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Monday, June 27, 2011

Robert Lindsay leaked the following info : I was recently put into touch with a hunter from the Western US who is quite well known in his field. You might even say that he is famous. He and others were the subject of a recent book, and he often gives talks at various forums. He was offered a position at America’s foremost science museum but turned it down for unknown reasons.

He is considered to be at the top of his field, which I will not reveal here. He is also a hunter and travels around North America hunting. He especially likes to hunt bears. He has killed over 1,000 bears in his life, including grizzly bears. This puts him in touch with many other hunters. He is also active on taxidermy boards, since he uses taxidermists to stuff the animals he shoots. He has deep ties to the Erickson Project and to the Olympic Project.

He will be known anonymously as Bear Hunter in this article, as he only talked to me on the grounds that his identity was kept secret.RL: You say you have some blockbuster news regarding the Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA study, right?

BH: Yes I do. But first of all, let’s start at the beginning. This all started from a thread on Taxidermy.net, a website where I hang out sometimes. There are periodic threads on Bigfoots, and in this one thread, a fellow said that he had just shot two Bigfoots! The guy is a trapper, a taxidermist and a hunter. This was blockbuster news of course, and soon there were many followup posts. Somehow the guy’s name and number got out, and there were reports of people bothering him and harassing him. He asked the webmaster, George Ruff, to shut down the thread. George shut it down.

Well, afterward, I got in touch with the guy and talked to him for a while. Others talked to him too, including Adrian Erickson and Matt Moneymaker. Tyler Huggins was involved too. Moneymaker and Huggins are with the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). Erickson had heard of Bigfoots getting shot, in fact, he had collected a number of stories from Canada where they get shot fairly regularly. But, as he put it, he said he had never been two weeks behind a shooting before. Everybody was frantically scrambling after this guy. Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO after hearing about the two disappearing Bigfoot bodies:

BH: Moneymaker and the BFRO were in on this too, and they were furious that they missed out on the body. Matt was hopping mad. He missed the boat. We didn’t hear much more for a while until the Olympic Project starting sending samples to Melba Ketchum for her DNA project as part of the Erickson Project. Some of the samples that they were getting were of tissue, and it appeared to have been carved off a dead body! Some of the samples had dirty white hair, and the others had brown hair. It was obvious that the Olympic Project was sending Ketchum samples carved from the bodies of the two dead Bigfoots! Incredible! BH: Yes, there are some more things too. Notice how the Olympic Project is all over the Internet boards bragging that they have enough Bigfoot samples to last for years and years? Guess why they say that? Because they have access to two dead Bigfoot bodies!

RL: Too much…Do you know about any leaks from the Erickson Project DNA study?

BH: Yes, I do as a matter of fact. They are very close to humans. Say if chimpanzees are 2 clicks away from humans, these things are maybe 3/4 of a click away.

RL: Ok, and they are in the Homo line?

BH: Yes, I am sure of that. Recall that say 50,000 YBP, there were maybe five different hominids on the planet. Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo erectus, Homo Floresiensis, Denisova, Homo heidelbergensis and Neandertal Man. All of these other hominids are gone as best as we can tell. What happened to all of them?

RL: We killed them all.

BH: Yes, we killed them all. So the only thing that could survive was something that was huge, very stealthy and wary, hated humans, favored the most remote areas, had the use of bad smell to ward off enemies, used infrasound or an intense EMF field to paralyze and disorient enemies, was very strong and had a very thick skin that was hard to penetrate. They’re the ultimate survivors of man’s genocidal wars.

RL: Do you think they are humans or apes?

BH: I don’t know. You know Bindernagel wrote that book, America’s Great Ape, but then after he saw the Bigfoots in Kentucky, he changed his mind. Now he thinks that they are hominids. But I know one fellow who saw one face to face on a trail. He said it’s ape-like, it’s an ape-man. So who knows? National Geographic gets involved: RL: Do you know if Dr. Ketchum has any TV or film interests in the works.

BH: Yes, I believe she is involved with National Geographic. They want to do a special on Bigfoot, and she is involved in that.

TCH - So if this leak is true then the truth about bigfoot will be coming out in the near future. So this will add even more fire to the Erickson Project.

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