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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paul Freeman endured years of being called a hoaxer and a liar. People said it was his son in a suit in his videos and that his tracks were fakes. Sadly Mr. Freeman passed away in 2003 but that did not stop people from dragging his name through the mud. Even years after his death people continue to call him a hoaxer and a liar, but I had always believed Paul Freeman was telling the truth. I have watched and analyzed his video footage and listened to his detailed interview in which he describes in detail about his encounters. I have talked to some of his friends and all had good things to say about him.

Thanks to Dr. Melba Ketchum and the Bigfoot DNA study, it seems Paul Freeman has now been vindicated. As most of my readers know Dr. Ketchum's DNA Paper has finally published, yes there is some debate about the publishing, but it does appear the science is good and will be upheld by other scientist in the near future.

Paul Freeman is listed as being a contributor of a sasquatch DNA sample in the final report from the Ketchum DNA paper. Here is a small sample of the text provided on the website.

"Paul Freeman – NABS (North American Bigfoot Search)
1 sample – Washington
...Paul is posthumously recognized as a member of a DNA sample submission team including Dr. Henner Fahrenbach,  W. Laughery and W. Sumerlin"

(Posthumously - after one's death)

It is my understanding this was a hair sample that Freeman had collected during his encounters in Washington. NABS must have had the sample in it's possession and submitted it to the study.

So about 10 years after Paul Freeman passed away he is vindicated, at least to some degree. It's too late for anyone who talked bad about Mr. Freeman to apologize to him in person but it should make all of us be a little more careful in choosing what we have to say about each other.

Here is a enhancement I did of the Freeman Footage (Make sure to watch in HD)

Here is a little info about this clip - Paul Freeman had borrowed the video camera and there is another clip of some tracks he filmed and some think it was one continuous filming session but it wasn't. There was a birthday party filmed in between the two bigfoot filming sessions. Some posted it on youtube as "the complete" footage but in reality it was filmed at different time but in the same location.

Here is the last and lost interview that Paul Freeman did, most of it never aired anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed reading and watching about Paul Freeman.

[Sources: NABS,Genome Project,DNA Paper,]
[Special Thanks: Robin Lynn, Dr. Melba Ketchum, Thom Powell]

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  1. The background noise makes this problematic to watch...subtitles or even a printed transcript would be better than this.

    1. Hang with it ...it gets a little less after awhile.

  2. thank you, its about time paul starts to get the kind of recognition he deserves. he was the finest researcher of his time.

  3. If you're using the Ketchum paper as the sole vindication of Mr Freeman, then he's still not, um, out of the woods of suspicion yet.

    Self-publishing on a bogus scientific journal of your own creation, then charging $30 per view to see the paper is unethical to begin with. Some MSM outlets have downloaded her paper and given it to scientists for an opinion, and so far it's universal. No wonder Ketchum couldn't get peer reviewed or independently published. It's a hot mess.

    1. I do agree that the publishing of the paper throws up a flag but in case of Freeman it was a hair sample so if it was a known animal (bear,elk..) the DNA would have found it out. So in some ways he is vindicated.

  4. The noise in that interview made it impossible to listen to, that's too bad.


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