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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Photo by Steve Baxter from Pexels

Bigfoot Crosses The Road

This report was brought to us by Tony Felosi. Tony has well over 10 years in the paranormal field and is an avid outdoorsman. 

This particular road crossing sighting took place on Feb. 3rd in Harlan county, Ky. Tony was able to talk to the witnesses and bring us the following report.
-Tony's Report-

This sighting was reported to me by a local, he was going to visit relatives with his Girlfriend.

The location is in Harlan County Kentucky, The Time was 6:30 pm on February 3rd 2021.
The weather was clear and cold. It was getting dusk as the two spotted a huge creature that crossed the road in front of them just outside of their headlights.
Both were shocked at the size and at the speed that the Creature crossed both lanes of the highway and disappeared into the woods.
They estimated it to be 8-10 ft tall and could not compare it to anything else as they had never seen anything this large.
They said it appeared to be Black in color but that could have to do with the low light. This is close to where other sightings have been reported over the years.
The creature had just crossed a field that connected to a creek and more woods before crossing the Highway. 
Both witnesses are known to be credible people .
Here is a picture of the wooded area.

-End Tony's Report-

A big thanks to Tony for bringing this fresh sighting report to us. Harlan county has long been an area with numerous bigfoot sighting reports for many years.

While speaking with Tony, we got to guessing at what the weight of a creature this size would be. I would think a creature of this size would weigh around 800 pounds. Of course we will never know exactly how much it weighs but I feel that is a pretty good estimate. Tony also informed me that he may be going to the area soon to scout for tracks.

Once again we thank Tony for the report. If anyone has had a bigfoot sighting, then feel free to contact us.

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