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Thursday, January 5, 2023

UFO Abductions Photographed?

I took this photograph years ago back in 2014, and what it shows is really quite remarkable. I had managed to capture a real abduction taking place. Not only did I capture this amazing event in a photograph, but I also witnessed this event firsthand.
It was a sunny day and I was in the back garden sky-watching when my attention was drawn to a strange object that was just seemingly hovering high above the town. I was looking through my high-powered ‎zoom binoculars at the time, and I was totally shocked by what I was seeing.
It was some type of craft that was stationary. Even more surprising was the fact that there were several sphere-shaped objects flying around it. I kept on watching it to see what it was actually doing when suddenly I was shocked to see someone being raised up toward this UFO craft. 

I could see that one of the sphere-shaped probes was right in front of this person and it seemed to be pushing them upwards toward the craft. The person appeared to be male. I took a photograph and then watched as a rectangle opening then appeared at the bottom of the craft and the man was swiftly pulled inside along with the probe object by an invisible force.
I was very far away zoomed in with my camera attached to a telescopic optical lens. This was happening directly above the town and I continued to observe as the UFO then flew off at high speed and disappeared out of sight along with the other sphere objects.
This all happened in broad daylight and I observed this incident from my back garden. At the time I was very shocked and alarmed by what I saw, and I desperately try telling people about what I had witnessed, but they just laughed in my face.
I sent a report along with the photograph to many UFO Websites at the time but it was met with a lot of skepticism and debunking. But unfortunately, what I had captured, was absolutely real and I hope this person whoever they were was safely returned.

In later years, I would also be abducted many times myself. In one abduction I got in a fistfight with a grey alien in the back garden and after punching it in the face I was paralyzed and abducted. Astonishingly this was captured at the time by Google satellites. This incident happened around 2016.

I had no control over their camera, yet they captured me fighting with this grey alien entity in the back garden. It was incredible evidence, but nobody took it seriously and people online took the mickey out of me accusing me of being mentally ill when they did not even know me.
I have to admit that it does sound farcical and absolutely ludicrous, but it was absolutely true. 

Then years later, I had another incident where I woke up naked in a white room on a metal table that was cold to the touch. I then realized that I was not alone in the room there was a woman present.
I was then raped by this alien woman who had oversized eyes with big pupils that were light blue. 

The only reason I put up no resistance whatsoever was because she was absolutely beautiful and unlike any other woman I had ever laid my eyes upon.
She felt like a woman and other than her strange eyes she seemed completely normal. She even spoke to me using her mouth talking in perfect English language with no discernible accent.
Now, this is really strange because all the other aliens I had encountered up until this point had only ever communicated telepathically, so I thought this was rather strange that she had verbally communicated to me.
She claimed to be Pleiadian and said that she was from the Pleiades star system which is also known as the seven sisters. But who knows who she actually was, or where she was from? She was probably part of the ongoing alien hybridization program. Mixing their DNA with ours.

Pleiadian woman
Unfortunately, people don't believe me but I am telling the truth. Alien abductions are 100% real and are happening regularly all over the world. Unfortunately, not all aliens are friendly, and some of these people aren't being returned. And some are even being murdered.

Which is unacceptable, and is an atrocity against humanity, and is a complete disgrace. The government continues to cover this up while turning a blind eye to what is actually going on. This is totally despicable and it's time for alien disclosure. This captured abduction photograph was taken at ‏‎2:47 PM on ‎‎25th of July‎ 2014, at Newton Abbot Devon England.

-John Mooner-

This is a guest post by John Mooner. John is a British ufologist and the chief investigator for www.worldufophotos.org. He has always been fascinated by the field of ufology, and has been investigating this phenomenon for over two decades. In this time he has learned that we are definitely not alone in this universe, and reality isn't quite what it seems to be! Visit his personal website at https://ufologist.yolasite.com

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