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Okay, you may have or may not have seen this as it is several months old. At one time this image was being posted around in various facebook bigfoot groups. While there was not really any back story to the picture, at least anything with any detail, it was said that this was the leg and foot from a bigfoot.

The following picture, a close up of the foot, was also offered as more proof that it was from a bigfoot.

Here is the picture:
Bones Found!!
Over the last several days, I have been back in contact with Leslie from Tennessee. There has been  a few new discoveries concerning the cave. While the mystery of the cave creature is far from over, it is good to have more information about the cave.

I know Leslie is very busy and I appreciate her efforts to keep me informed, so I can keep everyone else informed.

With this new information, I have put together a short video.

Here is the video 

I hope to have more updates in the future. For anyone who is not aware of this story please see the following links
1st post about Cave   
2nd post about cave and translation of document
3rd post about cave including some history


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Unknown skeleton?

I personally think this is a frilled shark , sometimes call a frill shark, but what do you think?
eel? dragon? hoax? sea snake?


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An interesting newspaper clip, I would like to know more about this...assuming it was true. Could it have possibly been a bigfoot?


[Source:Greater Ancestors]

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4:54 PM 3 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Not actual bones, just used for reference

This is a guest post by Tim Cornett. Tim is a amateur Kentucky historian and author.
Tim has worked as a reporter, publisher, editor and photographer.
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Several years ago Dr. James S. Golden, Jr. of Pineville told an interesting story of the discovery of skeletons on the mountain just outside of Pineville.
According to Golden, a local hunter stopped to rest just before dawn. Sitting down on what he thought was a pile of brush and branches at the bottom of a tree, the hunter discovered he was seated on a pile of what looked to be human bones.

These bones were taken to Golden, who was able to assemble four almost complete skeletons - complete except for the skulls. Golden said that the skeletons appeared to be from a race of people who were “short and stocky. The femurs were twice the diameter of a modern man’s, and shorter.” He estimated that the people would have weighed between two and three hundred pounds, based on their skeletal structure.

Without the skulls there was no way of determining more about these people. Theorizing that the bones had come from some ancient burial site on Pine Mountain, Golden, the hunter, and others scoured the mountainside for more bones, and hopefully, the skulls.
Dr. Golden’s best theory was that the bones had washed out of their resting place during heavy rains over many years and lodged against the tree where they were found. He guessed that the skulls, being round, would have rolled on down the mountain side and possibly entered the Cumberland River just south of Pineville, where US 119 meets US 25E.

The skulls were never located and Golden, unable to glean any more information from the skeletons, sent them on to The Smithsonian Institution, where presumably they rest today. (Efforts by the author to locate these skeletons have been unsuccessful; Golden forwarded them to the museum, but calls to the Smithsonian have proved fruitless in finding their exact whereabouts.)

-- excerpt from Bell County, Kentucky: A Brief History by Tim Cornett

[Locally you can get Tim's books at Book Haven, The Cumberland Gap National Park and the Bell County Historical Museum.]

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With Halloween just around the corner, one Indiana family is starting to feel like they're living in a haunted house after discovering bones, embalming tools and gruesome photos of the dead in their attic.
"I won't stay by myself," Patricia Booher told The Huffington Post. "I have an uneasy feeling. I don't know what it is. I've tried to stay here but I can't."
Booher and her husband, Richard, recently moved into their home in Knightstown, a small town about 40 miles east of Indianapolis. On Monday, they were looking in the attic of for a place to store their air conditioner when they made the first of a series of bizarre discoveries.
"There were boxes of stuff in there. We thought it was knickknacks or some old dishes someone had left," Booher said. "When [Richard] started pulling the stuff out, we found a box of empty disinfectant bottles and a wooden crate full of bottles of embalming fluid. Then he pulled out a suitcase that was full of embalming equipment -- hoses and stuff."
The more the family looked through the boxes, the creepier their finds became.
"There were knives in a case that folded out, scalpels, scissors and things they work on people with," Booher continued. "Then we found pictures of dead people -- before and after pictures of them being worked on, a projector with similar films and a skeleton."
The skeleton and the collection of morbid items concerned the family enough that they contacted the Knightstown Police Department. Officers took photos of the items and examined the bones.
"The skeleton was determined to be a model -- like you would see on display in a doctor's office or a school classroom," Knightstown Police officer Anthony Lorton told The Huffington Post.
While police examined the other items, Booher and her family got curious and began digging around in their basement and backyard.
"My daughter, son and niece found a few bones in the basement. Then we found four more pieces: a hip joint, vertebra, index finger bone and a rib bone," Booher said.
So far, the findings have been frightening -- but they haven't aroused suspicions of foul play, according to police.
"The bones found in the cellar have been ruled out as animal bones," Lorton said. "We took the others to [the anthropology department at] Ball State University to be tested to see what they are. That will be done Friday."
Booher said family members are continuing to dig in the backyard today.
"I'm not saying the person who put this stuff here was a bad man. I just want to know why it was left here. Why are there bones here? You have to honor the dead," Booher said.
Whether the most recent bones are human is yet to be seen, but Lorton said he thinks he may have some explanation for the scary discoveries.
"The story we are getting is that there was a gentleman who was renting to own the property and up and left it, along with a lot of his stuff at the house," he said. "So that is probably where all that stuff came from."
The photos of dead people appear to be from the 1970s and 1980s, the officer said, and were likely taken by the person who performed their embalming.
"Look at them from the standpoint of an individual who is keeping a portfolio of his work," Lorton said. "To the everyday person, they are going to be disturbing to look at, but for a person trying to get a job at a funeral home, they are examples of his work."
Lorton added, "Is it creepy? Yes. Criminal? No."
As for the skeleton, the officer said he may have his own plans for it if the Boohers do not want it back.
"I am half tempted to put a hat on it and have it running radar," Lorton joked.

TCH - Here is what really gets me...the Police are acting like it's a normal thing for someone to work at a funeral home and bury people in their basement and tuck them away in an attic. At the very least it is abuse of a corpse and would be totally unethical. And then to joke about it. If them are real bones then they are someones loved one. This story is sad,spooky and unreal all at once.

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