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Finding Bigfoot Game
There is a game which was released on 1/30/2017 and I'm sure some of our readers might be interested in it.

It is a game that seems pretty interesting, you attempt to find bigfoot. There is a pretty decent backstory and there seems to be many gadgets you can use during the game.

The game is developed on Unreal Engine 4, which powers many of today's most popular games. This game was made by Cyber Light Game Studio which is a small development team from the Ukraine.

Watching the game in motion, it seems to move very fluid and the visuals are good. But before we get into all of that, lets take a look at the back story for the game and gameplay.

Running Time: 88 Minutes

First, let me start by saying that this movie is pretty old, it was released in 1994, by the then hot PM entertainment. The story line for this film is pretty straight forward with a few twist. A young boy gets lost in the woods and befriends a Bigfoot. Bigfoot tries to help the young boy get back to his family and the young boy tries to help bigfoot avoid crazed hunters out to collect a million dollar bounty for killing bigfoot.

The movie features a pretty solid cast, Zachery Ty Bryan from Home Improvement TV show, Crystal Chappell from numerous TV shows, Clint Howard from many TV shows and movies and Rif Hutton who may be best known for his voice over work in video games and numerous movies, he was also been on several TV shows. The film also stars Matt McCoy, who does a really good job in the film.

The Deer Hunter - Bigfoot Style
Over the years there has been several claims of someone shooting a Bigfoot and in some cases even killing it. Most of those claims and stories have turned out to be hoaxes. Some of them were more elaborate than others, one more recent one even included a fake body. A few of them were credible stories of someone shooting at a Bigfoot or shooting a Bigfoot but the creature or person ran off. One case that comes to mind is the man I interviewed from Virginia, Hunter shoots Bigfoot. The idea of killing a Bigfoot has spawned many stories, movies and even a recent TV show called Killing Bigfoot.

There are basically two groups that have formed over the idea of killing a Bigfoot. The PRO kill side and the Anti-Kill side. Personally, I'm a no kill guy. The train of thought is that by killing one you would provide a body for science and thus proving once and for all that Bigfoot is real. But I also question who are you proving it to? The skeptics? Those that will not even consider the current evidence? So, one has to die just to convince some closed minded person? Not worth it for me.

Government killing bigfoot
Government killing bigfoots? (Mock up photo)

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I recently posted about the possibility of a Bigfoot Swat Team and it drew some quick dismissals from some people while others kind of had heard the same things. Well not long after my post I got a report from a man I'll call Dan, and Dan had an interesting story to relay.

Here is what Dan said:

"Hey Thomas, I just read your new article, super interesting. I have a story for you. I'm not sure if it's related but maybe.
A guy that I knew went bear hunting in the mountains behind where we lived in Nice, Ca. He came back very rattled. He said that he was walking along and he saw some people in white hazmat suits poking around. He just waited behind a tree until they moved off. He was really curious as to what they were doing so he went over there and started looking around. He found a wallet. He opened up the wallet and was stunned to find the id was CIA.
He was just looking it over and he heard, click, click, click. He looked up and he was surrounded by guys in full camo and m16's. One of the men said, give me the wallet. He handed it over and the guys just walked away and left him standing there dumbfounded. This was in 1991, in a very remote part of the forest. I have no idea what it was about but it was very strange."

Now, to me this seems very odd that a full cameo team would be in the middle of nowhere with M16's and some CIA agents and with people in hazmat suits. Is it bigfoot related, I guess we can't say for sure but it is strange.

But wait that is not all, without going into any great detail I also got a type of warning about my original post, I can't go into details about all that was said but I must have hit on something to get this blunt warning.

If anymore odd stories or weirdness happens I'll try to post it. Send your reports to us via the "report a sighting" link above.


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Is a swat team hunting bigfoot?
Bigfoot Swat Team? (Mock up photo)
This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Bigfoot Swat Team
We recently ask a question to the bigfoot community about the government and bigfoot, answers varied. (Post can be view by Clicking Here )

I thought I'd take a little time and write about some of the things I've heard about concerning the government and bigfoot.
I've been told by multiple people, who I will not name, that not only does the government know about bigfoot, but that they also have sort of a bigfoot swat team. This swat team hunts and kills bigfoots.

According to what I have been told there are some factors involved and this bigfoot swat team is not just out there randomly killing bigfoots. The way I understand it is like this, if a bigfoot is in close proximity to houses and has been causing trouble or showing aggressive behavior towards humans. The Swat team is sent in to remove (Kill) the Bigfoot. In other words if the bigfoot is being a nuisance it's removed from the property.

Here is where the story becomes even more interesting, Not only is there a possible government ran bigfoot swat team, but according to what I've been told, the government also hires certain individuals to kill theses problem Bigfoots. It would also seem some of these hired to kill bigfoot people are deeply embedded in the bigfoot community and look for reports of bigfoot sightings. Of course, they would appear to be just "normal" people who are interested in bigfoot. It also appears many of the hired to kill people are avid hunters.  The same factors apply for removing a bigfoot but according to what I have been told, these killings happen pretty often.

I have heard in graphic detail about these suppose bigfoot killings. I have debated within myself about even sharing any of this information. I know it will invoke disbelief in some people and maybe make others angry. I have no way of proving or disproving these reported killings, but the people who told me seem to be honest type folks. I do think the government knows that bigfoot is out there and is real but do they kill them? I can't say for sure.

I know this whole story seems totally unbelievable but I've had multiple people tell me about these killings. Some of these people do not know each other as far as I know.

Of course with something this odd, unbelievable and sensitive, I will not revel my sources.
I have attempted to take some precautions in an effort to protect the people who shared this information with me. I have thought and debated over sharing this information but in the end wanted to share and see if others have heard of anything like this. If you have heard of anything like this please contact me, We can keep it private and not share your name.


©The Crypto Crew

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DNA sample
The tissue sample was referred to as "The Bigfoot Steak" 

This post is from Cindy Bowers. Cindy is a bigfoot enthusiast who enjoys researching the unknown.

Recently Justin Smeja was asked a rather hard and direct question by Suzy Matiash administrator of the group Bigfoot Community.
The question was:
" Mr Smeja I mean this question with no malice toward you. But this is a no kill group. And given the chance . Would you kill another sas? Or have you changed your views and would not do it again."

The following is Justin's answer:

"I believe Bigfoots are some sort of people a wild man or archaic human if you will. They are not just some other animal to be hunted like deer, its immoral they are intelligent.
For the greater good of the species wether it be in life or death or even extinction, I will pursue killing one, I do not love the species or the individuals. I do feel its wrong to persue taIking a sasquatches life but who among us does everything right? You worry about the person you see in the mirror I'll take care of me.
I will try to kill another to prove their existence.
The truth is most in the bigfoot community are liars, especially when it comes to the subject. They preach this no kill gospel and pretend to be disgusted by the thought of killing one publicly but behind closed doors I'm often (very often) approached by these same individuals many of whom are highly respected pillars in the community with a new strategy or location or idea of how to kill one. They often even offer to help fund an expedition to bring back a dead one. Derek was never like that. He always hated the idea of killing one. I respect him for that, hes a better man then me.
Im not here to play politics work or be politically correct or save face, I'm not looking for a place in the bf community. When I research I often have a rifle if I see one I will most likely shoot it. I often research with no rifle at all. Make what you will out of that. My only goal is proof to validate my story.
This is a stupid arguement to kill or not to kill, if your that worked up about it you have too much time on your hands. Its like arguing its wrong for someone to spend all their money on drugs if they win the lottery (in my case twice). DNA is no longer good enough. Specially in this field. For the sake of time lets just assume that I know more about DNA results findings and protocols then 98 percent of you. Ive worked first hand with countless labs and doctors on this subject over the last 3 years. If a bodies drug in by a researcher tomorrow the blood of that individual is partly on melbas hands, because of her we need a body. We need a body not a sequence.
The truth is I waver back and forth some days Im 100% no kill. I've lost more sleep on the subject because of my actions then any of you. I've made peace with my actions besides the occasional nightmare."

This statement is sure to cause a stir with some people, but I will attempt at remaining objective. As an outsider and skeptic I have long viewed the story with interest and paid attention to the key players. We can all make judgment calls that others may not agree with and can only speculate as to what we would do if in that persons shoes, or in this case boots. One must ask yourself would someone who was being disingenuous go to such lengths as to face the wrath of others for stating his feelings? Are others any less sincere in their feelings of wrongful death? The fact remains science needs a specimen , that does not mean necessarily death. But possible tranquilizing and sample collection done by trained biologists as well field studies. If people want to prove existence tough choices may have to be made. Others may feel that they simply need to be left alone. Be kind to one another we are all in this together whether skeptic or believer.


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Close up from the tent video
I just wanted to give a little update about the whole Tent video/Dead bigfoot saga. There has been some new things that are being talked about and some things that Rick Dyer mentioned on his recent BTR radio show.

First I want to cover the youtube video where a man went to the possible site where Dyer killed the bigfoot. While there he interviewed a homeless man who confirmed that Dyer and a film crew was there for about a week. The young homeless man also confirms that he did hear gun shots but never seen any bigfoot body.

What was a little humorous was it appears that this was a video to expose a hoax but after talking to the homeless man it comes off as showing evidence it is all real. An insider had already told me the name of the young homeless man in the interview, which I did not post, but Dyer confirmed the young mans name as Jeff and that was also what I was told. I was also told more info about the area where this video was filmed but I have not posted it. I can report that according to my inside source that is not the actual kill site but it is fairly close. Here is the video with the interview.

Now on to some of the things that Dyer revealed during his recent radio show.
Dyer stated that there is already a 50 million dollar offer on the table for the bigfoot body. Dyer also stated that a famous and respected person from the bigfoot community has been contacted, he did not give a name but I assume this person is about them viewing the body. Dyer also confirmed, as we first reported, that Derek Randles is coming to view the dead bigfoot. It is not clear what the date for this viewing but we should assume it would be fairly soon.
During Dyer's show someone ask about the state of the body, if it was decomposing, and Dyer stated that the body was still in good shape and is being taken care of by some very smart people.
Also during Dyer's radio show he talked about Dr. Meldrum. Dyers stated that Dr. Meldrum has been contacted by some of his (Dyers) people. It was stated the Dr. Meldrum had a list of potential  conditions and that all the details are still being worked out.
There is a video in which some are claiming that Rick Dyer admits this is all a hoax but during the show Dyer said that the statement was taken out of context and was misconstrued.
Now what about the Film Shooting Bigfoot?
Dyer stated that he will be flying to London in a couple of weeks to view the film. This will be a kind of final view for those involved before the film is shown to the public is what I'm assuming.

So it would appear that the film is still on pace to be released in April, so at least it will not be that much longer to we will know the whole story. I think the video will be interesting regardless of how this all plays out.
Here is Rick Dyer's recent radio show 
Listen to internet radio with BIGFOOT TRACKER LLC on Blog Talk Radio


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This is a post by TCC Team Member Dale Drinnon.
Dale has a degree in Anthropology with a background in Zoology and Paleontology.
Visit his Blog - Frontiers of Zoology

This is a youtube video discussing the supposed announcement of a body of a Bigfoot upon its first examination by supposedly qualified people:
Now the question is, are the supporters of this alleged incident providing trustworthy reports of their claim?
Well, the first thing I had noticed was that the illustration is ripped off of another report from Canada and reproduced without credit: I had previously posted the report and the illustration on my blog with due credit and so I recognized it. So the representation that this is "Their" Bigfoot body is already fraudulent and a deliberate attempt at deception while using somebody else's illustration in a manner the artist certainly would not have intended.Then there is a protracted matter of why their expert was one Musky Allen (of no especial credentials and no especial standing in either the Scientific nor yet in the Bigfooting community) instead of a previously-proposed Dr Don Jeffrey Meldrum. The answer was interesting in that it pointed up further lies and evasions.

So, what did Alan Musky really say about Dr. Meldrum? His latest statement sounds as if there had been a big misunderstanding, but clearly that was not the case. Here is what Alan Musky posted on a Facebook page called Bigfoot Warz yesterday : (click photo to enlarge)

 And then his attempt to "Correct" the statement on FB/FB

And then there is what Dr Meldrum posted in reply

It definitely seems that Musky lied about his communications to Dr. Meldrum and that Dr. Meldrum called him on the allegation. It seems Dr Meldrum carried the day and that furthermore Musky is not to be trusted, as Dr Meldrum says in his statement.
This particular exchange does not question Rick Dyer directly, but it does completely undermine the reliability of the witness he called upon for support of his position and expert testimony, when obviously he provides neither. Without Musky's word on it, we are left with Dyer's word alone, and actually that much alone is not good enough. He is already suspect from his involvement in the 2008 hoax when a different supposed Bigfoot body turned out to be a costume in an abandoned refrigerator with some entrails added to give the exhibit the air of authority.
[Photos source: Facebook.com, Melissa Hovey, Brad Vincent jr]
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Bigfoot is Dead!
The Tent Video Bigfoot that was reportedly killed by Rick Dyer has now been confirmed by skeptic Musky Allan as being real!
For many in the bigfoot community their worst fears have come true , Rick Dyer killed a bigfoot.

Here is the interview conducted by Facebook/FindBigfoot

Part 2

So this now appears to be totally true.
Thanks to all that have been involved in this and for sharing information.


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This Bigfoot is Now on Ice!
Thanks to a super inside source we now have amazing details of what really happened during the filming and the shooting of the bigfoot in the tent video. Height and weight of the creature and much more!

As you know this video was filmed in San Antonio and the film crew from Minnow films was there along with other people on the expedition.

Some ribs were nailed to a tree in an attempt to lure in a bigfoot, well it worked. Rick Dyer was using a cell phone to film the bigfoot and then Dyer stepped out of the tent and our insider tells us that Rick Dyer "froze up" once he was outside the tent and saw the bigfoot. The bigfoot was walking away with the ribs in his hands according to our insider.

So what they decided to do next,according to our insider, is to go down to wal-mart and  buy more ribs and they did just that and nailed them to the trees again. Well later that night the bigfoot shows back up and this is when Dyer steps out of the tent in his underwear and fires at the bigfoot. Our insider said more than one shot was fired. The bullet that brought down the bigfoot entered in the neck of the creature and exited out it's mouth, knocking out 2 teeth.

Well this upset the producers from Minnow films, they were under the impression that the rifle was just for protection against known animals. What happened next according to our insider is that Dyer and the Producers got into a fist fight and it was a good one. They all kind of settled down after a little fighting.
The Producers got a little scared and called in some government officials. The government people showed up and took some samples and pictures,it also appeared that the officials were kind of shocked about the dead bigfoot. Our insider did not say what branch of the government it was that was called. After talking to these officials the producers settled down a bit and realized they would not be going to jail or getting into any trouble.

2 days after the video was filmed Dyer went to London and had a meeting with the Minnow Film people.
Our insider said that Minnow Films later purchased Dyer a New 2012 Lincoln Navigator for $70,000.
We can confirm that dyer did in fact get a new Navigator.

Here is a picture of it
$70,000 Navigator purchased by Minnow Films
Here is the video the picture is from

So it seems Dyer got a pretty good payment for his part in the filming and killing of the bigfoot, but I would assume more money will be coming his way soon.
It's not like Dyer needs it , he has some good backers according to our insider. Dyers main backer is a Male country music singer and the insider told us that the singer has already seen the dead bigfoot.

So where is the body now? well some have reported that the bigfoot body is in London but our insider said that was not true and the body was here in the USA. It will continued to be looked at by a unnamed university.

How or what made the bigfoot come around a second time in the Dyer camp? Well according to our insider the bigfoot was kind of use to people being around and was not really very scared of people and it didn't seem to mind people seeing it. According to our source there is a number of homeless people living in this area and the bigfoot is used to seeing people. Our source also told us that this is around the same area where 2 homeless people reported seeing a bigfoot dragging a deer, In fact Dyer and the Minnow Crew was able to track down the 2 homeless people from the 911 call and interview them for the upcoming film according to our source.

Here is the youtube video of the homeless 911 call

How Big was the Bigfoot? Our insider told us that the bigfoot was a Male, standing 8 foot and 9 inches tall and weight 632 pounds.It should also be noted that according to our source Minnow films and its crew did not know Dyer had filmed the bigfoot with his cell phone until the tent video was posted on youtube. Our insider also told us that the film from Minnow Films will be coming out in 2013 and will be going to the Tribeca film festival.

Here is a little recap:
*Male bigfoot
*8ft. 9 in. tall
*Weight 632 pounds
*Body still in the USA
*Shot threw the neck and out the mouth,knocking out 2 teeth
*Dyer and producers got in a fight
*Dyer got a $70,000 Navigator
*Film will come out in 2013

Here is the Tent Video

So I hope you enjoyed this World Exclusive, I hope to get more info from our inside source soon. It was also confirmed by our source that Rick Dyer is under a NDA agreement but they did not give us any details about it.


© The Crypto Crew
[All This info was obtain from our inside source] 

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