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Monday, April 15, 2019

From Empath To Psychic - Turning Your Heightened Sensitivity To Empowerment

By Dorraine Fisher

Whether we like it or not, feelings are important. But no one knows this quite like an empath whose world is dominated by feelings.

Many more people these days are realizing they are empaths. And this realization can often scare them to death. Empaths naturally seem to have a difficult existence. They often feel doomed to suffer with a world full of negative emotional stimuli that can leave them feeling depleted and exhausted.  For this reason, they often believe themselves to be victims that must constantly protect their energy and avoid stressful situations. And they can identify with these beliefs so much that they fail to realize the gift they possess. As an empath myself, I can say I started out with a very negative outlook about it, like I was cursed. But that only made me more determined to research and learn about how I could turn my empathic curse into something positive. And the answers I found were better than I could have hoped for. Empaths are natural-born psychics.

First, we have to understand what psychic abilities are. They are not the ability to read people’s minds or foretell future events per se. Though there are powerful clairvoyants out there that seem to be able to do this and can often be very accurate. But these are very special cases. For most of us, to have psychic abilities means you can interpret the nature of the energy surrounding someone or something. Genuine psychics do not receive speaking voices in their head telling them verbatim what’s going to happen or what someone is thinking in a given moment. Real psychics learn to see and interpret messages that come to them through many different channels, dreams, phrases, symbols, etc.  And they learn to interpret those messages by how the messages make them feel. Keep in mind that feelings play a huge role in developing psychic abilities. And they go back to our basic human instincts. Our instincts are just about having the ability to decide if something is friend or foe based on our gut feelings about it. And this can be developed to higher levels in which it becomes a highly developed intuition. And from there, psychic abilities are like Intuition on fire. They are a heightened form of intuition, and are often developed by training oneself to recognize the signs and interpret them by using our own feelings as guides.

Empaths, due to their heightened sensitivities to energy, have the greatest potential to develop psychic abilities. Why? Because psychic messages manifest by way of energy and frequency. And empaths can feel the most subtle changes in energy and frequency. They understand that different kinds of energies affect them in different ways. And it can be very empowering if they can learn to trust it.  Feeling and understanding the different types of energy and how they affect you and the world around you can be a blessing in disguise. But you have to shift your thinking to the perspective of personal empowerment.

Whether we believe it or not, the universe wants to assist us. It wants to answer our questions and is trying to help us all the time. Have you ever been driving down the road thinking about something that’s bothering you and you turn on the radio only to find that a song that’s playing resonates perfectly with what’s on your mind? It almost feels like a message that’s meant just for you. But you shake your head and dismiss it as coincidence. But what if it’s not a coincidence? What if there is no such thing as coincidence? What if those supposed coincidences are messages from the universe?

We have to understand what energy really is. It comes in many forms. We don’t often think of certain everyday things as being a form of energy, but they are. Money, love, hate, fear, signs and symbols, words, numbers, animals, music, etc. All of them carry energy. Everything is energy (you, me, everything) and each vibrates at a certain frequency. And that frequency that we encounter in any of these things will be a perfect match to our thought processes at that moment. In essence, we attract situations and things to us that vibrate at the frequency we are being. If we have negative thoughts, the energies and frequencies we attract will be negative. We’ll see nothing but negativity around us and we’ll attract all kinds of negative situations to us. This is the law of attraction at work. This is why people say we create our reality. It’s because our personal version of reality is sent to us by way of our thoughts and the frequency we hold. 

So, the act of asking the universe a question, whether directly or indirectly, sets a frequency around you that causes all kinds of messages to start appearing around you that are trying to give you the right answer. You only have to be aware of this fact and start seeing them.

But what does this have to do with empaths?

Empaths understand subtle changes in energy and frequency better than others. They can feel negativity in another person, place, or thing without trying very hard. This is a psychic ability within itself. They can feel the energy and move away if necessary while others are still wondering. But it can go much further than that.

An empath can easily train themselves to understand energy better by taking note of their own responses to energy stimuli  in these “feeling” moments. When you encountered the negative energy, how did it make you feel? Where in your body did you feel it? Analyze the situation. Start paying attention to the details.  Once you do this, you will quickly learn to tell exactly what type of energy affects you in a certain way. It will tell you exactly what you need to know about a situation by how it feels and where you feel it in your body. I.E. often negative energy is felt in the stomach or intestines, while positive energy is often felt in the heart area or as a sense of seemingly misplaced euphoria or sense of calmness. Some energies can affect you so profoundly that they can make you laugh or cry. This is a clear sign they are meant for you.

And you may find that, as an empath, you are energetically plugged into the people closest to you like your children or significant other.  Quite often you can feel their joy or pain inside yourself. This can seem inconvenient and sometimes overwhelming until you realize that the fact that you are attuned to them in this way also gives you the power to receive psychic messages about them also. You can learn to tell through long distances how they are feeling or what’s going on in their lives. You can even ask the universe a direct question about them and receive the answers.

And once you get your feet wet in this area, you can practice with any energy form. I often will see a sign on the street, or a phrase or meme on the internet, or even a video on Youtube and suddenly get a feeling about it, like it’s a message meant exclusively for me. And after years of practice, I’ve finally learned that because of the feeling I had about it,  it usually IS a message meant for me. And I can adjust my life accordingly if necessary.

But how do you know?

The answer is that you have a natural knowing. And it’s a process to learn to trust yourself and your own feelings. The people that have the most trouble doing this are the ones that don’t trust themselves. I have found that I was able to learn faster when I began just believing I was always right in what I was feeling about a psychic message I received. Of course I was wrong part of the time, but taking the element of doubt out of the equation is what propelled me forward. And being wrong helped me understand the sensations I was experiencing when I was wrong so I could recognize them the next time. These days, I’m wrong very rarely and I rely completely on how I’m feeling about a situation or person, no matter what other people are saying about it.  My feelings reign supreme. That’s where the power lies and that’s why feelings are important.

Anyone can learn to do this, but empaths definitely have a leg-up.  They live their entire lives with the constant influx of feelings from everywhere.  And they can learn to use these feelings to plug into the universe and the guidance or other information it’s trying to give them.

Most of us were taught as children to suppress many of our feelings. Some of us were even punished or shamed for having them. We were taught not to listen to them and to listen instead to the people around us who were actually taking away our birthright. Once we stopped listening to our own inner voice, we lost our innate psychic abilities. But any one of us can recover these abilities with some effort. And empaths can lead the way.

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This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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  1. Another great article. Sounds to me like a great topic to publish a book on. I for one would be interested in reading. Keep, up the great work!!


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