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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Mountain Monsters - Bigfoot Editions - Pt 1

Love 'em or hate 'em, we have all probably heard of the TV show and have probably watched more than a few episodes. Among the creatures they have tried to trap with Willie's fantastic creations are varieties of bigfoot. Legend and some reality meets TV in their shows, and that is sometimes worth further investigation. So let's look for the kernels of truth among the chaff of TV.
The first bigfoot that the boys decided to tackle was the Ohio Grassman.

He is said to be a 7ft tall, 300 lb. bigfoot-type creature, bipedal, allegedly eating wheat and other planted grasses to supplement his diet. He is found throughout the state, not just in the southern portion, although there are many "hotspots" in that part of the state, including Salt Fork State Park. Not everyone refer to our bigfoot as "Grassman". We do say bigfoot, or sasquatch, or use our favorite nicknames like "The Big Man" or "The Big Guy". 

Ohio's bigfoot are much like bigfoot found anywhere else. They are found near wooded areas and waterways. They frequent places where they are able to stay concealed, private, with food and water sources. They have been known to walk through woods, across a pasture or field, even venture across a road, or be glimpsed from a highway or interstate.

And while the Mountain Monster boys made a big scary deal out of Ohio's bigfoot, he ain't the monster they pictured him. At least, not unless threatened, like any other creature. But we should feel honored, I guess. Our bigfoot was featured in three episodes of Mountain Monsters: Season one, episode two, Season two, episode fourteen and Season four, episode twelve.

The BFRO ranks Ohio among the top ten states with bigfoot activity. Last check, I saw us at number 5.  Ohio has had documented sightings throughout the years, dating as far back as the 1800s.

Loren Coleman declared that the bigfoot in Ohio were "more human-looking and somewhat shorter than the classic" bigfoot as seen in the Patterson Film.

Don Keating is one of the best known Ohio bigfoot investigators. He self-published a report of bigfoot sightings, sounds, possible tracks, and reprinted newspaper stories. He was known to a videotape of an alleged white bigfoot seen within a 24 mile radius of Newcomerstown. His reports covered from the mid-1980s throught the early 1990s.

Christopher Murphy along with Joedy Cook and George Clappison wrote Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio : Quest for the Grassman. It is a good resource for Ohio bigfoot encounters. It gives a rundown of experiences arranged by county and then by date.

Joedy Cook is also one of the most active bigfoot researchers in Ohio and is well received in the cryptid community. Along with the Murphy book, he has also authored Legends of the Grassman; Traces of the Grassman: the Search for the Ohio Bigfoot; Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot Research; and Cryptid Ohio.

So while the show may be more entertainment than fact, it does give a story, a legend to explore, a tool to aid us in looking for the truth behind the curtain.

Additional notes : Ohio's bigfoot also was included in History Channel's Monster Quest and Monsters and Mysteries in America.



"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."
 "Those that know, need no further proof. Those that don't, should not demand it from others, but seek it for themselves."

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

[Please Note: Sadly Nancy passed away at the first of January, 2022. We will continue to honor her and her research by sharing her work. RIP Nancy. -Thomas]

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