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Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Species
Sun Moth - Credit: Oleg Pekarsky
According to statics biologists have cataloged and named about 1.2 million species, but most think this is just a drop in the bucket to what is left undiscovered. Some estimates put the undiscovered or yet to be discovered at about 7 million creatures. So it appears there will be plenty of work for researchers in the years to come.

One can only ponder about our elusive friend Bigfoot and wonder what it's really going to take for this amazing creature to finally get recognized and cataloged. For those of  us who know for a fact that bigfoot is real, no other proof is really needed, but for the general public and the scientific world to accept bigfoot,  more proof has to be presented.

One should also consider the harm all the fake bigfoot videos and the fake reports are doing to the discovery and recognition of this creature. Many are just using bigfoot as a cash cow and really don't care if bigfoot is real or not, they have their own agenda and that is to make money. It was told to me that a very famous bigfoot researcher, who I will not name, recently said something to this effect: " I don't want it (bigfoot) proven, because I'm making money off the mystery".
Now, I personally don't see anything wrong with making some money by providing information about bigfoot, but with the above quote you would have to questions a person honesty and willingness to share truthful information about bigfoot. After all they wouldn't want to cut their money off.  I guess that is enough about that, maybe I said too much, so how about we look at some of the recent discoveries.

The Sun Moth (Pictured above) was discovered in the remote Baime Xue mountain range in China's Yunnan province.

The Striped bat is another new discovery, it was found in South Sudan. It is very pretty and it's marking resemble a badger. This bat has slightly shorter wings and more robust teeth which led to it having it's own classification. (Bucknell University/DeeAnn Reeder)

The hope porcupine was discovered in Brazil's Northeastern Atlantic coast. This creature lives in trees and eats mostly seeds. Sadly this new discovery is already thought to be an endangered one.

Rinjani scops owl was discovered on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The creature is thought to have remained undiscovered because it looks very much like a related species. Researchers were alerted to this new owl by it's unique song. (Photo by: Philippe Verbelen)

So how much longer will it take for bigfoot to appear on the list of new discoveries is anybody's guess at this point. It seems with so many fakes, lies and disinformation it could be a ways off.
We must continue to look and gather evidence of bigfoot and one day we can look back and say we knew it was real 50 years before the recognized discovery.
I personally think it will be somewhat satisfying to say "See, I told you a long time ago bigfoot was real."

All my work and contributions may not amount to anything but if I can inspire fellow researchers to keep looking, keep gathering, then I can say I had a part in the final discovery.

Your day will come Bigfoot, your day will come.


[Source: Discover magazine]

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