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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Possible bigfoot caught on trail cam

Possible Bigfoot Photo From VA - Report and Enhancement

This report comes to us from Gary Foutz from Unsolved Mysteries and Paranormal Society.
The photo was taken with a TASCO game camera.  The report is below the video.

Here is the report.
-Start Report-
Name: Gary Foutz
Email Address: "Kept Private"
State: Va
County: Roanoke
Date of Sighting: 8/7/2010
Time of Day: 10:pm
Nearest Town: Roanoke Co
Length of Sighting: Caught on a trap cam
How many Witnesses: myself and the lady who called me
Any Photos/Videos: yes
Describe sighting in detail: A lady called us in to investigate and sighting of something big in her backyard. We set up a trap cam and got a picture of something. The local zoo here said it had not come completely out of the creek bed and could have been over 7 feet tall.
-End Report-

Here is a general map of Roanoke, VA

I attempted to enhance the video/photo to gain more detail but it was very hard to actually get much more out of the video. It does appear to be large and covered in hair. According to Gary, it was around 7 feet tall, so it fits the bill to be a bigfoot.
Special Thanks to Gary for sharing the video and sighting with us and allowing me to attempt to enhance it. I wish I could have done more or got better results.


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  1. Why is the Crypto Crew a bunch of crap?

    1. What ya talkin' about Willis? - Just sharing the report and the photo -

  2. So easy to be rude when Anonymous is your name. I think you find a lot of interesting material. .some folk want a video of Bigfoot introducing himself with a wave for the camera to boot!!

    1. Thanks Fiona, I also had someone complain about me running ads on the site but that is what pays the bills and funds some of the research. Oh well what can a person do. Thanks for the support.


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