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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pete sent us this map of the area
Pete Johnson (Name Changed to protect Identify) sent us the follow report of his bigfoot sighting.

Pete said: "I saw a creature in Brookfield, MA. It was while we were heading home from a bird hunting trip in the fall of 2011, it was around mid October.
I was tagging along with my in laws, and their friends and their hunting dog. I was taking  photos of the dog and it's activities.

I smelt like a skunk or wet animal about 50 yard away from where I saw the creature.
Then, when I saw the creature it was walking away from us. It seemed as if the creature was avoiding eye contact with us and more like it was just scooting away from us.

I said to the in laws, and their friend "Look at the guy in a monkey suit walking in the wood alone....", and they all looked at the creature. At this same time I didn't want them to shoot at the creature with their guns, so I said "Darn kid skipping school and dressed like a monkey, what is he thinking"...and I started to walked away.

Next thing I thought was that I should take a photo of this creature and I turned around, but it was already gone and nowhere to be found. I heard no sound or swift movement of the creature.

The creature was very tall, yet skinny, body about 180 lbs and about 7ft tall. It had pitch black smooth shiny hair. I should have taken a photo of this pitch black smooth shiny hair creature walking away from us in the beginning.

The location on the map (above) is of where I witnessed the creature.The creature was walking toward the pine tree forest near the river. This is where I also photographed pine tree limbs placed like X."

Actual Photo Of the "X"

Name: Pete Johnson (Changed)
Where: Brookfield, MA
When: Oct.,2011

Thanks goes to Pete for sharing his story and providing the map and "X" photo. This Bigfoot seem to have been pretty skinny and it makes me wonder if it was sick,old and just starving.


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  1. notice the train tracks to the north-east. nearly all of these sightings are within a quarter mile of rr tracks. fascinating.

  2. Maybe its a Hobosquatch


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