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 My Crypto World - More Bigfoot Stories (Ep. 41)

In this episode I tell you about some local bigfoot sightings, which also includes a personal sightings, and show how they are possibly tied altogether.

Here is the episode.

Beacon Bigfoot - Making the Rounds Again

Recently, the Beacon Bigfoot pictures have been making the round again on social media sites. Many of the people who are posting up these images, in various bigfoot groups, do not realize they are promoting a series of hoaxed pictures and videos.

These first started to appear online back around 2013. There is a youtube channel under the name Randal Hart, and The Beacon Bigfoot blog was also ran by this person. Most, including me, think this was most likely a fake name and profile.

Some of us in the bigfoot community, when we see these images posted, try to alert people that these are fake and not of real Bigfoot. Some accept the information but ultimately some see these and believe them to be real and you can't change their mind. Posting these up and people believing them to be real, creates problems in the true search for answers. It also hurts the credibility and seriousness of the subject.

Possible Bigfoot Seen in Carberry Creek Area

Several days ago I got a report sent in of a possible bigfoot sighting in the Carberry Creek area of Oregon. I went to google maps and found the general area of the event. Oregon is a great place for bigfoot, with plenty of food and water sources.

Here is the report/message I got about the sighting.

Bigfoot Watches Bonfire

Here is an interesting video from Corky's Research page. Here is what Corky said about the capture.

"This was taken by a game cam mounted in my flower bed over 40 yards away, on the back side of the house. We were able to see him because of the fire in the back yard. The cam was set to take a pic ever 5 seconds. He was gone by the next set of photo's. This was the juvenile bigfoot that has been here 7 years."

It appears that Corky put the pictures on a monitor and then filmed them with his cell phone to create the video. In the series of pictures, you can see the figure move next to the tree and hide behind it.

Here is the video, followed by some additional information:

Back to Bigfooting!

I finally got a chance to get back out in the mountains. Going to the mountains is very relaxing to me, it helps keep me centered. I head out to one of my bigfoot areas and exchange some game cams.This is an area I have researched for many years. Over the years it has produced many interesting finding and experiences for me.

For this little trip I take you along for the outing. Hope you enjoy the short video.

Here is the video:

We were looking for morels and stumbled across some tracks. The track in the picture is deep and in hard gravel. so it had to be very heavy or a hard impact step.

The track is 18 inches long by 6 1/2 wide. There was a second track but it is not visible in pictures. We found this in Slide creek, which is near MYRTLE CREEK.

I looked closer and could see the heal and toe shapes. It is degraded a bit but has enough detail to tell it's a print.

We continued to scout the area for additional tracks and morels but didn't find any of either.

Here are a few more pictures from the area.

Bigfoot: To Woo Or Not To Woo
By Dorraine Fisher

As if there wasn’t enough division in the entire world right now, we thought that bigfoot believers had one major thing in common that they could all hold on to and bond over: belief in bigfoot. But sadly that isn’t the case.

One half of the community believes bigfoot is nothing more than an undiscovered species that we’re just starting to discover, and they want to prove they’re real. The other half that’s grown exponentially in the last few years claims to have telepathic or possibly even spiritual experiences with these beings and they feel no need whatsoever to prove to anyone that they exist. In fact, they want to understand them better in order to understand how everyone can leave them alone. But the other camp dismisses all of it as what is now referred to as woo.

I now, as a bigfoot researcher and writer am caught in between the two belief systems and have been repeatedly asked if I’m “a woo researcher or non-woo?"

Bigfoot Encounter: Did You Feel Something Instead Of Seeing Something?
Assessing The Woo And What We DON’T See Out There

By Dorraine Fisher

We all believe in instincts, right?

Those of us who spend a lot of time outside in nature learn to follow our gut instincts. I believe it’s honestly a healthy thing to go out often and get away from “civilization” and commune with nature. It’s the only thing that’s real in this world and it’s actually a training ground for your human instincts. If you go out there into the quiet and really connect with it, something primal inside you kicks in. And if you’re sensitive or empathic, you start to really understand that what you feel out there matters just as much as the things you perceive with your other senses. After all, primitive humans would have died out without these sensory abilities. But in the case of bigfoot research, feelings, gut instincts, and intuition seem to be hallmarks of the total picture of doing bigfoot research. At least for some highly sensitive researchers. The feelings and sensations in bigfoot research can be a huge deal.

I decided to clean up one of my Bigfoot track castings and I thought maybe I'd just film it. This is a juvenile track that I cast after finding three tracks. I found these tracks while filming for Almost Live Season 2 The Hunt for Bigfoot.

I'm sure there are people out there that do not know how to clean up track castings. This is how I do it but others may use a different technique. I'm sure there are many other ways to clean a casting.

Here is the short video, where I talk about finding the tracks and show you how I clean the casting.

Bigfoot: The Question of Migration
By Dorraine Fisher

Many bigfoot researchers claim there is a season in which bigfoot activity occurs in their research areas and other times of the year when they find little to no evidence of activity at all. But these claims seem to be inconsistent. And the inconsistency often seems to depend on where the researcher’s area is located. So, do bigfoot migrate or not? Those researchers known to the community as habituators, or those who claim bigfoot lives near or around their homes continuously, will tell you they definitely don’t migrate. They observe activity all year long on their properties and sometimes make the claim they interact with them personally with no large time lapses in between encounters.  So the answer to this question may be a resounding yes...and no, depending on the researcher you ask.

This is an interview that I've been trying to get to for a little while now. I was sick and couldn't do it but finally got better and got the interview done.

James has had several sightings/encounters with bigfoot over the years. His first was a face to face encounter that happened when he was very young. Two of his encounters happened in Bell county Kentucky and a third in Tennessee.

Here is the interview:
Area of second sighting

TCC members Bobby and Corinna Long give us an update from their home state of Oregon. Oregon is home to numerous Bigfoot sightings and has an idea habitat for Bigfoot.

This report contains three different sightings by Bobby and Corinna spread over a span of around three years. If you have had a sighting in any of these area, please contact us.

I ran across this rather interesting trail camera photo today. There appears to be a black upright figure in the image. I do not know very much about this picture or who for sure it belongs to. The only name I could find associated with it was an Amanda Young.

Could this be a real Bigfoot? or is it just something else. I will attempt to enhance the picture and tell you more about the back story, even though I don't know much about it.

In October I have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky. I go out to hunt ginseng, and to look for evidence of Bigfoot. During my outings I have discovered many unusual stick formations. These types of formations are normally associated with Bigfoot behavior. While we do not know for sure what these structures and formations mean, we do see them over and over again in areas of Bigfoot activity.

I have documented these types of formations for many years now.  In many of the areas there have been sightings or I have personally found Bigfoot foot tracks. These particular structures where found in a rather remote area that is only accessible by foot. It is roughly a three mile hike that is mostly up the side of a mountain. There is very little chance of someone hiking to the middle of nowhere just to build a stick formation in hopes that I would find it.

Here is a video of a few of my recent findings.

This Bigfoot sighting report comes to us courtesy of fellow researcher Michael Cook of Cook Cryptid Research. This report is in the general area were we both conduct research and I'm grateful to him for sharing it with us. I rarely make it up to this end of Harlan county, so I'm glad to hear of a sighting from this area and happy to enter it into our database of reports.

Here is the report.

When it comes to films, videos, and pictures, Bigfoot can look very different. Sometimes even witness testimony will give some different descriptions. One thing that is for sure, is that not all Bigfoot look just alike, whether they are made for a film or a real image captured by a witness. In the cases of film, there are many different variations depicted. The above image is a still frame from the 2013 film Shooting Bigfoot. This is the part where the director was supposedly attacked by a Bigfoot.

Of course, the general consensus of the film was that it was all a hoax, and I don't think you will find very many people who will debate you about it. But the particular part of the film where this Bigfoot knocks over the director has always had some question marks.

Artist re-creation.
Here is just a quick post about a Bigfoot sighting in Platte county, Missouri. This is not a report that was submitted directly to me. It is a report that I ran across while surfing the internet. I thought it was pretty interesting and just wanted to share the report.

Here are the details.
Please notice the right side of the screen

I was just checking out some videos this morning on Youtube and ran across an rather interesting one.
This was supposedly captured in Eastern Kentucky back in 2013 by a person who claims it is a Bigfoot. I know back in 2013 there sure was a lot of Bigfoot activity in my area of SE Kentucky.

This person also stated that there have been Bigfoot activity in this area. That might have been why he set up the game camera.

First I will let you watch the video and then I will offer more information.
Comparing a REAL Bigfoot track to a fake one.

Bigfoot: A Very Important Point About Footprints!!!
What Is An Ichnologist? 
By Dorraine Fisher

In the bigfoot world, footprints are a big source of contention. People that live outside the body of knowledge about these creatures believe that all bigfoot footprints are faked. And bigfoot skeptics too. Because the so-called “authorities” said so around 20 years ago. And therefore, according to them, there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that sasquatches exist. This is an outsider’s view that could NOT be further from the truth.

Because we have a branch of science on our side known as ichnology. And ichnology is the scientific study of animal traces. Ichnology seeks to determine animal behavior and movement based on the traces they leave behind. And a big part of this is the footprints.

An ichnologist is a type of offshoot of a paleontologist, and is a true scientist who is required to have as much education as any other similar scientist. So, these people really know their stuff when it comes to the evidence left behind by animals. They study small details in the landscape. And any ichnologist can walk into the woods and tell you a lot about what’s been going on there based on tiny traces.

And they must know their footprints. They are the supreme experts in the field of footprints. They can tell you what’s been walking through an area and approximately how long ago. They can tell you how big it was and what was following it. They can often tell you what it was doing or what state of health it was in, and an amazing array of other details about it. But most importantly, they know a faked footprint when they see one.

And here’s where the absurdity comes in.

Authorities will nearly always accept the word of scientists when they tell them something. And ichnologists are usually no exception. They are often called in to determine the activity in an area for purposes of conservation or historic record and are taken at their word. And this is because they really do know what they’re talking about.

But the crazy thing is, if ichnologists are called in about a 16-inch bare footprint found in the mud on a cold morning in the woods and everyone’s whispering about possibilities of bigfoot, it seems their knowledge is suddenly not respected any more. If they say, “Yep, it’s a real footprint.” Suddenly they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ve been right about everything else pertaining to their chosen branch of science, but suddenly they’re wrong about THIS.

A real print is easily spotted...by a trained eye. A living, fleshy foot makes distinct marks in the ground. The movement of dozens of bones, ligaments, and tendons come into play and move in a fluid motion and create what is known as compression lines in the inner edge of the track. And then there are dermal ridges, that are like the fingerprints of the feet, come into play here also. These lines on the bottom of the feet that look just like the type of lines on our fingers cannot be faked. In conjunction with the sequential movement of a real, fleshy foot, these tell the real story experts can interpret.

Fake prints are the result of a solid object like a wooden or plaster “foot” pressing down onto a surface. And they produce what is known as impact ridges which are ridges created on the outer perimeter of the print from the solid object, with absolutely no give at all, pressing against the surface and pushing out. No sequential movement of the bones or muscles inside the foot can be detected in the print, no dermal ridges can be seen, and the prints are basically identical.

In essence, a real fleshy foot gives way to the uneven surface of the ground underneath it whereas a wooden or plaster foot does not. It’s like the difference between a shoe print and bare foot print. The faked print has more clear characteristics of that of a shoe print than a real bare foot print. And the real experts in this field joke that they can teach these characteristic differences to a child.

But people still say the experts, the ichnologists, the scientists trained in the study of animal traces, are wrong. They’re the experts and they’re right about everything else, but when it comes to any prints that might be bigfoot, they’re wrong about THOSE. Just those.

But are there fake prints? Absolutely, yes. But are all the hundreds or even thousands of prints fake, everywhere in North America that have ever been found? Absolutely not, as the ichnologists will tell you.

Bigfoot footprints are still the clearest REAL evidence we have of bigfoot’s existence. But skeptics will continually try to argue the point...with literally no leg to stand on. Hey, if you won’t take the word of scientists, then you’re just not interested in the facts.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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I was recently contacted by a man, who I will call Al, and he had found and videoed some possible bigfoot tracks while out hunting ginseng. I have talked to him several times about other things found in the area where the possible bigfoot activity is taking place. Al, was concerned about receiving ridicule, so we have changed his name and omitted his last name. We are also not giving out the exact location, as this is private property and there is ongoing research. 

Here is the report, followed by some video.

Name: Al ******(Name changed to protect identity)
Date: Sept. 2016
Location: SE Kentucky
Video/Photo: Yes, video and photos
Number of witnesses: 2

There is also other evidence that was found and not photographed. This was due to the fact it was found before the tracks where found. One such thing was where roots of plants had been removed from the ground. There appears to human shaped finger scraps into the soil. While Al thought this was unusual, he thought it could have been done by something else or somebody. I assume he was not thinking about bigfoot at this point, because he had not found the tracks. There was also an unusual game cam capture about 2 or 3 weeks later.

Here is the video of the tracks and of the unusual game camera capture.

I'm in contact with Al and there are efforts to document more evidence from this area. I hope to have an update in the future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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