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Photo Credit: Richard Christianson
Whoa, this picture posted on facebook by Richard Christianson has gone viral. It has been shared over 80 thousands times and been featured in numerous videos, forums and blogs. Many people say it is a demon or an angel. One person even said it was an elephant, huh?

The eerie standing figure is a rather frightful image. There has been much debate about the figure. What is it? Is it a hoax? and on and on.

While others find the picture fascinating and think the image could be supernatural, I think there is a more earthly explanation to the figure.

Lets explore to find out more about it.
This photo was posted to facebook a few days ago by our friend JC Johnson. What is in the circle appears to be something scaling a mountain side. I had some extra time so I thought I'd try and zoom the photo in and see maybe what this could be. Photo is at Carrizo Mountains- 2005 - taken by JC Johnson.

Here is the cropped, zoomed and enhanced photo

I don't know if it really is something climbing the mountain side but it does have the shape of a human type figure.
If I had to guess I'd say it is probably a trick of light. One could go back to the spot and take another picture and the mystery could be solved.

Here is what JC had to say about the photo :
 Jc Johnson - "Went back with Chief Dan a couple of weeks later. We did not see the same anomaly....we will be going back up to the Carizzo Mountains as soon as the snow melts. Just so everyone knows, this mountain range is in Arizona."

Thanks goes to JC Johnson for sharing the photo and we can't wait to see what his return trip yields.


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