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This is a story you may have heard a little about and didn't even know it. The story of Mum the hermit is also known as the Kentucky Wild man. The story was published in the Newark Daily Advocate back in 1883. It seems many details get lost in the re-telling of this interesting case. Most just attribute the wild man to be a captured Bigfoot, but if you look at the details you may come to a different conclusion.

A few days ago, I published the following photograph of the newspaper headline. It seems that there is some interest in the story, so I thought I would expand it here.

Missouri is home to several mysterious mystery creatures and tales. One of the most famous is the  Momo. The Momo is said to be a Bigfoot type of creature that is covered in hair. Momo is short for Missouri Monster and it was first reported in 1971.

I recently received an interesting sighting report from Missouri, could there be a connection to the Momo?

Here is the report and some of the follow up questions.

General area.
I got the following report in a couple days ago. While the people submitting the report do not refer to the dog like animal as a Shunka Warakin, it sure sounds like one. I have taken in a couple other reports of an unknown dog like animal from Iowa, could this be the same creature? Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Diane & Roger ******

Email Address: on file

State: Iowa

County: Audubon

Date of Sighting: July, 2nd,  2015

Time of Day: around 4:00  in the afternoon.

Nearest Town: Elk Horn, Iowa

Length of Sighting: three minutes

How many Witnesses: two

Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:

We were coming home from shopping on the gravel road Falcon Ave.  We were only a mile and a half from home when my husband said, What's that?  I looked out the window and saw a strange animal in the ditch.
The animal looked dark gray and tan, mostly dark gray, had large pointed ears, and a long snout.  It's shape was like a hyena and it ran with a different gait than a coyote or dog.  We watched it run under the fence and up a waterway to a terrace at top of hill.  Animal kept looking back as it ran which gave us a good look at shape of head and body.  Body and gait were shape of a hyena.
We reported this to sheriff at the time.  No tracks were found as ground was too dry and hard.

- End Report -

Now, the other reports can be found HERE and HERE. I used google maps to check how close the two counties, where the sightings took place, are to each other. The first two reports came from Van Buren county and this report comes from Audubon county. They are not close together at all. So, could there be a growing population of these critters in the state of Iowa? It may just mean that, and if so there might be more reports in the future.

As for this report, I sent the people a picture of the taxidermy Shunka Warakin in the picture below. I ask them if what they seen looked like it. I have not gotten a reply yet, but will update this post if I do.

The Shunka Warakin -
is an animal mentioned in American folklore that is said to resemble a wolf, a hyena, or both. According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, shunka warak'in is an Ioway term meaning "carries off dogs". Coleman suggested that the creature was some animal unknown to modern sources.

Here is a possible Shunka Warakin mounted. It was shot in 1886 by Ammon Hutchins in Montana and is the only possible physical evidence of the creature.

© Lance Foster 2009

I just heard back from the witness in regards to the picture I sent them of the stuffed Shunka Warakin (pictured above) and here is what they said.

"Yes, similar in color, a little darker and thicker hair, larger snout, but it's back was more pronounced, coming down at an angle from front shoulders to it's rear, showing front to be much higher than the rear, just like a hyena. It also had a gallop like a hyena when it ran, not like a coyote or dog."

!!!!! End UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Chupacabra Killed in Mississippi
Chupacabra - Goat Sucker
Could the Chupacabra be just a mangy dog or coyote? or could it be it's own breed?
A Lena, Mississippi man is confident that the hairless, red-eyed animal he killed in his hay barn yesterday is a Chupacabra — and he has the carcass to prove it. (Source: Outdoorlife )

The legend of El Chupacabra has been around for years, with many possible killings and filming's.
What do you think it is?


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is this the mothman?
Is this the Mothman?
This video has recently been making the rounds as a possible new Mothman video. The creature is on top of a bridge and that is kind of weird in itself. I have attempted to enhance the video. What do you see? I think it looks like a monkey but what is a monkey doing in this area? Could it be a young sasquatch? Again more questions than answers.


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I ran across this photo that was taken by Google Earth Satellite of what appears to be a giant bug. The "bug" has been calculated to be about 45 meters long, which would be a little over 147 feet long.
The photo reportedly was taken somewhere in Germany. It is my understanding this was taken in 2006.

Here is the photo

Giant bug photographed by Google Earth
Giant Bug?
Many people have suggested that his is nothing more than bug on the lens of the camera, but it is my understanding the Google Earth Satellite is in orbit in space. I don't think there are bugs in space, right? So if the photo has not been photoshoped, how can we explain it?

I also read that there has been many request for this photo to be removed from all websites. Time will tell if I get one of the removal request.



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Unknown skeleton?

I personally think this is a frilled shark , sometimes call a frill shark, but what do you think?
eel? dragon? hoax? sea snake?


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What is this thing?

I was alerted to this by Todd Thomason, so I got to looking at where he directed me and this is what I found about this weird looking thing.

According to Victor Valley News , This strange looking thing was dug up by a dog, and brought back to it's owner in Phelan, Ca. It measures 7 inches in length and not much else is known about it. The strange find will reportedly be tested in a lab today, hopefully the results will be out soon and help solve this new mystery.

So I hope to have more info about it in the coming days. If anyone knows what this is, then feel free to post.

A big thanks to Todd for sending us the info and photo.


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rabid beaver!
PINE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) - A Boy Scout leader from New York who was attacked by a rabid beaver while swimming in the Delaware River is recovering.
The Poughkeepsie Journal reports that 51-year-old Normand Brousseau, of Pine Plains, was swimming in eastern Pennsylvania on Aug. 2 when a beaver swam through his legs and bit him in the chest.
The animal then bit him in the leg, buttocks, arm, hand and torso before he managed to grab it and hold its jaw closed.
One Boy Scout pulled Brousseau to shore, where he tossed the beaver away from him. The Scouts then used rocks to kill the animal.
A doctor confirmed the beaver had rabies a day after the attack.
Dutchess County health officials say a rabid beaver attack is unusual.
[Source:Huffingtonpost ]

TCC - "..say rabid beaver attack is unusual." ...The under statement of the month!

A deer in Gothenburg, Sweden has Gnarly cactus. normally referred to as "cactus buck" or "Gnarly buck".
Gnarly cactus is a condition which causes the animal’s antlers to continue growing until they cover its eyes. Normally, a hormonal impulse stirs the bucks to rub the velvet off its antlers every year, and eventually shed them.
When a hormonal imbalance disturbs the shedding of the animal’s antlers, each growing cycle produces more velvet and antler material on top of the previous year’s until they eventually grow over the deer’s eyes, resembling a cactus.
An animal with this condition will have very small or completely undescended testicles. Animals with this condition are not expected to live for a long time. Once the antlers grow over his eyes, the animal will be unable to fend for itself.

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