d be willing to bet it has crossed your mind at least once that there’s a lot more to the universe than what we see in our rigid 3D world every day. That maybe there’s really an ultimate authority out there. Or maybe just a little voice inside our head that could help us through the tough times if only we knew how to listen.

But what if I told you there is? What if I told you there’s a way to receive those messages, and you can absolutely do it, and without any special training or any mystical, magical skills endowed to you upon your birth? What if you have the inside track right now and you don’t even know it?

Intuition - 6 Ways To Recover Your Lost Sixth Sense
Reclaiming Your Inner Psychic

By Dorraine Fisher

You’re talking with someone you just met, and as you listen, you realize you don’t feel good about him/her. You don’t know why, but something about this person bothers you and you suddenly feel the need to get away. But you stick around and dismiss your feelings, (because they’re just feelings. Right?) only to find out later that he/she has a criminal record and may have been a danger to you. And you gasp at what you may have narrowly escaped. This was an incident of intuition, but your human brain failed to process it because of conditioning.
Photo by Sergi Viladesau

Can Tarot Improve Mental Health and Spirituality?

Did you realize that being spiritual has positive effects on your mental health and wellbeing? Science agrees, with 79% of studies showing a link between spirituality and levels of happiness and wellbeing. Making connections with the world around you can be as simple as doing your own tarot readings. To tap into the universe spiritually, start by:
  • Relaxing and clearing your mind
  • Asking the universe a question
  • Keeping your focus
  • Opening your mind to interpretations 

Earworms! Why You Can’t Get That Song Out Of Your Head
Understanding Psychic Abilities

By Dorraine Fisher

Have humans lost their intuition? Or is it trying to break through and send messages to us every day without our being aware? I was experiencing a lot of what’s referred to as earworms lately, and it was driving me a little crazy for a while. So much so that I had to start investigating.

Earworms. A very appropriate name for something that seems something like a little parasite inside our head. Like a creature that takes on a life of its own. But this is no creature, thankfully.

Yes, I know you all know what I’m talking about: That often irritating song that pops into your head, seemingly out of nowhere, and it just refuses to go away. You might wake up with it in your head in the morning, or maybe it just suddenly enters your conscious mind sometime during the day. But it doesn’t matter where it comes from. You just want it to go away. But it won’t...until it’s good and ready. 

9 More Spooky Signs You Might Be A Closet Psychic

By Dorraine Fisher

Psychic abilities are often different than people think. Instinct and intuition can be classified as psychic abilities, though that definition is often overlooked.

Some of us are naturally drawn to the paranormal. We have a strong sense that the universe extends further than we can see. And that may be because we’ve had experiences that come from our other senses. Sense that others don’t use as much. But to us, a feeling is just as real as any other sense. And it’s not always just about feeling. Sometimes we see things, maybe that others can’t. We’re somehow aware of a whole other reality beyond this one.

You’re lying in bed late at night. You can’t sleep so you decide to try catching up on your reading. You try to focus on the book in front of you, but you suddenly see a dark figure, like a shadow, out of the corner of your eye. You turn your head to get a better look, but of course, there’s nothing there. You could have sworn you saw something, but common sense tells you it was just your imagination. So you go back to reading, when you suddenly see it again. Are you crazy? Or are you maybe a closet psychic?

7 Signs You’re An Empath?
And If You Are, What Do You Do About It?

By Dorraine Fisher

Are you an empath?

An empath is a person with a natural ability to absorb the emotions and energies of others. Often to the point of doing emotional damage to themselves, unfortunately.  So people who suspect themselves to be an empath may have a negative view of the idea. But you really shouldn’t.

I’ve been talking a lot about empaths on social media lately, and it’s brought people to ask me questions about the subject. It seems there are actually a lot of people out there that suspect they might be an empath, but haven’t been able to positively identify their symptoms.

Did I Just See What I Think I Saw?
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Examining Logic Vs. Intuition

            So you think you saw Bigfoot, or a UFO, or a ghost? What are you supposed to do now? Those things aren’t supposed to exist, and yet something deep inside is saying, “Yes, I saw it and I know I didn’t dream it.” But still, you have to find a way to process it. Because in the human mind, everything must make sense and we must be able to relate it to something familiar. That’s how the human brain works. It struggles for a logical explanation.
            But some things in this world simply aren’t logical, and some things will always be a mystery.
            And I’m going to say something about this here that may not set so well with some, but needs to be said nonetheless.
            Great intelligence can be a curse. As far as we know, humans are the only animals intelligent enough to question their own instincts. We’re the only animals cursed with this supposed “gift” of reason that will slow us down (by us thinking too hard) just long enough for us to be knocked in the head by reality! Logic can confuse us because it assumes it knows everything when there’s no way it possibly can.
            So is it maybe easier to be any other animal? They seem to have such simple minds, and they don’t seem to doubt their own instincts at all.
            But there’s a reason for that from which humans can learn a valuable lesson. We have instincts or intuition for a reason.  It may have been designed to help us get through life, but we “intelligent” humans seem to turn it into something far more complicated. We over think, we doubt, and we question until we don’t trust ourselves to know. That’s the curse of logic.
            Logic just creeps in. And you’ll use that logic essentially as a tool to torture yourself over what your instinct already knows. You saw what you saw. Logic really had nothing to do with it. So maybe logic isn’t as sound as we’d like to think.
            But ironically it’s your distinctly human logical side that will argue with instinct and tell you that logic should be the winner here. Logic should decide what you saw, and logic tells you that Bigfoot shouldn’t exist. There’s no concrete proof. Therefore Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Period. End of story. So you must have imagined the whole thing.  Right?
            Intuition may seem intangible, but it’s very real. Humans, just like all other animals, were designed with strong instincts as a survival mechanism. We were meant to be able to perceive danger and make the decision to run or fight. Our instincts were gifted to us with a very profound purpose.
            If you watch other animals, they seem to use their instincts effectively and they don’t seem to question them. They rarely appear to doubt or over think.  That’s how they survive. And on those rare occasions when they do seem to question those instincts for even a split second, they often die. So instincts are very important to every living creature. They determine life and death. And what’s more important than that? So by that “reasoning,” should we ignore them now?
            We need to be more like the animals we truly are.  We need to learn to trust our instincts and follow them, even though that persistent logic we cling to will be screaming, “No!” Brushing logic aside, you saw what you saw. You weren’t dreaming.
             Your instincts already know what you saw, while logic will forever be arguing the point. And none of us needs to spend the rest of our lives arguing.  So have peace inside your mind, and surrender to what you know. **********

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