Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gibsonville,NC- Muddy Footprints

In an interview with, a couple from North Carolina talked about the footprints they found and their experiences with the Finding Bigfoot crew.

Bernadette and Leonard Braley spotted some muddy footprints on the road about 50 feet from their home on Quartz Court in Gibsonville last October. They took photos of what they thought were 16-inch muddy footprints and then forgot about them for a few months. When the Animal Planet Finding Bigfoot crew heard about the muddy footprint photographs, the Braleys were invited to Troy to talk with the group. The crew said they were doing some filming for a six-part series on Animal Planet called "Finding Bigfoot".
“When Animal Planet got there, they went crazy when they saw the pictures,” Bernadette Braley said. “They wanted to come to our house and do filming for their series.” The BFRO investigators, the production crew and several others spent a day with the Braleys in March, asking questions, filming and trying to recreate the footprints.
The Episode Guide for the June 12th episode of Finding Bigfoot description mentions "convincing pieces of bigfoot footage from the past 40 years."


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