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Monday, January 2, 2023

Concept art of sighting©2023 Thomas Marcum

UFO Report From Kentucky

This fresh UFO/UAP report comes from us out of Harlan county, Kentucky. It took place on December 27th of 2022.

The sighting took place around 5:30-6:00 pm on Highway 421 near Cawood, Kentucky in Harlan County.

The witness, Charlie (last name withheld for privacy) reported what he saw to me. Charlie witnessed a UFO drop downward and pause. Next the UFO began to spiral around and around and then quickly shot off to the right. Next, Charlie stated that the UFO left a yellow, white and red exhaust stream behind it as it moved away.

Charlies sighting took place on the road (Hwy 421) heading towards Virginia, immediately past the turn off to Cawood / Cranks area.

What is interesting is that this is in very close proximity to another sighting that took place several years ago. 

We hope to be able to provide an update on this sighting in the future.

If anyone else saw this object, then please contact us. 


This post from TCC Team Member Tony Felosi
Tony has over 10 years in the paranormal field and has proven himself many times over. His drive and dedication to the field of the paranormal is virtually unmatched. Tony also holds Black Belts in multiple Martial Arts, and he's not afraid to kick a little ghost or Bigfoot butt!

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