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ODD NEWS - Four-Legged Chicken

Tara Cleary reports for Reuters that a four-legged chicken is on "death row" at a Jerusalem slaughterhouse in the Mea Shearim neighborhood. According to the slaughterhouse owner, it is unclear whether he will be allowed to butcher the hen. He plans to give it to a rabbi to determine whether or not it is kosher to do so. He says, "If it's kosher, we'll slaughter it, if not, we will see what to do." In a rather disturbing conclusion, Cleary announces, "If the chicken does run foul of the rabbi's commandment, at least it will provide double the drumsticks."
If the legs are tied together, according to local rabbis, the chicken is not kosher. This they said could only be determined by slaughtering the animal... However, the chicken may survive if [slaughterhouse owner Yoel] Kroish decides to go ahead with his plan and sell the chicken to the highest bidder, media reports said.

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Adult & Child Bigfoot seen in Wisconsin

On June 26th around 8:00 pm at Nelson Lake, Wisconsin a state employee, who wants their identify to remain confidential, witnessed an adult and child bigfoot while out fishing.
They said "I was fishing from my canoe about 30 yds. from the shore near Tanning Point when I noticed a whimpering sound. It was coming from the woods at the shoreline. It sounded like a dog whining, so I stopped what I was doing to watch the woods to see if anything appeared. After a few seconds I saw a child scampering from the woods. I didn't get a very good look but the child had very thick brown hair all over it's body and was very small (human toddler size). It quickly showed itself then bolted back towards the woods.

I sat there in shock. But within seconds I heard three distinct and angry 'grunts'. I then saw a large ape-like head rise above the lower tree boughs. The eyes were barely visible but I could tell that it didn't want me there. That was enough for me so I started to paddle towards the north shore when all of a sudden I heard a loud 'plop' then 'splash' from behind the boat. I turned around in time to see another rock heading in my direction. It was many yds. from me but I got the message.

I was shaking from the time I witnessed these beasts up until a few hours later when I was in my home office pondering what I had seen."

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Bigfoot spotted again in Henderson County,Kentucky

The Creature  has been dubbed "Geneva Giant" and it has been seen again. Jason Skaggs said he was riding his motocycle on Trigg Turner road in Geveva,ky on Saturday July 18,2011 when the creature crossed the road in front of him. Skaggs said " It crossed the road, from left to right, in 2 or 3 steps." He also stated that once it cross the road it "just stopped" and stood there,then he said "I just gunned it and drove by as fast as i could on the other side of the road."
This creature was also seen around March 12 by a couple of  young boys who were fishing at a pond. Kaleb age 12 was one of the boys and he stated that they heard a noise and he looked up and saw the creature standing on the other side of the pond.He also stated the creature was 7 to 8 feet tall and cover in long black fur.

These sightings are being investigated by The Kentucky Bigfoot Hunters,Lead investigator is Bart Nunnelly.
You can find more info on this and other bigfoot stories on their web site at


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55-foot 'Sea Monster' Washes Up In China

A massive sea creature has washed up on a beach in Guangdong, China. So badly decayed it cannot be positively identified, the "sea monster" is 55 feet long and weights approximately 4.5 tons, according to The Sun.
Scott Baker of Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute, Bill Perrin, senior scientist for marine mammals at the National Marine Fisheries Service, and Bob Brownell, senior scientist for international protected resources with the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration's Fisheries Service — all think it's a whale.
Baker told Life's Little Mysteries "We all hope somebody collects the bones and a tissue sample for genetic analysis as recovery of whale carcasses is rare along the coast of China"
The beast is tangled in ropes, and locals theorize that area fisherman once caught it but could not haul it in owing to its gargantuan size.

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UPDATE: Leaked Erickson Project Info

More info on this leak about the Erickson project -

Derek Randles, founder of the Olympic Project, offers further information:

O...K, it’s time to put a few things to rest. I just spoke to the “bear hunter”, who is also my friend. He is beside himself because of all the BS being spread. He’s asked me to clarify a few things here on this forum. First of all, he is not a poacher. I repeat, not a poacher. Second, it was bear season and he was hunting in a legal area with a bear tag. Please don’t ask me these things again. That’s the truth. Third, he has not killed 1000 bears. He’s killed 3 in his lifetime. Yes 3, not 1000. It’s also very important to note, he never gave Sasquatch a second thought. He was a complete skeptic. Because of his unfamiliarity with the Bigfoot subject he had no idea of what he was looking at through his riffle site. He assumed that it was a very strange looking bear that was standing on it’s hind legs. In his mind that’s all it could have been, a bear. When the bullet hit its mark, it started to become apparent that it wasn’t a bear. It did not drop right there, it ran off. They thought they heard it crash in the brush but did not see it go down. Things started getting very weird at this point. Two smaller creatures appeared from the brush, sometimes on two feet, and sometimes on all fours. In his description they looked like a cross between an ape and a bear. They got very close to him and at one point one positioned itself above him on a outcrop. He shot it out of fear of being attacked. Probably the same thing I would have done in the given circumstance. When I’m in the wilderness I always pack a gun to protect my self from wild, sometimes unpredictable animals. There are a few times I thanked God I had it. This was starting to feel like a nightmare to him and he quickly left trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened.

It’s very important to note that he doesn’t feel good about this incident. As a matter of fact he felt terrible. This was a case of miss-identification plane and simple.

At a later date a search was carried out at the site and a piece of flesh was recovered. NOT A BODY, only a small piece of flesh witch was later cut in two pieces, hence the cut line. I’ll say it one more time, no body’s were found or recovered.

It’s very unfortunate that this happened, but hopefully some good will come out of it. I’m probably going to have a whole bunch of people mad at me for talking about this, but my first obligation is to the bear hunter. He’s my friend and I gave him my word that I’m there for him. He wanted me to convey this message, so take it or leave it, it’s the truth.

TCH - So we will have to wait and see what is "leaked" next

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Robert Lindsay leaked the following info : I was recently put into touch with a hunter from the Western US who is quite well known in his field. You might even say that he is famous. He and others were the subject of a recent book, and he often gives talks at various forums. He was offered a position at America’s foremost science museum but turned it down for unknown reasons.

He is considered to be at the top of his field, which I will not reveal here. He is also a hunter and travels around North America hunting. He especially likes to hunt bears. He has killed over 1,000 bears in his life, including grizzly bears. This puts him in touch with many other hunters. He is also active on taxidermy boards, since he uses taxidermists to stuff the animals he shoots. He has deep ties to the Erickson Project and to the Olympic Project.

He will be known anonymously as Bear Hunter in this article, as he only talked to me on the grounds that his identity was kept secret.RL: You say you have some blockbuster news regarding the Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA study, right?

BH: Yes I do. But first of all, let’s start at the beginning. This all started from a thread on Taxidermy.net, a website where I hang out sometimes. There are periodic threads on Bigfoots, and in this one thread, a fellow said that he had just shot two Bigfoots! The guy is a trapper, a taxidermist and a hunter. This was blockbuster news of course, and soon there were many followup posts. Somehow the guy’s name and number got out, and there were reports of people bothering him and harassing him. He asked the webmaster, George Ruff, to shut down the thread. George shut it down.

Well, afterward, I got in touch with the guy and talked to him for a while. Others talked to him too, including Adrian Erickson and Matt Moneymaker. Tyler Huggins was involved too. Moneymaker and Huggins are with the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). Erickson had heard of Bigfoots getting shot, in fact, he had collected a number of stories from Canada where they get shot fairly regularly. But, as he put it, he said he had never been two weeks behind a shooting before. Everybody was frantically scrambling after this guy. Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO after hearing about the two disappearing Bigfoot bodies:

BH: Moneymaker and the BFRO were in on this too, and they were furious that they missed out on the body. Matt was hopping mad. He missed the boat. We didn’t hear much more for a while until the Olympic Project starting sending samples to Melba Ketchum for her DNA project as part of the Erickson Project. Some of the samples that they were getting were of tissue, and it appeared to have been carved off a dead body! Some of the samples had dirty white hair, and the others had brown hair. It was obvious that the Olympic Project was sending Ketchum samples carved from the bodies of the two dead Bigfoots! Incredible! BH: Yes, there are some more things too. Notice how the Olympic Project is all over the Internet boards bragging that they have enough Bigfoot samples to last for years and years? Guess why they say that? Because they have access to two dead Bigfoot bodies!

RL: Too much…Do you know about any leaks from the Erickson Project DNA study?

BH: Yes, I do as a matter of fact. They are very close to humans. Say if chimpanzees are 2 clicks away from humans, these things are maybe 3/4 of a click away.

RL: Ok, and they are in the Homo line?

BH: Yes, I am sure of that. Recall that say 50,000 YBP, there were maybe five different hominids on the planet. Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo erectus, Homo Floresiensis, Denisova, Homo heidelbergensis and Neandertal Man. All of these other hominids are gone as best as we can tell. What happened to all of them?

RL: We killed them all.

BH: Yes, we killed them all. So the only thing that could survive was something that was huge, very stealthy and wary, hated humans, favored the most remote areas, had the use of bad smell to ward off enemies, used infrasound or an intense EMF field to paralyze and disorient enemies, was very strong and had a very thick skin that was hard to penetrate. They’re the ultimate survivors of man’s genocidal wars.

RL: Do you think they are humans or apes?

BH: I don’t know. You know Bindernagel wrote that book, America’s Great Ape, but then after he saw the Bigfoots in Kentucky, he changed his mind. Now he thinks that they are hominids. But I know one fellow who saw one face to face on a trail. He said it’s ape-like, it’s an ape-man. So who knows? National Geographic gets involved: RL: Do you know if Dr. Ketchum has any TV or film interests in the works.

BH: Yes, I believe she is involved with National Geographic. They want to do a special on Bigfoot, and she is involved in that.

TCH - So if this leak is true then the truth about bigfoot will be coming out in the near future. So this will add even more fire to the Erickson Project.

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From: biggamehunter56 | Aug 22, 2008
"I am a hunter in Central Ohio. I was going to set up my hunting cameras at my property. I saw this creature walking through the soybeans and he went into the corn. I think it is bigfoot"

TCC- The guys reactions in the video seem real,what ever this is, it is something that they do not see normally. There is just not enough in the video to say for sure if this is a white bigfoot but it could very well be.
Still a cool video. .

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Uploaded by tcsjrbigfoot on Jun 22, 2011
Ohio Bigfoot Hunters: I know what made these impressions so I will not title it possible. We have named the subject in USO footage (Charlie) I found a possible trackway 75 yds from my USO footage location. This is in a low level area right next to a dried up water run off channel. There are hundreds of gravel / sand mixture areas in this location where I
always look for trackways. I rarely find anything but may have hit the jackpot this time. I will cast the possible prints to see if any definition can be recovered. While I stopped filming and before I left the area I took off my right shoe and sock. It did leave a good print with sharp edges but didn't come close to the depth of the print found. My estimate on the print is around 17 inches long by 6 inches wide. I weigh 225lbs so I figure whatever was responsible for this
evidence had to weigh at least twice as
much. I do know that a bipedal barefooted subject can leave sharp edged prints in the right soil conditions. This was proved to us during the foot casting event at the Bigfoot Festival.

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2012 Aliens Inside Bugarach France Mountain

Do you think it's true?

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Reward !

There is currently a $10,000 reward for the capture of the New Jersey Devil, a creature with bat-like wings, a horses head, hooves, and large glowing eyes that stalks the pine barrens of New Jersey. Although many have tried, no one has yet to claim the prize.

One instance of tracks were reported, (along with loud shrieks), near May's Landing in 1960. Also in 1960, merchants in Camden, namely The Philadelphia Zoo, offered a $10,000 reward for the capture of the Jersey Devil. They said they would build a private zoo to display the creature if anyone could capture it. The reward is unclaimed. 
Can you Claim it? ..is it still good?

half human, half chimpanzee?
We share over 98 percent of our DNA with chimps, and while that one-plus percent is responsible for a lot of differences (just look at us side by side and that's apparent), it's still close enough that if the two species mated, a viable offspring could theoretically be produced. That said, scientific ethics and cultural mores prevent such things from happening, and if those fail there's the simple matter of the lack of physical attraction to other species with which biology equips all sexually reproducing things.
[NOTE: the following paragraph has been edited by the author for further clarity and accuracy.]
Which leads us back to Dr. Moreau (at least the 1996 version). The only way a "humanzee" would be created would likely be in a petri dish. Again, this is quite unlikely to ever happen due to ethical issues--but not out of the realm of possibility. But shockingly, during the 1920s, Russian scientists attempted experiments to inseminated female apes with human sperm and human females with hybrid embryos created in a lab.

Creature from the Congo named Oliver that was very likely half human half chimpanzee, called a Humanzee.Oliver's faced looked a little more human, he only walked upright, liked to mix drinks and smoke cigars, and preferred the company of humans to chimps. Especially the ladies (seriously, the first time he was sold was because he nearly raped his owner's wife.)

But DNA results came back and stated that Oliver was 100 percent Chimp...do you think the results would have been published stating that it was  a half human, half chimp? Do you think the results were already fixed before any test? 

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This is what the breaking News Conference is all about....the photo got leaked and here is some of the story.
Bigfoot's face print showed up on Sanger Paranormal's website early or it was intentionally leaked and then removed a short time later. The face print was meant to be unveiled during their news conference on the 23rd, but now w...e don't have to wait that long since a clever Cryptomundo reader was able to save the image for us.

The face print wasn't all that was unveiled on this wonderful day. AOL Weird News acquired the first exclusive access to their foot print photo and their ideas about what to do next.

Jeffrey Gonzalez, an AT&T electronics technician and founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society.

Gonzalez and several others were in California's Sierra National Forest searching for evidence to confirm the reality of the creature. When it started to snow at their campsite, they were forced to leave two of their vehicles behind.

"Apparently, the creature was looking in the window and left behind dirt and oil on it, leaving such an awesome picture, you can see the nose, the eye, the hair all over the face and the shoulders -- it's creepy, and it's not a bear."

Gonzalez and his friends -- including a former science teacher and a correctional officer -- also found a 12-inch footprint at the site. They concluded their hairy intruder wasn't a bear because none of the four ice chests that were filled with food on the back of Gonzalez's truck had been touched.

But it wasn't just the passenger side window that presented a surprise -- the driver's side of the truck showed the imprint of a much larger creature, strongly suggesting there were two unexplained visitors to the campsite.

"An impression was left of a nose, eyes and lips, but they were extremely large," Gonzalez said. "The lips measured about 6 inches long. You can see that the whole face was full of hair, so when it leaned up against the window, you can see the depth of the eye socket in the glass.

TCH - I think this is just more Hooey ...a 3D impression on a truck window...yeah right?...This seems stupid to me..what do you guys think?
1:44 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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It's Tom Biscardi and he's calling a news conference again and he says he has a upper body print on a car/truck window of a bigfoot.... Ol' Tom is known for his many hoaxes but I kind of like the guy anyways...his bigfoot lives video was pretty good and i enjoyed watching it. So Lets see what Tom comes up with this time.

Videos uploaded to youtube by
Uploaded by productionvideos27

Video 1 wood knock and whoop -

I left the camera there for three hours and found this on my audio! wanted to see if there was an active game trail.

Video 2 Tracks -
TCC - I ask the productionvideos27 to check for some track and he came back with the track video. I have combined the 2 videos.

Thanks for watching..

Join the search at
4:30 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Uploaded to youtube by productionvideos27

They said- "it was about 100 yards away and i was standing in the bed of our polaris ranger which made me about 8-9 feet tall"

I have attempted contact with the uploader and if i get a reply i will update it here.

The Crypto Crew

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Australian camels could be shot to curb methane
Kill a camel, earn cash for cutting greenhouse gases: That offer may be coming soon in Australia, where vast numbers of the nonnative, methane-belching animals have been trampling the Outback for more than a century.
The government has proposed that killing camels be officially registered as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Australia has the world's largest population of wild camels — an estimated 1.2 million — and considers them to be a growing environmental problem.
The proposal, released for public comment this week, would allow sharpshooters to earn so-called carbon credits for slaughtering camels. Industrial polluters around the world could buy the credits to offset their own carbon emissions.
Each camel belches an estimated 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of methane a year, which is equivalent to a metric ton (1.1 U.S. ton) of carbon dioxide in its impact on global warming. That's roughly one-sixth the amount of CO2 that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says an average car produces annually.
A bill to create a carbon credit regime will go to a vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday and is expected to become law within weeks.
A government registry will be set up to determine what actions will qualify for carbon credits, and bureaucrats are expected to decide by the end of the year whether killing camels will be among them.
Mark Dreyfus, the government's parliamentary secretary for climate change, said he hopes the proposal wipes out camels from the Australian wild.
"Potentially it has tremendous merit, because feral camels are a dreadful menace across the whole of arid Australia," Dreyfus told The Associated Press on Thursday.
First introduced in the 1840s to help explorers and pioneers travel through Australia's arid interior, camels now cover vast tracts of the continent's parched and sparsely populated center and west.
Camels compete with sheep and cattle for food, trample vegetation and invade remote settlements in search of water, scaring residents as they tear apart bathrooms and rip up water pipes.
The government estimates camel numbers double every nine years, despite recent government-funded culls and a small export meat trade with the Middle East.
"It's not well understood because they're in remote areas of Australia what extraordinary damage this very, very large wild camel population is doing in an economic, environmental and social sense," Dreyfus said.
Under the new environmental law, Dreyfus said, the camels could be slaughtered for their meat as well as carbon credits — adding to the financial return to those who currently herd and kill camels for human and pet food. Shooters in helicopters could also claim carbon credits if they proved that they had humanely killed a camel and abandoned its carcass.
Garry Dan, a central Australian cattle rancher who also catches camels for their meat, described the added carbon credit value for carcasses as "ideal."
He said while camels were freely available in the wild, they are expensive to truck to abattoirs because they are too big for standard cattle trailers.
The carbon trading business Northwest Carbon first pitched carbon credits for camels to the government. Its managing director, Tim Moore, said it was too early to place a dollar value on each dead animal.
"Obviously the higher the value, the faster we're going to be able to eradicate the problem of the feral camel pest in Australia," Moore said.
Killing camels is one of three proposals currently being considered by the government for carbon credits under the new law. The others would extract methane from landfills and change how Aborigines manage fire in savannah grasslands.
Australia plans to make its worst industrial polluters pay a tax on every ton of carbon gas they produce from July 1, 2012. The government aims to slash Australia's greenhouse emissions to 5 percent below 2000 levels by 2020.

TCH - Thanks Al Gore! You helped fuel the whole Global Warming lie and now looks what trying to happen.
2:45 PM 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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Japan's Earless Rabbit Sparks Worries About Radiation, Mutation
It's no Godzilla, but an earless rabbit allegedly born near Japan's severely-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant has become the latest poster child for the side-effects of radiation exposure.
The bunny -- purportedly captured on video just outside the crippled plant exclusion area and posted on YouTube on May 21 -- has become big news in Japan and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere, stoking fears that contamination from the damaged facility could cause genetic mutations.
But both rabbit experts and radiation researchers said the bunny's bizarre looks could have a less sensational explanation.
(TCH - I didn't even know we had rabbit experts...now that is scary.)

Though the longterm environmental effects remain unclear, there's no denying that the radiation emitting from Fukushima Dai-ichi, about 140 miles northeast of Tokyo, poses a major health risk.
However it's hard to say whether this earless bunny's strange appearance can be blamed on radiation, according to F. Ward Whicker, professor emeritus at Colorado State University's Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences.
"Yes, radiation can cause mutations that can be occasionally expressed as obvious birth defects, such as shown in the video," Whicker wrote in an e-mail. "However, to say this is the result of contamination from the Fukushima accident is a stretch, because natural radiation, as well as many other chemical substances in the environment and other factors, can also be mutagenic."
In most cases, the cause of congenital birth defects in humans and other animals cannot be determined, he said.
"So far as science has shown, there have never been mutations produced by ionizing radiations that do not occur spontaneously as well."
News reports from around the world have cast the bunny as a "nuclear rabbit" or a "mutant rabbit," citing the fact the animal and was born and raised on "possibly contaminated" outdoor grass in the Fukushima prefecture's Namie City.
But nuclear historian Richard Rhodes says a link between the earless rabbit and radiation "is highly unlikely."
The evidence, Rhodes says, can be found in research conducted in the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"In the years after World War II, there was a major American commission that looked into the health ramifications of the atomic bombings, and it found no genetic changes in the populations of Hiroshima or Nagasaki," said Rhodes, who has written extensively on the bombings. "There were no birth defects attributed to the bombing, and no genetic consequences."
In fact, the earless rabbit's strange appearance may not be caused by genetic factors at all.
Far removed from radiation concerns in Japan, Mary Cotter, a licensed veterinary technician and New York City chapter manager for the House Rabbit Society, has had two run-ins with earless rabbits.
"I've never encountered a rabbit that is born with no ears, but mother rabbits are assiduous groomers," Cotter said. "A mother can enthusiastically over-groom and chew off a baby's ears."
Maternal over-grooming can leave young rabbits looking like they were born without ears, though close investigation could reveal jagged edges of flesh surrounding their auditory canals.
Cotter believes that was the case for two earless rabbits -- fittingly dubbed "Stubs" and "Nubbins" -- that she has taken into her care.
With only one video as evidence, it's impossible to know why the bunny has no ears, said Dana Krempels, a rabbit expert and University of Miami biology professor.
"It is pretty much impossible to say whether this anomaly is due to radiation. But it's very unlikely, in my opinion, that a failure to develop ears could be due to a single mutation," said Krempels, who heads the Miami chapter of the House Rabbit Society.
Mutations and epigenetic changes are hard to track, varying greatly between subjects.
"But if more baby bunnies with physical anomalies show up in this area, it's certainly a red flag," she said.
Huffington Post has attempted to contact the YouTube poster who submitted the video, but has not gotten a response.
2:29 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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In an interview with http://www.thetimesnews.com/, a couple from North Carolina talked about the footprints they found and their experiences with the Finding Bigfoot crew.

Bernadette and Leonard Braley spotted some muddy footprints on the road about 50 feet from their home on Quartz Court in Gibsonville last October. They took photos of what they thought were 16-inch muddy footprints and then forgot about them for a few months. When the Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot crew heard about the muddy footprint photographs, the Braleys were invited to Troy to talk with the group. The crew said they were doing some filming for a six-part series on Animal Planet called "Finding Bigfoot".
“When Animal Planet got there, they went crazy when they saw the pictures,” Bernadette Braley said. “They wanted to come to our house and do filming for their series.” The BFRO investigators, the production crew and several others spent a day with the Braleys in March, asking questions, filming and trying to recreate the footprints.
The Episode Guide for the June 12th episode of Finding Bigfoot description mentions "convincing pieces of bigfoot footage from the past 40 years."
1:54 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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UFO & Alien Footage Released!

Alien footage leaked of Roswell UFO crash survivor

Old footage showing a "grey" type alien who might have been a survivor of the Roswell UFO crash that occurred over sixty years ago in New Mexico has been released onto the Internet. The black and white clip is allegedly part of a much larger collection of footage that was filmed by government agents working on top secret UFO and alien matters between the years 1942 and 1969. Only a fraction of the much longer 180 minute archive of footage has been released thus so far.

The people or person who leaked the footage alleges to have done so anonymously as a precaution to ensure their safety. The alien seen in the video is clearly humanoid and is said to originate from the nearby Zeta Reticuli star system. As can be seen he is wearing the tight fitting space suit so commonly described by those who have experienced close encounters with aliens

White BigFoot Encounter

Dave Carver of Dave's BigFoot show relates a BigFoot encounter that happened on North Ogden Pass in 2002.
Pretty interesting stories but where is the video of the creature...someone take a video camera there Please! 
10:27 AM 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Bigfoot Finally Caught On Camera? Colorado 2011

Is Bigfoot real? It's a question that many have asked since the first sightings back in the 1800s when explorers began talking about an ape-like creature that walked like a man. Many scientists have brushed off reports that the creatures exists, and so far no real proof has been presented.

Daniel Masias hopes to be the one to prove Bigfoot's exists. His fascination began in 1982 when he claimed to have seen two of the creatures near his Green Mountain Falls home one morning.

"In the winter, when there was snow, we noticed there were footprints. The prints didn't have shoes on them; they were just bare feet," he recalled. Masias described the creatures as hairy and less than 6 feet tall, but the footprints they left behind were not human-like. Masias said one creature has a foot span of about 12 inches, the other about 7 inches.

"So, not really big, about average human size," he said.

When asked why no one has seen these creatures or taken pictures with current technology, Masias said he thinks the creatures are coming through a wormhole, an intergalactic travel portal from one galaxy to another.

Masias isn't the only one to have claimed to have seen Bigfoot. Ken French, a ranger for the Pikes Peak District, remembers seeing a strange creature near Centennial Point, near the summit of the peak. "I saw a dark uniformed color individual walking on the snow, and I stopped my tour bus and ask for binoculars," recalled French.

He thinks the creature was about 1,000 yards away. "It was big and dark and it had a big gate, so it looked unusual to me." French remembered that it walked like a person, but he felt it was odd at the time.

"It's not unusual to see people on a snow slope, usually on a ridge line walking, but you do see people up there occasionally, but it's usually a couple of people," said French.

After the numerous sightings on Pikes Peak, ranger put up a Bigfoot crossing sign to warn visitors of what they could be in store for when they drive up to the 14,110 foot summit.
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Welsh Angler Catches World Record !

David Kent, a 54-year-old Welsh angler, now holds the all-tackle record for the largest species of freshwater fish in the world. He earned his record by hauling in a 260-pound Giant Mekong catfish from a lake in Thailand last November. It is the largest freshwater fish to ever be caught on record.

His catch was made official by the IGFA this week, according to WalesOnline.

Kent is a retired Royal Navy Commander and was on vacation at a fishing resort with his wife when he hooked this monster fish using sweetcorn as bait. The battle lasted about an hour, and at one point Kent had to wade into the lake so the fish wouldn't spool him.

Even though Kent's catfish measures more than 7 feet long, it's by no means the largest member of its species. Mekong catfish have been estimated to grow up to 660 pounds and 9 feet long.

“I usually catch bass weighing four or five pounds off the Pembrokeshire coast so this [fish] was a bit bigger than I’m used to," Kent told WalesOnline.

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This is a video enhancement of the 2008 France Alien video
This is a pretty interesting video and it is reported that several aliens videos have came from this area.
Taken in 2008 in France by a group of campers. Some say this is CGI but I'm not sure.
What do you think?

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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