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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ways To Discover Your Psychic Abilities

By Dorraine Fisher

We are all psychic, in a sense. We all have the ability to use that proverbial sixth sense we’re all told we have. But how do we learn to start using it?

Psychic abilities are like any other abilities we have. We start out knowing very little about them, and then we learn slowly by making mistakes and correcting them. We do things wrong in order to learn what’s right. But our psychic abilities are a very real thing that we can tap into. And for the sake of your personal awakenings, we absolutely should. But where do we start? Here are 6 ways to prepare your mind to start becoming more psychic. 
1. Change your attitude about psychic abilities. They are not just about mind-reading. Mind-reading is part of it, but it’s not so cut and dry. Being psychic is more about learning to interpret a language the universe is using to try and communicate with you. It’s a system of signs and symbols that you interpret via your intuition and filtered through your personal perceptions. To have psychic abilities is different than most people imagine.

2. Learn to think metaphorically. If you’re a person who takes everything literally, you’ll have more trouble with this. But if you’re accustomed to interpreting a deeper meaning and symbolism to things you see, you’re already well on your way to discovering your psychic abilities faster than most. When you see something unusual or out of place, ask yourself what the deeper meaning of that thing is. What does it represent to you personally? I do this a lot when I see animals that I don’t usually see.

3. Clear your subconscious mind of all the garbage. The channels of your psychic abilities can be clogged if you have mental and emotional issues. Psychic skills need clear pathways in order to function. This means you need to deal with your issues directly. This can be done through cognitive behavior therapy, keeping a daily journal of your  thoughts and emotions, talking through your issues with yourself on a daily basis, or my personal favorite, shadow work. But in order to hone your psychic skills, you must make sure to deal with every mental and emotional issue you have and make sure it’s gone. Your psychic abilities won’t be realized if the channels are blocked by issues of the past.

4. Stop being distracted. Put your phone down. Get off your computer, and really start looking at the world around you. You are attracting psychic messages to you all the time without knowing it. They come to you in the form of the numbers you see everywhere, animals you may encounter on your path, signs and symbols you may see, or people who are exhibiting a certain behavior. Everything in your physical world is providing a roadmap for you to follow in order to do the right things.  But you have to give up your distractions in order to see them.

5. Understand the bigger picture. Start seeing everything in your world as energy, frequency, and vibration. Nothing in our world is truly physical and solid. Everything is merely an energy vortex spinning at a particular frequency. Including humans. We also vibrate at a frequency, and we attract to us that which matches our vibration. That’s why it’s important to keep our emotional pathways cleared. Doing this raises our vibration, which is very important to honing psychic skills. Everything around us is energy. Music, money, numbers, animals, people, everything. And we attract it all into our life if our frequency matches it.  Everything and everyone that enter our lives is because our current frequency and vibration has attracted it. A low vibration attracts hardship. A high vibration attracts good things and synchronicities such as psychic messages.

6. Absolutely trust your intuition. When you start trusting that inner voice without questioning, you’ll find that your life gets better. And the better it gets, the more you trust that your intuition is helping you and the more you’ll follow it. Trusting it is an act that perpetuates itself. Most people believe they have to witness something to be able to believe it. But this isn’t the case. We first have to believe something before we see it happen. So, imagine there’s a voice inside you that’s trying to send you in the right directions. Because there is.
And it’s the hallmark of your psychic abilities. Once you trust your intuition and use it to your advantage, more psychic messages will start to flow your way.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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