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Friday, December 7, 2012

This photo was taken by the Midwest/Minnesota Paranormal Society at the Colfax Cemetery.
MMPS was there doing an investigation into a  local legend called "Timber Lake Road".
The story goes that there have been many sightings of red eyes in the forest, screams, dogs barking, moans from a woman, and strange shadows. Just all kinds of weirdness. There is also a claim of  piles of dead rats being found in the winter time.
The photo was taken on the night of July 26, 2009, it was take with a Cybershot 7.2 megapixel.
I have zoomed in on the figure in one of the following photos.

Here is the original photo of what might be a real ghost.
Colfax Cemetery Ghost photo

Here is a zoom on the figure.
Zoom of the figure in the photo.

Here is a daytime photo of the same area

Some have attempted to debunk the ghost photo as just a reflection but I'm not so sure about that.
The investigating team of MMPS alos reported feeling cold spots and getting goose bumps.
It does appear there is definitely something going on in the photo and the Colfax Cemetery.
What is your opinion of the photo?
(I searched the internet for a website for MMPS but could not find one - If anyone knows it please let me know and I'll add a link.)

(I searched the internet for a website for MMPS but could not find one - If anyone knows it please let me know and I'll add a link.)


I got an update about this image from one of the co-founds of the group. Here is what John told me about the picture.

"I am one of the Co-Founders along with Adam, Brittnai, and the one who took the Picture Nikki. The group has gone our own ways, no longer together, no more website, twitter or facebook account. I can tell you that there are 2 stories that are intermixed and parts are true. The photo you see is what we believe is known as the "lady in red dress", and at one time there was a tree in that general area, which we believe, in the picture, she is on the swing. There was a murder(s) that did occur sometime ago, where it is believed children were murdered. A friend of mine showed me where the tree was that the "lady in the red dress" hung herself, the tree is just a stump now. 

There was a shed on the property of the cemetery where some thought the house was near, and neither of the 2 are there anymore. I do have more information about our investigations out there, but have to  
locate it. The second story took place on Colfax Road, where there is a river/stream where a lady did drown her 3 children on purpose not because she was crazy, but her 3 kids had some sort of terrible liver illness and thought that was the best way. She however is still alive, at the time 10 years ago roughly, when we investigated these places, she would be an older women by now. If I recall it happened in the very early 70's. I know her name, but will not tell anyone for it is her right to not be known. I can tell you she was a Sunday school teacher. I am trying to gather all my records, evps, pictures, but its been along road.


A big thanks to John for giving us more information about the picture, case and area in general.

[source: Ghost Village]

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  1. I was the one who captured this picture with my camera it was a fun moment with my other 2 founders. Unfortunately we never did make a website of our group MMPS

    1. cool ...if you ever make one let us know.

    2. If you would be willing to talk about your experience I am writing an article on this story. trspeier@go.stcloudstate.edu

  2. On Facebooks site called "Only in Minnesota" we saw an article titled "Stay away from Minnesota's most haunted street after dark or you may be sorry" with a picture of a gravel road. We read the story about Timberlake Road and this woman who lived in a house near the road one day came home to find her children murdered. Devastated, she hung herself, and her ghost has wandered the road searching for the murderer ever since. A gated cemetery stands along Timber Lake Road. This is where the woman and her children are said to be buried. Here, visitors have sighted ghostly children wandering the graves. You may also hear strange sounds. Dogs howling, a woman wailing, and otherworldly screaming have all been reported.

    I am curious if this is a true story. If it is, what is the woman's name? When did this happen? I have searched with no luck in finding this info. Can you help? A couple months ago 2 friends and I decided to check out this road and cemetery. We waited until dark and it was very scary going down that road. Foggy, etc. Then we found the cemetery next to that road. (Colfax Cemetery) We only entered with the car a short way in because we didn't know if we could continue driving in there and turn around or if we'd need to back out. While we were sitting in the car looking around to see if we could see anything, I opened my door to try take some pictures of some of the headstones in the dark. When we left and I was looking at my pictures I found a couple that had this white moving thing on there. (I have live photos on my Iphone) I did not notice this white thing as I was taking the picture. It's very strange especially as it moves.

    Please contact me if you can tell me if this story is true and who this woman is and what date this happened. Thank you. A better email would be meyers143@charter.net.

  3. The first time I visited I saw a white ball of light surrounded by a circle of White Tailed Deer. No one was holding the light that I kept thinking was a lantern or flashlight. In the middle of nowhere no house nothing....the circle of White Tailed Deer surrounding bit was odd. Next two visits I saw nothing!! Only got lucky first visit several years ago. No activity since... I'll be trying once again.

  4.  A truly literary ghost story! You'll be sorry if you miss this one! Ghost Stories Netflix Review

  5. I have contacted you with information, that you are looking for. I am 1 of the 3 founding members out of the group of 5 at times. We had a website, twitter, and facebook, but have gone in out own directions, this was 10 years ago, and a mixture of 2 stories. Parts of which are true. Of the 2 stories there is only 1 person living out of the 2 stories, out of her respect I will not give up her name.


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