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Monday, December 9, 2013

Up close encounter
Mock up Photo
This is a report that I just got in over the last 2 days. The witness wants to remain anonymous but I have their name on record.

-Start Report-
Name: Withheld
State: Ky
County: Jackson
Date of Sighting: Nov 1999 First day modern gun deer season
Time of Day: between 2 & 4 p.m.
Nearest Town: REMOVED
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds
How many Witnesses: one
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I was deer hunting on a friend's farm. I had been hunting since just before light and was very tired so I decided to sit by the root ball of a fallen tree.
Just before I sat down to rest, I heard rapid gunfire that sounded like it was coming from the other side of the hill I was on. It sounded like two different people were firing at something so I sat with my back to the root ball of this fallen tree.

I kind of dozed off for a few seconds but I began to hear footsteps coming down the hill from behind me. I thought it might be someone from our hunting party but it wasn't.
I stood up and as I stepped out from behind that root ball, there it was. I was face to face with a large Sasquatch!!!

We were about 25-30 feet apart and in the clear. I was in shock. We stood there looking at each other for about 25 seconds. What I saw that day changed my life completely. This creature was about 8 feet tall and weighed 700 pounds easy.

This encounter happened about 2 miles [Removed at Land Owners request] in the southern part Ky. The nearest road is[Removed at Land Owners request]. It was on private land & I can show you exactly where on Google Earth.
Ok. As this creature and I stood there looking at each other, I guess I may have been in shock because I couldn't run. I was armed but the thought to fire my rifle or pistol never crossed my mind. It would have probably just made it angry.
The creature was looking at me with what I can only say was the expression of "oh crap", like it didn't expect to see me there and it didn't know if I would shoot at it.

It was between 7'6'' and 8' tall, about 700 pounds (just guessing as best as I can). We were about 25-30 feet apart in open woods, meaning there was no underbrush to block my view. I got a really good look at it. It's hair (not fur) was reddish-brown and kind of all over the place, like the hair on an Irish Wolfhound that has never been groomed, but I'd say it varied in length. I could see the muscles under it's hair. It's eyes were all black, it's face was flat and it had a nose quite similar to that of a man. It's head was low-set, kind of like on it's shoulders. It's jaw was pronounced but not like that of an ape. It's arms were very long, hands were huge. I could see it's fingernails. They were black. It's skin color was kind of a grayish/brown and it's mouth was open just a little, but I didn't see it's teeth. This thing was built for business.  I was close enough and this encounter lasted long enough,(20-30 seconds) that I could see it's private parts. It was obviously male. All of a sudden the creature turned to it's right and ran to the top of the hill. It tried to keep the trees between us but I moved a step to my right and watched it go to the top of the hill. There it stopped and I got this really uneasy feeling in my stomach, I felt disoriented and I got the feeling to get the crap out of there, fast. I then turned to my left and made a b-line to the open field that was just a few yards behind me.

I walked to the center of the field, noticed where my truck was parked and went to my truck. I didn't get out of my truck until I saw another member of our hunting party. I have never mentioned it to my hunting buddies because I didn't want to be thought of as a drunk or on drugs. It took me until January 2013 to tell my wife. This encounter changed my life. I haven't hunted since and I sold that rifle. I went back to see my buddy that lives there in 2002 but I haven't been back since.

I have also had 6 other visual encounters and one audio encounter in which I heard a wood knock and immediately after that, there was a "Whoo-up" response. These encounters happened in Berea at the home we lived in at the time. This location is in a subdivision in the city limits of Berea, just behind an elementary school. We've since moved. Thank you for listening.
-End Report-

UPDATE - A few people that read the above report wanted to know if the witness smelled anything. So I ask and here was his reply: "Yes. The smell was like a combination of horse sweat, strong urine, body odor with a strong skunk scent. The smell stays with you for a long time."

Here is a general map of the area
Marker is not the area, just a general reference to Southern Kentucky

Anyone else who has seen a possible bigfoot in this area or anywhere else, should contact us and report the sighting. Having these reports and adding them to our sightings map will help all researchers locate possible hotspots and areas with reoccurring sightings.

Please note: I had to block out some information on this report as people were trespassing on this private land. Please be respectful and ask permission before walking all over private property.


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  1. mock up photo?? Does that mean the subject is fake or the pic. is fake?? Hairy boots?? Really?? Larry Smith www.paranormalornot.com
    Square heels on feet

  2. I'd like to hear about this guys other encounters. Can you get him to open up?

    1. I will post my other encounters very soon. Thanks for your interest. I have posts about big cats in KY too.

  3. They are facing each other, yet the sun is at both of their backs. Fakeest picture ever.

    1. Picture is just a mockup and not an actual photo of the event.

  4. Tom. Can you find out if this guy ever thought about talking to any of his hunting buddies now since it's been so long? It would be interesting to see if anyone else saw what he saw, (say the shooters on the other hill.)

    1. I have only kept in contact with just 1 of the guys that was there that day & we don't talk that frequently. I don't know how he would respond but I'm thinking about talking about that day, (it's events & their effect on me), the next time I speak to him. He's actually the guy that I sold that rifle to. He might believe me, he's like a big brother, great friend & he knows I'm honest (but blunt!). W.M.


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