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Monday, May 7, 2012

sasquatch hair sample
Recently Randy Brisson,who is one of my favorite researchers, posted a new hair sample photo he collected.
Randy also has some hair samples that is said to be included in the Ketchum DNA paper and he is listed on the team page of The Erickson Project web site.
This recent sample is a new hair sample and is not one of the samples that has already been submitted to the DNA study.
Randy also stated that he was recently yelled at by a sasquatch while out in the woods and that some rogue researchers have been in there at night and it has irritated the sasquatch.
Dr. Melba Ketchum 
Dr. Melba Ketchum
Dr. Ketchum who was to be Presenting at the WA conference did not make the event.
She still did a presentation via Skype  that covered some methods and DNA info. Her not showing to the conference has raised a lot of questions in the bigfoot community. She made a few statements concerning her presentation. Her first statement was before the conference and here it is:
"Presenting at the WA conference at 2 PDT today. Since the paper isn't quite out, won't be able to give data, but I do hope that everyone will learn some things." - Dr. Ketchum.
So she knew that she would not be talking about the DNA paper.
After her not showing up in person and questions flying everywhere about all of it, she made the following statements:
"I need to set the record straight on mis-reporting concerning my presentation at the WA conference:

1. My presentation was not 8 years old. I used some powerpoint slides from a complicated human/animal forensic case from 8 years ago to demonstrate our forensic capabilities as well as some of the techniques used in our study including control of contamination.
2. We did not sequence the WTC s...amples, Celera did that, but I was involved with the analysis of the sequences generated by Celera.
3. The PowerPoint Presentation did include results of the first alleged BF samples tested in our lab. This was followed by me discussing the results of the first BF samples that actually triggered the beginning of this project.
I have to remind everyone, that until it is published, I cannot discuss our data at all. That is why this presentation was given in this context." - Dr. Ketchum
So if things are as she is saying, then the DNA paper is still under review and will be published at some point.
A drawing of the male Bigfoot killed at the Sierra Kills from an upcoming book by Justin Smeja about the incident which will contain many more great photos and drawings like this
Sierra Kills Drawing
Robert Lindsay recently posted the above photo. Love him or hate him he does obtain some inside info when it comes to all the bigfoot stuff.
This is a  professional artist’s rendering of a Bigfoot .This is a rendering of the bigfoot Justin Semja  killed and reportedly submitted the DNA sample from. This sample is reported to be included in the Dr. Ketchum DNA paper.
Robert Lindsay also reported that Justin Semja  has submit a bigfoot steak sample to an independent lab for testing of DNA.
This was just a quick review of some of the more important events in the bigfoot community. I think we are the only ones that covered the Randy Brisson hair sample...but I think it was important.

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