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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Stacy Brown FLIR Footage Enhanced

By now most have seen or heard about the Stacy Brown FLIR bigfoot/skunk ape footage.
I contacted Stacy and ask him to tell me how the footage was obtained and if I could use the footage and attempt to enhance it and he granted permission. Look for the Video and more pictures towards the bottom of this post.

Here is what Stacy told me about the events leading up to the captured footage.
"On May 8th, 2012 Me and my father, Stacy Brown Sr. were out squatchin'. We arrived at the camp late so we had just planned on taking it easy for the evening. We hiked in a mile to the camp and set everything up. I started a fire and turned on some music [hard rock!!] while dad started cooking.

Hours passed and it seemed like it would be a regular night when the knocks started.
The first knock just made us look at each other. We kept on doing what we were doing. Then we heard the second. They were definite and we could clearly tell they were coming from different spots. So we decided to go out and try to see what was making the noise.

I turned the radio up all the way. Hoping to cover our sound of walking down the trail. Armed with my Sony night shot and my dad with the FLIR ts-32 scout, we crept down the way for what seemed about twenty minutes. It probably wasn't but that's what it felt like.
We went out without any lights on that way maybe whatever was out there couldn't see us coming. The whole time we could hear something heavy moving thru the woods. Now the crickets were horribly noisy so whatever it was had to be big.
What happened next would shock my father. He stopped in the trail and said "hold up". He could see something on the camera. The next thing I know, he started saying "we gotta go". So we ran back to camp [me not even knowing what we were running from]. I guess dad took off in shock. I got to see the footage back at camp and couldn't believe what had just happened. "
--Stacy Brown Jr.---

Thanks to Stacy for sharing the story and footage with us. I'm not a big fan of Thermal footage but this has to be the best thermal footage I've ever seen. What strikes me about the figure is how big the hands appear. This was filmed in Florida and could be what is commonly called the skunk ape.

Here is the Youtube Video

Here is a back video of the Enhanced video, I hope you enjoy it.

Here is a Still Shot zoomed in on the head of the figure from the video


[Source:The Sasquatch Hunters]
©The Crypto Crew
(All Original videos rights belong to Stacy Brown and The Sasquatch Hunters)

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