Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chupacabra Killed in Mississippi

Chupacabra Killed in Mississippi
Chupacabra - Goat Sucker
Could the Chupacabra be just a mangy dog or coyote? or could it be it's own breed?
A Lena, Mississippi man is confident that the hairless, red-eyed animal he killed in his hay barn yesterday is a Chupacabra — and he has the carcass to prove it. (Source: Outdoorlife )

The legend of El Chupacabra has been around for years, with many possible killings and filming's.
What do you think it is?


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  1. If that's a chupacabra, then the chupacabra is a breed of Mexican hairless dog known as a Xoloitzcuintle

  2. It is either a coyote or fox with a severe case of mange (I have killed one very similar myself, and easily identified it), or it is a Sampson's fox, which is a normal fox that is born with a rare disorder causing it to have little to no visible hair. I'm surprised that people who live in rural areas and have grown up hunting, fishing, and working on farms of various sizes seem to have such difficulty making this simple identification.


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